Ti Houses News:  There are now enough Ti Houses in Inisfree to constitute their own neighborhoods.
Ti Houses
Hawaiian Ti Houses

Ti Houses are much like those tropical vacation summer home getaways that Hawaii was so well known for.  These little houses, scarcely bigger than a one-room shack or shanty, and even comparable to a luxurious lean-to, are what, along with Glamping Sites, serve as the outermost edge of the most residentially-zoned region of Inisfree.

Dimensions & Layout:
Each ti house is about the size of a bungalow, with their neighborhoods making up the longest, thinnest stretches of residential buildings and themed areas in the city, with the exception of the Underway, of course.

Special Features:
More than any other place and region of Inisfree, it is these ti house 'hoods which have the most outdoor showers, half of which (those not inside the treeline bordering one side of this residential region) have some of the best views on all the slopes of this city's largest mountain.  Enjoy showering outdoors with the fresh mountain wildflowers breeze as you look out on a full quarter of the realm of the Inisfreeans, with two sets of both moons and auroras slowly moving in the Inisfreean Antarctic sky, all against the background of countless trillions of clear, bright stars and the full arm of the Milky Way.