Wave Buildings News:  These wave-shaped buildings are now available for business and pleasure; explore at your leisure.
Wave Buildings
Wave-shaped Buildings

Half shaped like a pronounced wave, and half smooth, flat, and sheer, this sector of Inisfree appears to those out on Inisfree's main lake as steep and rounded foot-hills covered in lush landscaping.  From their opposite, however, (the vantage point of the Epcot II Museum) these 'wave buildings', as they are more commonly called, appear to be filled-in versions of the famous St. Louis arch.

Together with the brief mountain ridge separating the Epcot II Museum from Inisfree's Amusement Park, these two sizable barriers absorb and deflect so much sound as to make the thrilled shouts of those riding the roller-coasters in the Amusement Park, as well as the sounds of the Beach Strip, all but impossible to hear by anyone entering the museum or enjoying a frolic or picnic in its adjacent Meadows of Heaven.

Dimensions & Layout:
This area of Inisfree measures half a mile by one third of a mile, with some of its buildings standing as tall as 50 stories.  Their landscaping-covered sides face the beach, while their flat, skyscraper-looking sides face the museum.