Venetian Lake Apartments News:  All of these apartments are now available for guests and residents alike.
Venetian Lake Apartments
Venetian Lake Apartments

Inspired by Venice, Italy, this apartment complex rises from the surrounding waters of Inisfree's main lake dozens of stories to form one of the most stirring high-rise living quarters of all time. With a few dozen apartment buildings each on many of the levels of this construct, this complex contains more than 500 apartments, each of them being extremely luxurious, and almost all of them enjoying corner-office views of the surrounding lake and beaches.

Residents of this apartment complex enjoy private garages for both their aircraft (such as the Owls) and watercraft (small, private yachts and jetskis, for example).  Each garage door rolls up like one would expect to find at any fire station, but in Inisfree even these garage doors are luxurious, each one's rectangular sections being made of rare gemstones instead of sheet metal.  All of these garage doors are also bordered as artistically as famous paintings in golden picture frames, though these garage frames are made of the finest masonry --and complemented with studio-style miniature spot-lights at even intervals along their top outside overhang.

Dimensions & Layout:
The entirety of this apartment complex is 264 feet wide on each of its sides; 69,696 square feet of floor-space per story, and stands 33 stories tall (four of those stories being below the water-line; all the way down to this complex's foundation on the floor of the lake it is built out near the middle of).  That means it houses a total of 2,299,968 square feet of floor-space.  A few narrow and gondola navigated canals separate its main subdivision skyscrapers, and there are tiny waterfalls and other decorative features evenly spread throughout the complex. With just over 500 apartments, that means each apartment enjoys more than 4,500 square feet of floor-space (the average American apartments range in size from 250 to 400 square feet), making each apartment more of a town-house mansion fusion.

Special Features:
This neighborhood is now also home to a clone of the Neverland Lost Boys Tree from Hook.​​​
Edit: photoshop for caribbean waters and unblemished facades
Edit: photoshop for caribbean waters and unblemished facades
[Room Types] Directory

See what the different rooms in your residence will look like:

Bathroom (and walk-in shower)
Bedroom (often in center of livingroom)
Bookroom (library and study)
Breezeroom (patio, porch, balcony)
Cookingroom (and pantry)
Croproom (miniature farm)
Diningroom (including breakfastrooms)
Entryroom (foyer)
Exerciseroom (gym and dojo)
Gameroom (billiards, chess, et cetera)
Gardenroom (greenhouse, lawn / yard)
Laundryroom (breeze-drying)
Livingroom (lounge and piano)
Mediaroom (theater / movie screen)
Meditationroom (cube within a cube)
Poolroom (indoor swimming)
Storageroom (closet, built-in laser-eye)
Toiletroom (urinal, throne, and bidet) 
Trophyroom (war-suit display)
Workroom (office)