Tree Castles News:  The stationary hover-streams are now operational inside each of these constructs.
Tree Castles
The Tree Castles

Not to be confused with the Luxury Tree Houses, or the luxurious constructs built into the biomechanically-grown Baobab Pass tree, the three main Tree Castles of Inisfree are named for their distinctive turret appendages which protrude from largest to smallest like a tree from trunk to branches.

Inspired in part by Ko-ro-ba, city of cylinders, rebuilt on the planet named Gor, this 'hood of Inisfree is similar in form and layout to the White Pail Towers Complex utilized by the Inisfreean military, though those upside-down-pail-shaped buildings are much smaller than these which are between 1/6 and 1/4 of a mile in diameter at their bases, and these much larger buildings have other pail-shaped protrusions from them at all levels and angles.

Airborne Rivers:
Bodies of water between the size of a stream and a river float through the air along fixed, linear routes in the middles of the hollow, pail-shaped modules which make up the whole of this bunch of constructs collectively called 'the Tree Castles'.  The water is suspended and manipulated in this way by the Inisfreean technologies, and used as a further demonstration of both their technological prowess and their focus on the unprecedented aesthetic.
樹中 城堡