Victor Service Line News:  Conceived in an Arabian war zone during the final years of the pre-Apocalypse, this revolutionary vehicle service construct is now operational.
Victor Service Line
Victor Service Line

This is the latest in motor-pool design and technology.  Inspired by an American Marine, this facility looks like a two-lane street running the length of space between numerous, fortified, one-story buildings on either side.  As vehicles are auto-driven down the middle of either lane (similarly to how vehicles are guided through automatic car-washes), robotic assembly-line arms (along with some Inisfreean personnel) work in a 'ballet' of cooperative efforts to tend to all of the following for each vehicle:
  • topping off fluids; gas, oil, brake fluid, windshield-wiper fluid, coolant, etc.
  • replacing and rotating tires
  • repairing or replacing armored windshields and other panels and components
  • cleaning interiors and detailing
  • running diagnostics and inspecting
  • refilling supplies; ammunition, food, water, batteries, optics, cold-weather gear, etc.
In a matter of minutes -sometimes seconds- what used to take hours or even days and weeks in the Outlands is completed and even the most heavily damaged and depleted of vehicles are ready for deployment and long-term duty again.

All vehicles ranging from motorcycles to wide-load cargo trucks are serviceable through this facility, and entire convoys of vehicles of every shape and size can be refitted and sent right back out to the operations rotations with a remarkable level of skill and ease.

The Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) for Inisfree is to have all vehicles entering or exiting this section (Inisfree's Boot Camp) of the Military Training Area pass (if outbound) from this facility to the base gates leading out to the adjacent G.A.H. section, or (if inbound) pass from those same gates in toward and through this facility.  This ensures that all vehicles with any business on this Inisfreean military base are completely inspected and perfectly ready for the safest driving.
All Female Mechanics

In Inisfree, all staff and other personnel are the genetically engineered Inisfreeans who are cloned en masse, and here at the Service Line, they operate their all-girl teams with pit-crew speeds.

勝利者 服務 行