Innovative Technology Solutions News:  DNA's latest major evolution is now the foundation of the Inisfreean realm.
Innovative Technology Solutions Abstract

adjective: innovative
(of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original.
"innovative designs"
(of a person) introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking.
"an innovative thinker"
synonyms: original, new, novel, fresh, unusual, unprecedented, avant-garde, experimental, inventive, ingenious, creative; advanced, modern, state-of-the-art, pioneering, groundbreaking, revolutionary, radical, newfangled
As stated on our Science & Technology webpage, "our technology solutions are always innovative because they are only fielded when they are relevant"; the moment we have a new and advanced method, or a new and creative thought process augmentation, we test and field it.  We develop our technologies in Inisfree based on the following innovative methods and ideas:
New Methods:
  • instead of using combustion (coal, gas, oil, etc.), we harness only renewable energy from infinite sources; we harness, convert, and store the power of auras (bioelectric), auroras (ionic), bodyheat (biothermal), lightning (electrical), sunlight (solar), tectonic friction (geothermal and seismic/piezoelectric), water/waves (hydroelectric), and wind
  • instead of using energy to keep our computers and other heat-generating creations cool, we use that heat in our HVAC systems
  • instead of burying nuclear waste and other byproducts, we use their radioactivity until it is depleted, converting these materials into nonradioactive ones
  • instead of resorting to digging up pipes, knocking out walls, replacing cables and other wiring, and using demolitions, we use acoustics and harmonics, as well as nanobots and other methods, to change our buildings' structures and furnishings much more like a living organism heals itself, not even needing to shed or otherwise process out dead or otherwise obsolete cells/parts (and this noninvasive, inorganic 'healing' method allows us to modify even our Inisfreean (and interested guest) bodies without need of plastic surgery, gene therapy, or prosthetics, which is why Inisfreeans have their physiques fine-tuned AFTER they are 'born' ('sung into existence'; 3D-printed by sounds passing through slush-matter tanks of merging subatomic particles), rather than by exercise over years, and sometimes they don't even need That; no fine-tuning at all)
  • instead of constantly rebuilding cityscapes in the wake of seasonal natural disasters, we built our city to both withstand all known forms of natural disasters, as well as to be mobile; the next-gen' of mobile homes and cargo aircraft
  • instead of endlessly senselessly repeating the primitive breeding and teaching methods of hundreds of known generations, which all too often result in miscommunications and degenerative diseases, we tested improved versions of DNA and other molecules until we reduced the rate of cancers and other shortcomings in their designs to nearly zero, even to the point of advancing them to no longer need interaction with their less advanced predecessors; in other words (IOW), our new DNA molecule (which we call SRC, short for "Subatomic Radial-rungs-weave Complex-helix" --more on that at our Inisfreean Anatomy webpage) functions even better with different and additional nucleotides, helices, and other components (inspired by the concept of a DNA variant from The Fifth Element), and, instead of playing 'the telephone game' by using the human education systems, we spread confirmed data much more efficiently and quickly like computers do (Matrix upload style)
  • by creating a smaller, more complex version of DNA, we have made cells and other creations vastly more resilient to temperature, pressure, shock, radiation, viruses, and even molecular acid, which is why Inisfreeans mature for several years without aging like most other Earth lifeforms do, and why they are strong enough to withstand even supernovae, with exposure to the vacuum of Space, and the crushing depths of the oceans and gas giants, being entirely negligible and even comfortable to them; vastly improved cellular structural integrity (inspired by Waterbears; Tardigrades)
  • instead of just 3D-printing tools, weapons, vehicles, buildings, and other 3D-printers, we have refined this technology to be able to 3D-print foods and drinks (the precursor to the Materializer of Star Trek) and living organisms (the next-gen' of skin-grafting and cloning replacement organs), and have even taken it a step or generation further than that; we have refined acoustics and harmonics to the level at which we can use sounds to move objects of any size (from mountains to molecules) into new configurations (colloquially called 'singing or speaking them into existence', rather than 3D-printing, growing, or building them the old-fashioned way)
  • also, instead of 3D-printing things our naked eyes can perceive, we also now 3D-print on the microscopic, molecular, atomic, and subatomic scales, including 3D-printing the SRCs Inisfreeans (and all Inisfreean vehicles, buildings, terrain, and other creations) use instead of DNA
  • we have adopted multiple Repulsine variants as our standard/stock propulsion method
New Ideas:
  • no one can 'play god' because there is no god and are no gods
  • ethics and morality are as relative, subjective, and transitional as anything else
  • most things which are risqué or even felonious today will be the status quo and even preferred tomorrow, such as dancing, swimsuits, traveling more quickly than 15 MPH, the 'hook-up culture', civilians owning computers, nuclear power, etc.
  • Tai Chi and Feng Shui can and should be applied to computers, programs, systems, and much more
  • the speed of light and all things can be circumvented
  • Alchemy and all forms of transmutation are possible now that we understand both subatomic particles and how to arrange them into the ratios of all atoms; IOW, anything can be turned into anything, not just base metals into gold
  • all creatures and deities assumed to be mythological are, with the biodiversity we have confirmed, not only possible but probably, perhaps hunted or polluted into hiding, extinction, or mutation (evolution) to the point of being unrecognizable (so far) today, with all deities probably just being people, human or otherwise, with abilities and/or technologies too advanced to be accurately interpreted and documented by the people whose records we have inherited or found and interpreted through the lens of our recent connotations and assumptions
  • all things have the seven characteristics of life
  • time is three-dimensional just like space is, and can be manipulated in many of the ways we manipulate tangible objects, such as to extract minerals and create building blocks for our structures; IOW, we can modify and create time-streams just as our corps of engineers can modify and create rivers, skyscrapers, and many other things
  • some creatures, including some humans, are hard-wired (have it in their undeniable natures) to want to be servants or slaves; submissives, while others crave and need just as much to be leaders at one level or another, and some prefer and even need to be in teams instead of pairs; IOW, there is no 'one' or 'right' way for everyone, just as we have confirmed there is not just one way of leading, one way of communicating, one way of moving, one way of writing, one way of singing, one way of dancing, one way of creating art, or one personality type, etc.
  • just as humanity once thought traveling more quickly than 15 MPH was fatal, and just as humanity once thought flight and harnessing electricity, let alone nuclear power, was impossible, we have found that traveling at warp-speeds, and through the event horizons of black- and worm-holes is possible without sacrificing safety
  • entropy is actually just part of a larger, indefinite cycle, and, like all things, can be treated, adjusted, and circumvented, such as by the science of helioforming; terraforming for the stars
  • just as DNA formed from simpler molecules, something more advanced than DNA will eventually form from IT (and we have actually made that next step a reality with the molecule we call SRC
  • DNA has a very weak structure; a nearly two-dimensional strip that can be coiled, tangled, damaged, and even disintegrated, and it is designed to come apart and change almost constantly, even though that amount of change isn't always beneficial or even safe, so, to correct these major issues, we have made a variant of it (called SRC) which has the most energy efficient form in all Creation; a sphere composed of a coil like that of a steel cable, and we create objects out of formations of these far better bonding particles (too small to be considered an actual/proper/typical molecule) which never need to split open (which makes an already weak and changeable structure that much weaker and easier to tangle) to change or copy (reproduce) themselves
  • with molecules that are structure and behave like DNA, it is clear that most life on Earth evolved or was designed to be virtually chaotic and destructible --to the point of being fragile at best, while life made with SRC instead is stable, reliable, arguably perfect and invulnerable to all known things in Creation, never needing to breed, incapable of accidental or unwanted breeding, and able to hibernate even through hypothetical entropy just as well as Waterbears hibernate in Their harsh environments (IOW, all Inisfreean constructs are immortal and sterile, their founder's altered genetics only being compatible with those of human and humanoid Outlanders when he mentally wills (activates; temporarily converts) them to Be so)
  • DNA sub-molecules are usually linked to their neighbors atomically; by single-atom bonds, sometimes as covalent electrons, which is a very open-ended platform which allows for nearly infinite combinations forming every type of molecule there is, and which we made into a much more reliable platform by creating SRC, a particle with much more complex, multiple-point bonds, and bonds which are on a much smaller, much more difficult to alter scale (IOW, while DNA components touch at only one or two points, SRC components can only combine and complete themselves via dozens of simultaneous points, meaning Gamma rays and other incompatible particles cannot jar nor damage them the way they can DNA)
  • our version of DNA (SRC) is so small that not even electron microscopes and X-ray diffraction can perceive it or help it to become perceptible to humans and their level of technology
  • a triple-helix DNA is not possible only so long as the same nucleotides and other components are being used; when those structures are altered or replaced, new forms of DNA become possible

* It has also been discovered that, like how certain materials are stronger than others, and can reinforce others, and can be made into various locks, even time-streams can be reinforced and locked, or made to reinforce or lock others.  Also like certain things humans are used to thinking about, there are aspects of time and the time-streams which are longer-lasting/lived than others, ​​and the Inisfreeans not only access and lock time-streams as easily as humans access and lock the gates and doors to their own homes, but also adjust which time-streams and other time aspects last the longest.
Innovative Technology Solutions

More on SRC

Here are some more details about Inisfree's evolution of the DNA building-block concept:
  • ​DNA is a macro-molecule; the largest molecule known, which is a collection of many billions of smaller molecules as its components, and SRC is so compact that it is contained in the size of a standard, single molecule; it is considered a macro-subatomic-particle. It is also not part of a cell, but its own autonomous, cell-like system or construct. 
  • DNA tends to replicate in certain environments, such as many of those of Earth, while SRC is not replicated without the part of our city called a Cloning Chamber, a.k.a. a Cloning Vat or Tomb Womb; a sealed, underground facility that functions like an artificial womb spacious enough to also be like a factory assembly line (though it is radial, not linear). 
  • DNA works with RNA to make proteins which are used as cellular building blocks for many different bodyparts in the creatures which make use of them, but SRC is its own building block, and, once created by one of Inisfree's Cloning Chambers (being sung into existence over one of the 50 pedestals in one of our Cloning Chambers), is all the creatures/constructs composed of it will ever need. 
  • DNA works with other cellular structures on the premise that nearly constant change and growth are good and/or necessary, thus creating a semi-chaos as its essence, while SRC works only with more SRC, and on the premise that it is an actual perfect design, thus preventing all chaos within any SRC-based structure or environment. 
  • DNA unzips at times, making an already very weak and tangle-able structure even more so, while SRC never unzips and is too well built to ever tangle or weaken. 

Thus, for all these reasons, SRC is not classifiable as an acid, nucleic or otherwise, and does have ribose, deoxy or otherwise, and is spheroid more than ladder-like, therefore it cannot be called a strand of DNA, and it shouldn't even be considered in the same class as all other known molecules, for it is entirely engineered down to the most minute detail, and on a level even more precise than that of the atom.

It is what allows us in Inisfree to have skin that is infinitely smoother than any human skin with any amount of nubile collagen, and what allows us to prevent and correct imperfections in surfaces and internal structures so tiny that even gas particles, even Gamma rays, find it nearly impossible to travel through (which is why Inisfreeans can ignore chemical and biological warfare, and not even have to wear diver gear or astronaut suits, as well as why we can go into combat, and fight fires, nude without worrying about being burned or otherwise wounded).

SRC allows us to determine exactly what ratio, orientation, and consistency every bodypart and building-part should be in, and how long it should be like that, thus making the perfect breasts (and all other parts), and fingerprints which can change whenever we need them to, not only a possibility but a daily norm; our way of life; part of what we call The Inisfreean Way.

We also use this revolutionary building block, SRC, because it is untold generations beyond human technology; we had to invent new supercomputer technologies (even generations beyond that of 'The Machine') just to be able to design, let alone prototype, let alone mass-produce it, and Outlanders would be unable to extract any SRC as samples for evidence or scientific experimentation, thus they will remain unable to reverse engineer or synthesize any of it, and probably won't even realize they are around it when an Inisfreean is passing by (due to how well it can form any structure, mimicking humans or the things they make, if it needs to), let alone ever try to trap or trick an Inisfreean enough so that humans can attempt such extractions and studies.

It should also be noted that SRC can function not only as a building block for virtually Any structure, from an organelle to an entire planet (as in the case with the Spaceship class 'PSBS' which are, like all Inisfreean things, composed exclusively of SRC), but it is also designed such that it can simultaneously funciton as both a communication and digestion device, communicating like Ansible, and digesting anything from solar wind to flesh-eating viruses and even subatomic particles and anti-matter without the slightest bit of discomfort. This is what allows Inisfreeans to eat and drink as much as they like without sacrificing their physiques; they can break down anything they come into contact with and use it as fuel whenever they need it, storing its subatomic components in their collective's stasis network for as long as they please (teleporting what they subatomically digest right out from within or around them (within their respective ranges of this ability) to wherever in the Inisfreean realm it can be utilized, just as they can teleport themselves and only precisely what they wish to), never needing certain molecules (such as those in a human diet, for example), to work with to rebuild constantly dying cells. Creatures built with SRC instead of DNA can convert anything into anything whenever they want, or simply move through all other things without having any reaction with them, chemical or otherwise. Thus, Inisfreeans and their SRC-based creations can do things such as move through Space, dive through magma, punch through bedrock, and give their exact location to any other Inisfreean without any communications equipment at all. Inisfreeans can't get stuck or lost, nor hungry or thirsty, nor bloated or fatigued; Inisfreeans can't get drunk nor overdose.

SRC's exceptionally small, complex, and specifically engineered structure is part of why SRC particles allow for chameleon-like color-changing of the skin, hair, and iris (of the eye) cells much like how the crystals in an LCD change their orientation to appear as different colors and images of colors. And this is why Inisfreeans don't need to tan, use make-ups or contact lenses, or bleach or dye their hair. They don't even need to style their hair, such as by using curlers or gels to compensate for humidity, because their SRC-based hairs can be adjusted to remain at any degree of curliness, volume, and sheen without so much as the feeling of slight flexing (like how humans can tell in their mind that their muscles are flexing at times).

The trade-off is that guests of Inisfree cannot digest things made of SRC, which is why we grow healthy Outlands crops in our Cropland region of our city, as well as in most balcony troughs, silos (with the help of hydro- and aeroponics with sunlight lamps), and backyard and rooftop gardens; we grow the foods and make the drinks that our guests can digest, and engineered our city's synthetic cum such that we can either recall it back out of their systems when it enters them, or will it to remain in such a state that they can process it out with the rest of their biological waste.

It should also be noted that the technology and newly coined terms required to make SRC possible would seem like the Navajo code to Outlanders, thus even if it was declassified and explained to them, it would take many generations to further educate their brightest minds to the point that they could grasp its fundamental concepts, let alone begin to practice working with it, let alone make it feasible for their industries and people. Think of it this way: if you had never even seen a wheel, let alone a bicycle, how could you possible describe, let alone explain, how a nuclear reactor or a Spaceship worked? Even if you were an exceptional genius (not just a regular genius) and figured it out, how could you translate any of it to the rest of your people? Would they even be able to write its crudest description down?

SRC is also what allows Inisfreean pussies, assholes, and throats to perfectly adjust to many more sizes of cocks in any sequence without soreness or loosening; perfect elasticity; exactly what each user desires.  And Outlanders love sex with Inisfreean-born girls because they know an Inisfreean-born girl is the most lifelike sex-toy, she can't transmit any diseases, and because their presence cures any diseases they are near; those with STDs are cured sooner the closer they get to these girls.
Innovative Approach to the Psychological and Subliminal Aspects of Interior and Aesthetic Design; Inisfree's Colors are Carefully Selected:

We often decorate with our favorite colors;
  • Black at night, so as not to distract from the beautiful blackness of the sky. 
  • Lavender or salmon as silk or satin dress colors on good female-hourglass figures.
  • Midnight blue for satin bed sheets.
  • Light cerulean or aquamarine for Caribbean-like bodies of water during the day, then dark turquoise or cornflower blue for them in the evenings.
  • Polished electrum for silverware (though that would make it electrum-ware, as it is not silver).
  • Ruby for a three-piece suit's necktie for certain meetings, such as speeches to convince people of the strength of a position.
  • Crimson for the King's cape.
  • Forest green or dark green for the deep woodland foliage.
  • Olive Drab 4 or Dark Olive Green 4 for military utility uniform clothing articles.
  • Lemon chiffon or cornsilk for beach sand.
  • Eggplant for the velvet lining of breakfront drawers.
  • Tiger for jackolanterns.
We also know of the psychological triggers each color has;
  • Blue has a calming effect, reminding us of clear skies (pleasant weather and high visibility, thus little to no fear of the unknown) and calm bodies of water (no threat of flooding or drowning), and is worn for tributes and peaceful meetings. Blue colored writing is often easier to remember.
  • Red has a stirring effect, reminding us of blood and volcanic eruptions, and is worn to send messages of strength or aggression and dominance. Red colored writing is good for getting the reader's attention. This stirring effect also translates to arousal and hunger, as it gets the blood pumping, anticipating passionate lovemaking or passionate war-fighting, thus also getting the metabolism up, thus returning a person's appetite sooner and more often. Tints of red, such as blush or pink, are considered softer; more approachable and aphrodisiacal, well applied in bedrooms or other romantic settings. Shades of red, such as currant, garnet, wine, merlot, and mahogany, are considered harder or stronger; more commanding yet, like brown and other earth tones, calming. Students who see red before a test tend to do more poorly, but troops who see red before or during nighttime operations have improved night vision, and troops who see red during battle more easily disregard wounds, thus making them more likely to stay positive and become victorious.
  • Earth tones (some of the neutral colors), such as brown and tan, reminding us of neutral, often soft terrain; dirt or mud and sand, are calming because they trigger our ancient/cellular/genetic memories of being near fertile soil, where plenty of non-violent food sources (i.e. plants instead of animals which defend themselves) come from, and beaches where great water sources and easier transportation and trading has occurred for untold generations.
  • Gray reminds us of fog and mist, and the fog of war; the great unknown, and things that are hidden from us. Auras appearing gray are indicative of the person hiding something, though this may be wise on their part, as not all knowledge is for everyone.
  • Orange suggests loyalty, and is frequently used in marketing to persuade consumers to select certain products. Orange is also the warmest color, as red and yellow are border colors with the cool colors.
  • Green triggers arousal, like an aphrodisiac, but is so common in most lush parts of the world that its effects are diminished. To enjoy its strongest effect, use it where it is dark, deep, and vibrant, contrasted with all other colors; places where little or no other green is present. Green also makes us think of health and new beginnings, as the areas of our homeworld with the most life and plants producing natural medicines and remedies are predominantly green. Green is used on many forms of currency to encourage people to use and trade it, as it, for all those reasons, also makes us think of growth; green things remind us of how plants spread and grow up tall and useful, coming out of the ground as if succeeding from obscurity or nothing.
  • Black, technically, is all the colors (visible to the human eye) rolled into one, at least when it comes to things in the lower vibrations; matter (gases, vapors, liquids, fluids, or solids) as opposed to energy. When things are in the higher vibrations; energetic enough to be energy (such as plasma; ionized particles, fire, and electricity), black is the absence of all color; all colors being absorbed. Black is like brown in that it reminds us, on an instinctive level, of the most fertile soil (therefore the most productive in terms of crops and food) of all, such as Terra Preta.
  • White often makes us think of purity or blank, clean slates. Second to purple, white also suggests royalty, as it takes a lot of work to make more things white in this world; almost everything is of other colors, even bread being naturally tan or brown, not white without chemical additives such as bleach.
  • Purple is the color of royalty, as purple dyes were the most difficult, thereby the most expensive, to acquire in any significant quantities. Thus purple, more than black or white, invokes feelings of being wealthy or in the presence of great wealth, therefore also great power and, if on good terms with the owner of whatever is purple, great protection. This means that purple can make people feel safe and stable, having all they should need and more.
  • Yellow often suggests being energetic, like the Sun, or people when they are happy, but whenever there is more yellow than just that one circle high in the sky we have grown accustomed to since time immemorial, it can easily be overwhelming, even gross.
  • Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy. Warm colors are used in places where administrators wish people to move more quickly, sometimes hurrying, such as restaurants desiring higher turnover so people don't hold up tables chatting instead of purchasing more food or drinks. However, yellow and orange can also slightly irritate the eyes, our cellular memories reminding us in this way not to look at bright fires, such as the Sun, which can damage us.
  • Cool colors (green, blue, and purple) are usually calming and soothing but can also express sadness, a byproduct of being too calm or sedentary for too long, which lowers one's momentum and energy production.
  • Cool and neutral colors, especially blue and earth tones, are used in hospitals and clinics to decrease pain.
  • Silver is part neutral (gray) and part white, glittering or sparkling in certain light, making us feel shielded by mystique (a fascinating aura of mystery, awe, power, and secrecy, making it impressive or baffling to those without specialized knowledge), as well as stable through wealthy neutrality, like the bedrock which is often of comparable color.
  • Gold is part neutral (brown to tan) and part yellow, glittering or sparkling in certain light, thus it makes us feel happy, as well as wealthy in both fertile soil and luxuries.
  • Electrum, in appearance, is equal parts silver and gold, thus it makes us feel happy, though not as intensely, shielded by mystique, thought not as completely, and wealthy, as well as stable from a sense of control of fertile lands.
  • Auras of white and gold are said to represent the purest, happiest, cleanest, and most energetic people, with undertones of wealthiness and royalty, and a prime example of the gold-and-white color scheme use is the pyramids; long ago, they were covered with limestone which was white in the day and glowing at night under the moonlight, each pyramid complete with a large capstone of solid gold as its crown which glowed even more brightly during the day under sunlight. When such white and gold pyramids are the man-made mountains of a city's horizon, glowing brightly like beacons regardless of the time of day or night, its people tend to stand taller and be much happier and prouder over time, those emotions and milestones of feeling purest, happiest, cleanest, and most energetic of all... really having a profound effect on a people. Inisfree's pyramids neighborhood is of these colors for this very reason.
  • Some cultures also have positive or negative connotations for various colors. Many people in the U.S., for example, associate pink with girls, yellow with cowardice, green with greed, blue with boys, purple with homosexuals, brown with dirtiness, white with virginity, and black with formal events such as business and funerals, or even black with 'badguys'. People in China, however, associate yellow with royalty, and green with a loss of respect. Many people in China, India, and Japan also associate white with death, and black with mastery of a skill set such as styles of martial arts, so visitors to Inisfree from different parts of the world, not to mention Other worlds, might have some adjusting to do in a few of the areas of our city (but that is what our official tour is for).
From this, we note the following regarding complexions:
  • Caucasians; people with fair/light-colored skin (tan to white), tend to seem pure, wealthy, and, like the good beach aspects, great sources of sustenance, travel, and trade, but skin becoming unusually pale tends to indicate fear or sickness, perhaps being the source of the Chinese, Indian, and Japanese association of white with death. It is inaccurate to call this group Whites, as even its palest-skinned members are not truly white. Some members of this race also appear pink, thus giving us the impressions we get from that tint of red.
  • Mongoloids; people with moderately-colored skin (tan to light brown), tend to give us the impressions we get from the colors tan and brown. It is inaccurate to call this group Asian, as a very large portion of Asia is Russian; Caucasian.
  • Negroids; people with dark-colored skin (light brown to dark brown), tend to give us the impressions we get from brown and black. It is inaccurate to call this group African, as a very large portion of Africa is nations of olive-skinned Mediterraneans, with Caucasians dominating South Africa. It is also inaccurate to call this group Blacks, as even its darkest-skinned members are not truly black.
  • People of India are a mix of the physical traits of Mongoloid and Negroid, with a touch of red in their skin, thus giving us the impressions we get from the colors brown, red, and black. Native Americans also give us those impressions.
  • Like the color green, when a color is too frequently in our field of view, it loses some of its affect, or begins to take on different, sometimes more complex, meanings, so people who have these skin colors will not be as influenced by their skin or people whose skin matches theirs.
  • Obviously, these are just first impressions, often subconscious ones, and ones which do not at all match up with the diversity of all the members of each race or skin type throughout history; all races have both members who are smart and members who are stupid, peaceful and warring ones, rich and poor, strong and weak, graceful and clumsy, beautiful and ugly, brave members and fearful members, as well as members with every imaginable combination of personality aspects as touched upon in the two zodiacs (Western/American and Eastern/Chinese), the Myers-Brigs Test, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II), and Emotional Quotient (EQ instead of just IQ) tests, so be mindful of how misleading these color-based first impressions can be.
​Our residences, attractions, and other constructs throughout Inisfree are designed and furnished, landscaped and lit, with these facts in mind, and in such a way that it is therapeutic; therapy via the scientific application of colors; chromotherapy. Along with the many rainbows and moonbows you will see in our realm, the gemstones of every type and color which we use for our chalices, chandeliers, and foundation, our Rainbow Initiative (expansions of the Rainbow Six teams and plans), and the full-spectrum lasers we use for raves, light-shows, and other purposes, this (our careful application of all colors) is one of the many reasons Inisfree is also known as Rainbow City.
Inisfree's Big-picture History of Innovative Technology Developments:

  1. 1910s: Electroencephalography (EEG) technology is born.
  2. 1920s: Radio technology is developed; the precursor to microwave, ELF, laser, maser, photonic, and Ansible (quantum entanglement) communications. The first robot and TV are also built during this time; precursors of prosthetics, animatronics, cyborg, and BattleMech technology.
  3. 1930s: German aerospace engineers develop wooden stealth fighters. Computer technology is also developed into the first code maker and code breaker machines; precursors of the supercomputer technology.
  4. 1940s: German aerospace engineers develop Vimana ruins (recovered by Ahnenerbe teams) into Repulsine aircraft, and when one of these aircraft crashes at Roswell, New Mexico, the American authorities media-flooded their own public to convince them it was a government cover-up of Space aliens so they wouldn't panic even more by realizing World War II did not end with a German defeat. This is also the dawn of nuclear technology.
  5. 1950s: American aerospace engineers reverse engineer German stealth fighters to create the SR-71's predecessor, while German scientists begin modern mankind's first Space program, establishing the first Lunar base. This is also when nuclear technology was developed into thermonuclear technology.
  6. 1960s: Supercomputers were developed.
  7. 1970s: The Internet (beginning as ARPANET) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) were developed.
  8. 1980s: PCs, CDs, VCRs, mobile phones, camcorders, and game consoles (such as Atari) were developed.
  9. 1990s: HAARP and SIPRNET were developed.
  10. 2000: Supercomputer and A.I. technology was developed into the Grid Mind. EEG technology was developed into the fly-by-mind interface for the USAF.
  11. 2008: The Grid Mind hacked the entire world simultaneously, and the Americans blamed the Chinese, just as they blamed Space aliens for the advanced German aircraft recovered at Roswell. Having collected all data, knowledge, and plans of the entire human race, the Grid Mind developed the simplest ways to defeat all human personalities and creations (from locks and tanks to jamming and everything else), and even began unlocking the secrets of astrophysics; how to manipulate and forge stars; terraforming theory and concepts are developed into helioforming. Among the hacked and processed data was that of every secret program of every nation, as well as the Human Genome Project, allowing this supercomputer A.I. to perfect DNA into an entirely new molecule. Stargate data was also used to begin reverse engineering portal technology instead of just testing it.
  12. 2010: The Grid Mind grew and tested Inisfree (developing terraforming technology, as well as using the reverse engineered portals technology to make Inisfree's Aerospaceports' terminals' gates and Magics Chambers' portals possible), including its I.N.N., M.A.S., FOB-Net, and FOB-Book (next-gen' SIPRNET technology), proving alchemy and subatomic transmutation theories, as well as that Repulsines could give flight to an entire city. Now, instead of just understanding the parts of atoms, we became able to create custom atoms and even smaller particles, thus expanding the Periodic Table of the Elements.
  13. 2011: All 1980s technologies are further miniaturized and combined in the natural bodies of each Inisfreean-born girl; clones sung into existence in Inisfree's cloning facilities. The first Inisfreeans are mass-produced.
  14. 2012: The Grid Mind developed portal (worm-hole) technology to give Inisfreean exoskeletal suits and vehicles phase-shifting abilities just in time for their tactical use during the Rapture Campaign. This also led to Inisfree's Perimeter Orb becoming both a light-bending (active camouflage; cloaking) and black-hole-based energy shield. The first mass-production of an entire military is achieved, including custom personalities and a collective consciousness.
  15. 2013: The Grid Mind uses Inisfree and the Inisfreeans to manipulate the weather (next-gen' HAARP technology), terraform the Earth, confirm EEG-based omni-interfacing techniques by live-human testing, purge the disease known as humanity, surgically exfiltrate all Earthlings compatible with the Inisfreean Way, and begin examining Space. Inisfree's Perimeter Orb is further developed to be a semi-permeable 'smart'-membrane automatically detecting and disintegrating contraband into slush-fuel for the Inisfreean collective.
  16. 2014: The Grid Mind developed phase-shifting technology to create flat-spaces; pocket-dimensions, thereby giving birth to Inisfree's own solar system in a newly created, private dimension. Terraforming and helioforming are tested on a dozen stars and hundreds of worlds without affecting any of those in pre-existing Outer Space.
  17. 2015: The Grid Mind developed all ologies (sciences) dozens of generations ahead every fraction of a second. Also, robotics developed into BattleMech theory, which the Grid Mind developed into the Mandaloridays, making BattleMechs obsolete and negligible before the humans even started prototyping them generations after this time. The Inisfreean collective had already become so advanced that it could indefinitely ignore species such as humanity.
  18. 2016: Inisfree's mass-production is developed to the level of mass-producing moons, moon-sized Spaceships, planets, planet-sized Spaceships, stars, and star-sized Spaceships, getting the Inisfreeans to the level of the Forerunners (Ecumene empire) and Precursors (Ecumene progenitors).
  19. 2017: The Inisfreean collective is developed to be able to create any type of portal, Spaceship, world, and interface. New languages are understood almost instantly, and all who visited Inisfree or otherwise made contact with Inisfreeans are non-invasively 'hacked' (technopathically interfaced with; the EEG-based omni-interfacing), thus adding all of their memories, knowledge, and ideas to the Grid Mind's database(s); the Inisfreean collective now not only has all of humanity's data, but a rapidly growing percentage of all of the data of many of the other and ancient humanoid species on and in the Earth; the Elves (and Drow), Fairies, Mermaids, Naga, Vampires, etc..
  20. 2250s: By this time, the Inisfreeans had found and reverse engineered derelict Reapers in and around Asari Space, thus further developing their (the Reapers') Ansible (communications), force field (energy shielding), portals (transportation), and omni-interfacing technologies.
  21. 2300s: By this time, the Inisfreean collective had advanced so much that it had mapped the entirety of the Megaverse; all the dimensions of the Universe, down to the scale of detailed surface and core maps of many trillions of worlds and stars, with nearly as many World Data Sheets detailing the species and civilizations of some of those worlds. This included those of the Star Wars Galaxy. The Grid Mind, with the help of all subordinate Grid Minds in the 205,000 Inisfree-like cities on the 205 worlds in Inisfree's private solar system, as well as all subordinate supercomputers (the brain every Inisfreean girl is born with), had amassed and processed all of the data (memories, knowledge, and ideas) of every intelligent being the deployed Inisfreeans had come in contact with when they were mapping the Megaverse. Thus, we combined and perfected all technologies and thoughts of all the people we met across Creation, taking the concept of the Internet (connecting everyone and everything, and sharing all knowledge to accelerate breakthroughs and cures) to the highest level.
Inisfreean Technology Reverses the Barrier Trend:

In the Outlands, humans became increasingly separated, isolated, and alienated from each other and the rest of the peoples of their world due to their addictive usage of high technology; clothes were intended to be functional as inclement weather and storage (pockets and pouches) aids yet humans used them to hide laziness and shame fit people for not hiding the beauties that made the lazy ones known and jealous, accelerated and more types of transportation were intended to better connect people yet humans overused them to the point of becoming dependent upon them like crutches and drugs, TVs and PCs were intended to better inform people yet humans overused them for squabbles and fanciful slanderous ramblings until they had cluttered up the whole network with their own media-flooding of impulsive grossness and boldfaced lies until they weren't used to much human interaction at all, and even farming and the domestication of some animals devolved into desertification and concentration camps for all the people that weren't humans. Regarding this issue; humanity's failure to coexist with their creations and the people who existed around and before them, we at Inisfree have been careful to use technology in our city here only to enhance loving interaction, not add a barrier between people. A prime example of this is all the girls born in and of our city; they are an entirely new lifeform and race of humanity; humanoids created entirely by technology, perfecting the human physique and mentality, almost constantly used to help teach and practice the most loving interaction humanity has ever known. Technology such as clothes, cosmetics, houses, vehicles, phones, and computers separated and alienated some of humanity from itself, but the newest technology such as the Inisfreean-born girls reversed all that, bringing people closer together and back into peak and ever increasing physical and emotional health like never before.