Water-rise News:  The first of its kind, this reverse-motion waterfall uses covalent electron bond physics to maintain the wall's trajectory.
The Water-rise

Situated over the slope of the Civilian Aerospaceport's terrain border between its landing strips and the Glowing Art Highway, this unique Inisfreean water feature uses repulsine technology, rather than the more primitive pumps and jet-nozzles of water fountains, to create this special effect of flowing water moving uphill, rather than down.

Reverse Rapids:
Like white-water rafting, one may ride an inflatable boat, such as a RHIB, along this water feature for some quick yet stirring thrills.  Instead of starting at the top and maneuvering toward the edge for the rapid ride down of your lifetime, one starts at the bottom, maneuvering toward the base of this 'wall' or 'film' of water, gets the 'nose' (tip) of their boat into the rising waters, and lets the force of this attraction do the rest.  This effect literally takes one's boat and carries it up and over the curved lip high above where, under normal circumstances, all of this water would be coming from -not going to.  Once at the top, simply paddle around to a pick-up point along the shoreline and return to the base for another round of water-rising fun.

Potable Perfection:
Like all water in Inisfree, even when there are boats or other vessels in it, the water of this water feature is not only safe enough to drink; it is as perfect as drinking water can be, as if direct from a source high up near the snowy peaks and glaciers of the tallest mountains of the extreme north or extreme south of Earth.  While kayaking up this water feature, or just strolling by, one can reach out and drink up a scoop (handful) of this water, enjoying the crystal clear, crisp, cool, refreshing quality of it; like nothing else on Earth!
水的 崛起