White Pyramid Area News:  These pyramids are now the host platforms for weekly dance and sex parties.
White Pyramids Area
White Pyramids Area

This part of Inisfree is a group of numerous house-sized and office-building-sized pyramids on both sides of the Glowing Art Highway section passing through and bisecting their area. Spreading out almost randomly from the edge of the shoulders of this G.A.H. stretch, they have the appearance of a village made not out of huts, but of the limestone-coated, signature building types used by the ancient Outlanders.

Dimensions & Layout:
The plot of land that these pyramids are built upon spans roughly one third a mile by one quarter of a mile, giving it an area of 2,323,200 square feet; just over 53 acres.  The pyramids here have square bases, and range in size from about 50 feet wide... to well over 300.  The smallest pyramids here are only 2 or 3 stories tall, while the largest ones are up to 15 stories.  Arranged almost chaotically, though all of them with their sides perfectly aligned to the same cardinal directions, this area makes for a fun, almost maze-like attraction where one can meander around the pyramids here in any number of ways.  At night, these limestone-covered structures reflect much of the light of Inisfree's moons, giving them a very smooth, ethereal, moon-white glow.

Special Features:
Bonfire-based parties atop these ziggurat-like pyramids are a weekly occurrence; fires and dance circles (and orgy circles, of course) cast dancing flames and shadows upon many of the hundreds of giant-sized 'steps' (levels) of these structures.  Simply climb up to the one you feel most attracted to, and begin your night of arousing festivities.