Greenbelts News:  Inisfree now has thousands of small greenbelts, as well as 26 large ones.
The Greenbelts
The Greenbelts

"Location, Location, Location":
Every region and 'hood in Inisfree is interwoven and shielded in a lush, thick, easily accessible greenbelt, ensuring ample exposure to regulated, healthy pollens, and geographically-universal maximum fresh atmosphere.  Greenbelts also serve as natural sound barriers, preventing noise pollution, and as distinctive landmarks clearly visually and physically separating adjacent regions and attractions.

Elven Mana Springs:
Mana is the term in many novel and video game sagas for magical energy.  Mana springs, like hot springs, are where this substance or energy can be found in abundance.  In Inisfree, there are both; hot springs used as outdoor thermal baths, and mana springs used to refresh the spirit. Like ley-lines converging at certain points around the world, mana springs are focal points where it is easier to recharge one's 'spiritual batteries'.  Though the entire city, Inisfree, is one giant mana spring and ley-lines convergence zone, there are exceptionally well charged spots designed to be naturally occurring throughout its many regions.  Inisfreeans refer to these spots as elven mana springs, as it has been the Elf race for many millennia which knew the most about these things. You can find most of these special spots in Inisfree's greenbelts; just walk out into the treeline, spend several minutes relaxing and thinking of nothing while you sit or stand somewhere in the deep woods, and your sensory perception will begin to sharpen to the point that you can easily feel these 'elven mana springs' even at a distance of a few miles.

Building upon the science of mana, energy meridians (as in acupuncture), and ley-lines (the energy meridians of planets and moons), the Governor and his people have built one of their most sacred and beloved temples and lovemaking centers at the pinpoint center of the top of Inisfree's largest mountain, for it has been said --and thoroughly tested around the world-- that mountains, even more than deep forests, are particularly great conductors of this energy some call mana (and that is one of the main reasons why the pyramids were shaped and built as thickly as they were). For more information, travel here.
Inisfree's Smells are the Ideal Smells:

Most people smell more than they realize, not enjoying the taste of their favorite foods when they cannot smell them when they taste them, and smell is known to be one of the most powerful memory triggers, if not the most. Accordingly, we have worked to ensure that things throughout Inisfree smell as they should, but also that they are timeless smells triggering not only our current lifetimes' memories, but our cellular or genetic memories; when you are outdoors in Inisfree, and when you are around any Inisfreean landscaping, you will smell plants which have been compatible with and very health increasing for humans for more than a million years; smells which are ingrained in our genetic makeup, which always relax and make us smile, and which, thereby, help eliminate our stress, cleansing our systems, and taking our mental and physical well-being to entirely new levels.

Being a mile into any Inisfreean greenbelt, and especially when one is near the city's Avalanche Wall, one will notice the smells profiles and combinations of our realm more than ever. This deep into Inisfree's woodlands, your olfactory will detect the city's symphonically complex aroma; Inisfreeans go out exercising, running and climbing, amidst countless wildflowers, evergreens, and pine trees. Thus, they and their rooms all smell like the delicious, eye closing, smile inducing scents of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Almond, and Rose, and of Calendula, French Marigold, Lemon Mint, Iceland Poppy, Lavender Hyssop, Siberian Wallflower, and Sweet Alyssum. There are also the scents of Blue Atlas Cedar, Castle Spire Holly, Columnar Norway Spruce, Densiformis Yew, Emerald Green and Green Giant Arborvitae, Mountbatten Juniper, Serbian and Snowkiss Spruce, and Weeping Alaskan Cedar, Jasmine vines, Mignonette with its powerful vanilla raspberry fragrance, Moonflowers which only bloom at night, and Sandalwood, alongside Austrian and Bristlecone Pines, and the other pine species of Eastern and Western White, Foxtail, Lacebark, Loblolly, Lodgepole, Luchu, Ponderosa, Scotch, Tenasserim, and Whitebark, as well as the 50' wide and 200' tall Sugar Pines; the tallest pine trees in the world, and the shrub-like Mugo Pines. There are the smells of the fragrant flowering trees of late Winter and early Spring; Amur Maple, Box-leaf Azara smelling of white chocolate, Lindens, Sweet Box, White Forsythia, Winter Hazel, and Wintersweet, along with Ylang Ylang and several Boxwood variants; Green Gem, Green Mountain, Green Tower, Green Velvet, Northstar, and Winter Gem. All these subtle hints of the many beautiful places Inisfreeans roam each morning right before dawn have left their entire realm smelling like an alpine wonderland; like the timeless hinterlands of Bavaria.