Tipis Areas News:  Tipis now make up multiple neighborhoods across Inisfree.
Tipis Areas
Tipis 'Hoods

Full of the many styles of Native American tipis from each of their Outland tribes across the Americas, and complemented by a host of nearby totem poles towering many stories high, this region of the surface-side of Inisfree is rich with all of the authentic Native American artwork and ambiance one could ever hope to find.  It is here where you will be able to participate in the whole array of Native American ceremonies, learn and discuss their actual historical beliefs, contemplate the deeper meanings of their stories' poetic codes, sun dance, rain dance, pass the peace pipe, practice building your own tipi, and so much more.  While Disneyworld showed you what regions and peoples of our world were like, in Inisfree, you get to live as though you are there!

This is the only neighborhood of tipis on Earth where you can enjoy observing the aurora without having to bundle up from extreme cold.

Special Features:
Powwows with 'fancy dances' occur often here.