Zoo News:  This zoo now houses and rehabilitates many animals, even dragons.
The Zoo

Inisfree's zoo has no cages, and is not for the purpose of showing off imprisoned animals for the enjoyment of tourists.  In fact, no tourism of any kind is allowed in Inisfree; not in the way that it is common in the Outlands, at least.  (The official city tour, for example, is not to raise funds --as Inisfree doesn't use money, but to orient prospective future citizens to this vast and complex realm and the Inisfreean Way).  Those who come to this zoo must instead walk along walkways designated for visitor foot traffic, or ride in caged vehicles (such as the MRAP "Cougar") in order to be safe and calm while viewing the animals this zoo is sheltering here for rehabilitation and, in some cases, for indefinite protection from poaching in the Outlands; Inisfree uses its zoo and other facilities to help prevent the endangerment and extinction of numerous Outlands species.

Dimensions & Layout:
Inisfree's zoo is generally a wide, inverted, L-shaped enclosure, its sides measuring about one and a third miles, with a section left out for the Sea-tanks; the aquatic portion of this rare species viewing and rehabilitation facility.  The paddocks of this zoo; all its terrestrial areas, have about 15,681,600 square feet of space; 360 acres. That's more than enough room for three and a half of the largest zoo of Earth-That-Was; the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

Special Features:
One of the paddocks of this zoo is reserved just for the dragons which also call Inisfree home. As long as you are respectful of them, these dragons will treat you the same way noblemen would treat their colleagues and kin.
A funny song:

"Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck.
Screw a kangaroo.
Finger-bang orangutan.
Orgy at the zoo."

[Paddocks] Directory

See what remarkable species are soaking up the Utopia in the Inisfree Zoo's paddocks:

Medium-sized ranges are for winged creatures.
Small ranges are for non-winged creatures.
1. Largest: Dragons
2. Medium 1: Griffins
3. Medium 2: Hippogryphs
4. Medium 3: Wyvern-lion-bat Chimera
    ​(WoW mount for Horde flight paths)
5. Medium 4: Pegasi
    ​(winged horses, including the Governor's black one)
6. Small 1: Unicorns
7. Small 2: White Lions
8. Small 3: White Tigers
9. Small 4: Pangolins

The Dragons Paddock

All of the dragons housed in this paddock of Inisfree are the children of Daenerys Targaryen and Inisfree's Governor, Lord Auzdein von Himmler.  Daenerys was abusively judged and foolishly misunderstood by typical, petty Outlanders, and so she was welcomed to Inisfree where her natural, fiery personality and natural form of reproduction were uplifted and loved.

Upon first meeting Auzdein, the nature of his visit, as well as their ensuring relationship, had to be kept completely secret.  Now, having been finally freed of the monstrous ways of the Outlands diametrically opposed to her kind, she is free to live and love as her true, inner self, and has enjoyed such an elevation in her quality of life that her traumatic childhood and adolescence are now, relatively speaking, no longer burdens.​​

​​Each time she feels ready and desirous of another child, she and the Governor mate, and he wills his seed to be compatible with her, allowing her to conceive.  Her children, which are always dragons, are allowed to grow up strong within the incredible protections of the realm of Inisfree, being fed as many Outlander humans as they care to consume.