Canyon News:  Like the water table regulators, the specialized silos 'neath the Canyon regulate its sandfalls.
Inisfree's Canyon
The Canyon

Canyons are concentrators of wind, water, and other elements; major energy meridians not unlike those of the body.  Sometimes carved over millions of years by the tiniest of streams, they become gorges, crevasses, and ravines.  The ones in Inisfree, however, took only weeks; the power of refined terraforming techniques.

Dimensions & Layout:
Inisfree has two canyons, the 1st and foremost being several hundred feet across and spanning 4 miles, and the 2nd and smaller canyon being about half that width and length. The main canyon is .75 of a mile deep, though its river is at ground level with the horizon plane of Inisfree. This is because it runs along one side of our city's massive central mountain, cutting a narrow strip out of its slope within a mile of where its base would be if not for the adjacent desert plateaus.  The lesser canyon branches off from this main canyon, and has two sides of vastly different heights; the side touching the taller of our city's desert plateaus is, like where the main canyon meets the slope of our central mountain, .75 of a mile tall, while the side of our lesser canyon facing the lower desert plateau here is half a mile tall.  The outermost end of this branch canyon reaches a point on the inside face of our city's Perimeter Wall, while the endpoints of the larger canyon are the Disc Pond and Slant-top Spire.

Special Features:
The Reaper Hike takes the many Inisfreean NWO-military recruits through areas like the clone of Corkscrew Canyon, in which they are forbidden to make contact with any of the sandy, wind-carved walls, lest they wish for swift and brutal punishment.

This terrain feature of Inisfree is home to the towering monolith trilobytes; giant statues of these ancient descendants of the Space Whales, each one carved and colored to blend in beautifully with the surrounding canyon landscape.