Timber-mine Lounges News:  While originally there were only two of these lounges, now there are dozens.
Timber-mine Lounges
Timber-mine Lounges

These hangout facilities are designed to look like the luxurious version of Outlander mines (for mining metals and gemstones) with an Abercrombie & Fitch decor twist.  Fully furnished with chair-and-a-halfs, loveseats, and beds, as well as giant-sized staircases with more beds instead of stairs (rising up toward walls like amphitheater seating), and fully stocked with books, jukeboxes, pleasure silks (ultra skimpy slave girl outfits), and other amenities, these lounges are among the finest in all the world.

Dimensions & Layout:
The openings to these lounges are the size of a normal mine's; just wide enough for a cart on a narrow set of train tracks to pass through with one average human walking on either side.  The deeper one proceeds within, though, the wider and more cavernous the chambers of these lounges become, with their largest ones measuring more than 100 feet across; more than 10,000 square feet of floor space.  With cascading lofts up near ceilings sometimes 30 and 40 feet high, these lounges can be considered as having between four and eight stories.

Special Features:
Like all Inisfreean basements and other structures extending down into Inisfree's ground, these lounges include numerous hidden hatches (ship-like doors) linking them to the silos grid buried deep beneath the surface.  The difference here being that in these lounges... those hidden hatches to the man-made subterranean network are expertly concealed behind bookcases and under their many mattress-based giant-staircase steps.