Wylie Ivy Cove News:  This neighborhood is now open for guests.
Wylie Ivy Cove Neighborhood
Wylie Ivy Cove Neighborhood

This neighborhood of Inisfree is modeled after one of the most tastefully secluded, luxurious mansion communities of Texas.  Tucked away within the greenbelt between the Beach Strip and Statue Park, this community of large, palatial, plantation-style homes is almost completely covered by the woodland canopy spanning this entire area of Inisfree.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood originally included 167,553 square feet of land; just under 4 acres.  That's enough room for five large mansions.  Today, however, it has been expanded in both directions parallel to the adjacent highway to allow enough space for 30 (the neighborhood now having 914,760 square feet of space).  Many of these mansions are not quite that large, though, and so it is that this part of Inisfree has a total of 50 homes.

Special Features:
This is one of the most well-hidden communities in all of Inisfree.  Tucked away under the woodland canopy of a narrow strip of land between the sheer walls of Statue Park and the steep slope leading up past the San Diego Hills neighborhood to the top of Inisfree's highest mountain, Wylie Ivy Cove is a neighborhood most people would easily drive right by on their way to the beach without even knowing it had passed.  The only exit-ramp leading from the G.A.H. into this neighborhood looks like it's just another access point for Statue Park.