Temple of Neptune News:  There is now an Inisfreean portal in this temple capable of connecting with Mer-people realms.
Temple of Neptune
Temple of Neptune

Designed to honor Cthulhu, Dagon, Mer-people (such as mermaids), Naga, and all other aquatic and amphibious humanoids and deities, this construct is full of decorations, such as statue-shaped pillars, in the likenesses of those and numerous other 'creatures of the deep'; our allies of the oceans.

Nearly 200 feet across, and generally in the form of a cube, this temple on the bottom of Inisfree's main lake has over 39,000 square feet of floor-space, and encloses 7,762,392 cubic feet.  With the deepest parts of the lake here being only 40 feet from floor to surface, that means that only about 10% of this structure is visible above the floor and coastal shelf of this lake.

There is already a gate in one of Inisfree's Civilian Aerospaceport's terminals reserved for connections with at least one location in a major Mer-people realm of the Outlands (namely, that of a civilization of Naga on Earth), but there is also now a portal here in this Temple of Neptune which may be opened from time to time to serve as a more massive traffic channel for special events when large groups of Mer-people are welcomed as guests into Inisfree, and prefer to remain in their natural environment (underwater) during the majority or entirety of their stay in this city; from the gateway (that portal) in this temple, they can swim in Inisfree's main lake straight to the airlocks of the water-filled suites in the lowest level of the Atlantis resort, then back out this same route on their way back home to whichever Outland realms they hail from.

Also being considered by the Inisfreean royalty is an upgrade design to expand this temple​​ even farther down into Inisfree's lower hemisphere to be a full cubic mile in volume; comparable to the Auz'dome.