White Rhino Motorpool News:  This eclectic terrestrial vehicle staging facility now includes the WRs' version of the Victor Service Line.
White Rhino Motorpool
The WRs' Motorpool

There are numerous motor-pools located through many of the regions and facilities all across Inisfree, but only two of them have their own webpages thus far; that of the Work-horse vehicles, and this one for the White Rhino vehicles.  The reasoning for this is that, though all of the other vehicles are exceptional, arguably flawless pieces of Inisfreean engineering and ingenuity, the Work-horses and White Rhinos stand out much more than the rest; they are larger, longer, and more eclectic in both appearances and functions than the other Inisfreean service vehicles.

* For reference, the other Inisfreean land-use vehicles and their primary roles are as follows:
  • Desolator Tanks - for desolating entire cities, sometimes without even having to fire a shot, and for transporting a fire-team of ground troops
  • ​Dulles Shuttles - for group transportation one to two stories above ground level for better sight-seeing across the open plains and meadows of Inisfree
  • Luxury Buses - luxurious motor-coaches the size of touring buses and mobile homes (the size of trailer-park trailer-homes), used for transporting students to and from school, and for field trips, as well as carpool commuters into and out from the denser urban areas, such as Sotu
  • Mobile Homes - literally:  houses which are mobile due to rubber-padded tank-style tracks; used for 'Sunday drives' and sight-seeing without having to leave your own home​​
  • Personal Vehicles (custom cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc.)​ - for individual transportation use, along with some street-racing and auto-shows
In stark contrast to all of the above vehicles (in the bullet-noted list), Work-horses and White Rhinos have hundreds of functions and uses;

  • bulldozing
  • clean-up and sterilization operations
  • construction
  • crop planting and harvesting
  • debris disintegration
  • demolitions
  • drilling and core sampling
  • flooding clean-up and water-table adjustment
  • heavy lifting (via its crane)
  • landscaping
  • plowing (and plowing through obstacles)
  • roadway maintenance and repair (including sweeping and flattening; steam-rolling)
  • site surveying
  • soil analysis and alteration
  • terra-forming and earth-moving
  • trash pick-up and disposal (in-compactor nanobot application instead of using city dumps)
  • trenching and fire-fighting assistance
White Rhinos:
  • artillery strikes
  • barricading
  • building ramming (creating openings and/or decreasing structural integrity)
  • decontamination operations (internal and external; showers and remote-control nozzles)
  • detainee confinement
  • gatling and mini-gun fire
  • missile strikes
  • mobile armored command center
  • mortar strikes
  • nuclear fall-out relief operations
  • olfactory and full-spectrum scanning
  • rocket strikes
  • suppressive machine-gun fire
  • tank canon fire
  • tear gas deployment
  • transporting squads (up to a platoon) of ground troops, as well as Owls

White Rhinos are a cross between all of the following:
  • Amphibious Tracked Vehicle
  • Anti-air Missile Battery​
  • ​Armored Personnel Carrier​
  • Artillery Tank​
  • Battle Tank​
  • Command & Control Office
  • Decontamination Facility (such as for the Center for Disease Control)​​
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle​​
  • Mechanized Battering Ram
  • Mortars Unit
  • Police Truck
  • Prison Bus​​
  • Riot Control Vehicle​​​
This means that whenever you see a one of these vehicles in the Outlands, there is much more than just a skirmish going on.  An Inisfreean White Rhino's presence indicates the necessity for truly dominating, foreboding physical presence with the intent to hold an area by overwhelming shows of force.  A single Inisfreean Storm Trooper can maintain reasonably tight control over a town-sized area and its airspace, or patrol an entire planet.  A single Inisfreean Desolator Tank can maintain reasonably tight control over a city-sized area, or patrol that city.  A single White Rhino can maintain very tight control over a state-sized area, or patrol that state -along with any bodies of water it may include or be bordered by.  With its platoon of Inisfreean Storm Troopers and their Owls, along with, perhaps, an accompanying Inisfreean Fighter-jet or MPHA, an entire planet and all its airspace and low-orbit Outer Space can be completely controlled.



白 犀牛 電機池