News about Companies We Support:  ABD is now supporting companies in the construction, gaming, and green tech industries.
Companies We Support

Here you will find a series of lists of the major businesses we believe in and enjoy.  The lists are organized into categorical groups; one for each industry, and have company names in alphabetical order ascending.  We look forward to doing business with any or all of them in the near future.
Companies We Support
Computer and Video Game Companies:

​Atomic Games; makers of Six Days in Fallujah

BioWare; makers of the Mass Effect trilogy and Neverwinter Nights

Blizzard Entertainment; makers of StarCraft

Bungie; makers of Halo​​

Cyberlore Studios; makers of Playboy: The Mansion - Private Party

Destructive Creations; makers of Hatred

Infinity Ward; makers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Linden Lab; makers of Second Life​

Rockstar Games; makers of the Grand Theft Auto series

Visceral Games; makers of Dante's Inferno​​​
Engineering and Manufacturing Companies:

SpaceX; Space exploration technologies

Virgin Galactic; democratizing access to Space for the benefit of life on Earth​

City-Building Companies:

​C.I.T.E. Project



Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc.​​​​

Green Tech Companies: