Amusement Park News:  All 18 rides of this themepark are now operational and open to all Inisfreean guests.
Amusement Park
The Amusement Park

Every good city has an amusement park, especially a resort city, and Inisfree's is themed in honor of those called 'adrenalin junkies'.  Almost every single ride here thrills its riders with the most alarming of velocity changes and G-force fluctuations, with the only exception being the 'lazy river' which encircles every other ride as a sort of slow, leisurely, mass-transit system of inner tubes.  It should be noted, of course, that though this first attraction is not at all quick or disorienting like the others, it is still a thrill to behold and enter, as it looks and moves like actual flowing lava; not something to be taken lightly... for those who don't yet know its innocence.

Hours of Operation:
Like nearly everything in Inisfree, this amusement park never closes; it is open at all hours, every day of the year, and requires no payment for entrance.  Simply walk up to the ride of your choice, and your presence will power it up and online.  Board it, and enjoy the ride.  There will always be Inisfreean-borne citizens on-site to serve as your guides, ride supervisors, and other staff.

Very few people ever earn the right to enter Inisfree, and with the dispersion laws helping to keep this city one of great personal space, peace and quiet, and void of any traffic jams or foot-traffic congestion, it is virtually impossible for any guests to ever even hear about a line for a ride or anything else, for that matter.


[Rides] Directory

There are 17 squares from which to start/finish.
(each is 5x5 pixels, and each pixel is 66'x66';
each square is [(66x5)x(66x5)]=330x330= 108,900'^2)
and 1 'lazy river'.
*NONE are water-rides b/c all of those are for the themed
Amusement-park Ship, which is our v. of Wet-n-wild.

0. Lazy Lava River
1. Centrifugal Force UFO (panels slide up walls)
2. Bumper Cars (with cockpit in a gyroscope!)
3. Splashdown Boat
4. La Vibora (luge/toboggan)
5. The Hammer (with rotating pods)
6. Steel Dragon (longest track)
7. Superman (Six Flags Over Texas, steep loop)
8. Batman (hanging from torso, legs dangling)
9. Insanity Thrill Ride at Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas
(chairs hung from cables, swinging out from wheel)
10. The Texas Giant
11. Kingda Ka (tallest and fastest)
12. Millennium Force (4.5Gs at some points)
13. G-Force (4-person car drops then swoops onto its back)
14. Tower of Terror
15. Subway Rollercoaster to and along the Underway
16. The Oh My God (drops into whirlpool pit)
17. Jetcoaster (to Slant-top Spire and back)
娛樂 公園