Work-horse Motorpool News:  This motorpool also has a namesake-tailored version of the Victor Service Line.
Work-horse Motorpool

Motor-pools double as biomechanical birthing factories; vehicles are not just stored here in a gated parking lot staffed by seasoned mechanics; vehicles in Inisfreean motor-pools are also 'grown' there, sometimes being 'sung' into existence, rather than fabricated on assembly lines.

Work-horse Aspect Details:
Work-horses are the go-to vehicles in Inisfree for all maintenance and construction needs when using the science of creation via sounds (acoustics and harmonics) is not appropriate; sometimes lower technology approaches are prudent, sometimes it is more challenging to attempt to silence all construction sounds in an area by canceling them out with other sounds, and sometimes it is merely a matter of demonstrating alternative approaches for instructional purposes.

When it is time to use one of these city service vehicles, they bring a variety of tools to any job site:
  • backhoe
  • bracing legs​
  • bulldozer and excavator bucket-arm​
  • cattle-guard​
  • combine arm (for harvesting grain crops)​
  • crane (M-88 "Hercules" Recovery Vehicle style)
  • dump-truck bed​​ (may be used for crops harvesting)
  • fire-hose (and water tank)​ for intermediate-pressure cleaning
  • forklift​
  • ground-penetrating RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging)​
  • high-pressure water-drill (from same water tank as the fire-hose)
  • industrial-strength air pump​
  • laser-scalpel​​
  • nanobot slush tank (for spray-on and pump-in recycling 'goo')​
  • plow​
  • 'smart'-tires (which change their tread patterns and groove depths, as well as their air pressure, for ideal traction)​
  • steamroller barrel-wheel​
  • street-sweeper brushes
  • trash compactor​​
  • winch​es (front and back)

Work-horse Usage:
Because every Inisfreean construct is self-repairing, easily fine-tuneable by the Governor, and generally invincible (you won't find any planned obsolescence in Inisfree), Work-horses are almost solely used in the Cropland region for the planting, harvesting, and rotating of Inisfree's crops. These vehicles are especially useful at re-positioning larger trees, for example.

* For reference, though, Work-horse vehicles can be used for all of the following:
  • bulldozing
  • clean-up and sterilization operations
  • construction
  • crop planting and harvesting
  • debris disintegration
  • demolitions
  • drilling and core sampling
  • flooding clean-up and water-table adjustment
  • heavy lifting (via its crane)
  • landscaping
  • plowing (and plowing through obstacles)
  • roadway maintenance and repair (including sweeping and flattening; steam-rolling)
  • site surveying
  • soil analysis and alteration
  • terra-forming and earth-moving
  • trash pick-up and disposal (in-compactor nanobot application instead of using city dumps)
  • trenching and fire-fighting assistance
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