Tornado Crater News:  Tornado-control practices are now routinely held in this crater.
Tornado Crater
Tornado Crater

This attraction of Inisfree is a bowl-shaped crater, just over half a mile in diameter at its rim, and houses a smaller crater as a bowl-pit offset from the center of its bottom.  In this inner crater, Inisfreean-borne girls practice their control of the wind (like Storm of the X-Men did), and pilots practice flying their Repulsine-craft (such as the Inisfreean Fighter-jets) around and through the twisters that result.  Off in the other direction, and up along the other side of the main crater's rim, a snowy shoulder of the passing G.A.H. curves around to an alcove leading into the awning-covered entrance of military truck docking ports which connects further underground to the Overhang Base; the Inisfreean military base serving as both the center for Inisfreean cold weather operations training, and the guarded checkpoint for traffic moving down into the Main Womb.

Dimensions & Layout:
The main crater here is three quarters of a mile in diameter, while the smaller one near its center is just over one quarter of a mile in diameter; 1,386 feet across.  Together these craters, as a double-crater, create a bowl within a bowl, whose lowest point is one quarter of a mile below the surface of its parent region; the circular, snowy plateau which crowns Inisfree's central mountain. Like a bowl, their sides are steep, and their centers smooth and flat.  Snow and ice does form in them a bit, but never builds up, and no water is retained in these craters, as the city's silos process it all out.  At night, this whole crater glows as if coated in limestone; the effect of the overhead artificial moon refracting off the snowy slopes surrounding the visitors.

The Skyscraper:
One of the latest editions to Inisfree is the skyscraper built in the center of the innermost crater of this part of the Snow Dunes region. It is used to showcase the tornado-proof architecture of the Inisfreeans. Inisfreean girls practicing their telekinetic tornado control will guide tornadoes onto this structure and hold them there. When Inisfreean girls are not present at this crater, a tornado is often left in place around the skyscraper, hiding it from view and making it a great secret lovemaking spot for Inisfree's elite.
Tornado Types Tested Here:

  • ​F1-F5
  • Dirt-based
  • Fire-spouts​
  • Water-spouts​​
  • and converging combinations of all of the above