Water Surface Attractions News:  Originally built in a frozen desert, Inisfree has since thawed and established dozens of water attractions.
Water Surface Attractions
Water Surface Attractions

Inisfree is home to a host of water-surface attractions.  Yachts, speed-boating, and jet-skiing are available across its largest ones, canal-boating and floating (via inner-tubes) available on its intermediate-sized ones, and bathing and showering available at/in its small ones.

Dimensions & Layout:
Inisfree's surface water attractions are spread out across the entirety of its surface; that plane of meadows, forests, farmland, deserts, and snow-dunes which separate its upper hemisphere from its lower.  Its largest surface water attractions include lakes and ponds, with its canals and moats (such as the one around Sotu) coming in second in terms of dimensions and mass, followed by its many dozens of waterfalls.

Special Features:
Using acoustics, harmonics, and a new understanding of gravity, Inisfreeans are able to levitate water and manipulate it into precisely controlled streams and rivers flowing right overhead through mid-air.  This technology is daily demonstrated in the city's Tree Castles construct near the Welcoming Square.
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