Cliff's Notes News:  This webpage was put together in 2015 to help all newcomers.
The Cliff's Notes

The term 'Cliff's Notes' comes from the small yellow booklets which were a series of student study guides available primarily in the United States since 1958. The guides present and explain literary and other works in pamphlet form or online.  ​Feeling overwhelmed by this 1,000-page website? Here are its Cliff's Notes; the ultra-short summary that puts all of this 'in a nut-shell' for you:

Website Size and Purpose
I've always had an affinity for partnerships with most humanoid/mythological races/species. (I, being the founder of this city and site.) Inisfree was based on the idea of making the 'heaven on Earth' concept a reality, but not for humans; for all human-like people who needed a break from the historically typical grind of the world; from being demonized by humans, and having to fight and hide from them. Inisfree is an eclectic resort community, and it ended up growing into a capital for those non-human people. This website about it started as 5 webpages, then grew into 900-1,000. It felt like a runaway project for a year, then stabilized into what you see here today. Hopefully it will be useful as a template for a couple IRL (in real life; not just in roleplay (IRP) writing) projects with similar aims; yes, we want Inisfree to be constructed IRL someday! Who wouldn't?

The Main City and its Global Clean-ups
Inisfree is the name of a city built near the South Pole. It started as a research outpost of Base 211, which is on the coast of Antarctica. When pollution got out of hand (for the world, not Inisfree, as Inisfree doesn't generate any pollution), it was used at the end of 2012 to launch a global clean-up operation that also happened to treat the root of the pollution problem, not just the symptom; the pollution itself. 99% of the humans were disintegrated, and the 2% of the landmasses of Earth that (IRL) their (the humans') structures/cities covered... were terraformed so hard that zero archaeological evidence of humanity's existence remained in 2013. The people of Inisfree policed the 6,000,000 humans allowed to survive this purge and terraforming, keeping an eye on them as they spread out and started building again. This was their second chance at not harming all life on the planet with their words and ways. A few centuries later, however, they were doing it all over again, and the time of the mega-cities of Judge Dredd came and went; even worse pollution than before. The Inisfreeans decided not to keep purging the humans; this time, they forced them to leave the Earth, so 99% of the humans migrated to the solar system named 34 Tauri, and the Firefly/Serenity time began.

Who is Welcome
Inisfree invites anyone who is okay with the Inisfreean culture to visit, and has seats open to Congresswomen from all the humanoid races. You'll see Drow, Elementals, Elves, Fairies, Mermaids, Naga, Vampires, Werewolves there, etc., but almost no humans, as humans are generally regarded as being chaotic and rude. Our Species List is a webpage which lists many of the species you can RP (roleplay) as. Our Inisfreean Culture webpage covers the Inisfreean Way, and will give you an idea as to what is the status quo and expected within the realm of our city and its people. Our Inisfreean Congresses page covers who meets in Inisfree to represent the people of its allied realms, and how they decide on things.

All Time Periods Connected and Written About
The timeline of the omni-verse (all universes combined as one universe) of this website spans all of time, and for all the 'universes' of most stories you may know of; it merges all the best stories into one reality. Whether your favorite story starts near the birth of the known Universe, or millions of years into the distant future, its events are probably woven into our omni-timeline webpage. That means there is a good chance all of your favorite characters' lives are, too, and you are welcome to RP as any of them. You will also find, on our Creative Writing webpage, a sequence of original literary works, arranged in chapters and novels, which take a closer look at the lives of our main characters, starting in the 1980s and continuing on one billion years into the future. The final novel will be about events leading up to Inisfree; it will span the period of time between 13.2 billion years ago (when the Milky Way Galaxy had formed) and 140 million years ago (when tectonic drift had formed Antarctica).

Founding Father and Humble Origins
Inisfree is led by one man, now an immortal, and Inisfree is his private property and personal residence. Think of it as a luxurious home with a really big lawn, a really tall fence, and many guest houses. In the early 2000s, before it was designed to be a resort community, it was first just a simple sketch of a nice three-story house overlooking a beach. Later, it was re-imagined as a one-room shanty 'off the grid' to be simple, efficient, low-cost, and low-impact (good for the environment), ...but then a garden was added, ...and a farm, ...and a school, and so on until it was a complex of buildings, then a compound, then a town, and then a full-scale resort rivaling what Disney builds. It's still just his own place and creation, so be polite; respect his, the owner's, rule as law, just as you would as a guest in anyone's house. He worked hard to build it and only asks that you be loving to his family there. For information about him, and this city he designed, see his webpage in our Dossiers section, and the webpages for each facility and feature of Inisfree, listed on the webpage bearing its name (you will see it in our website's menu bar).

First Lady of Inisfree
His high queen is a loving vampire who finally feels able to reveal her playful, girly side she had to keep repressed and hidden for many, many years while living on Earth in the time of the humans before Inisfree, so give her time to relax and warm up to you. She is really very sweet and daring in how she has chosen to make her emotional core visible and vulnerable again. Her information is on her webpage which is also listed in our Dossiers section.

Daughters of Inisfree
The children of the man who leads Inisfree are engineered clones, all variants of the most beautiful girls, and live in Inisfree as modern nymphs and loving helpers. We have webpages for their anatomy (including sub-pages for their hair, eyes, and their version of DNA), the cloning facilities which grow and birth them, and their various models. All of these Inisfreean-born girls are NPCs (non-player characters; characters not written by our guest writers) written by the founder of this community, as they are a collective consciousness with him, and extensions of his will, thus only he would know how they would react to each situation, as they always feel and react the way he would.

​​First-born of Inisfree​​​​
The first daughter born of the mind of the man who founded Inisfree, and the city itself; via Inisfree's cloning facilities, is a clone named Nyria Serra.  She is the third-in-command of all Inisfreean forces, the commander-in-chief being that founder, her father, and the second-in-command being the super-computer that helps run everything in their realm and deployed fleets.  You will find her details on her webpage listed in the Dossiers page.  You will find her often at her father's side as the center of his standard entourage, as well as representing him and their family/people as one of the Congresswomen in Inisfree.

First Girl of Inisfree​​
This is the kajira (pleasure slave girl) who is the favorite of the founder of Inisfree.  Though First Girl is a title which can be earned by many girls in any amount of time, it is currently held by the girl who graduated at the top of her class in Inisfree's kajirae training program for Outlander girls found to be sexy during the pre-Rapture campaign of 2012.  First Girl of Inisfree is a teenage girl named Sarah Conrad, and you can also find her details on her Dossiers webpage.  You will find Sarah sleeping either curled up with Inisfree's founder in his master bed-and-bathroom, or in one of his private mansion's four guest suites; the one she earned when she graduated at the top of her class, thereby taking on the billet of Inisfree's first First Girl.  Sarah is also the only girl allowed to be a waitress for the ultra-exclusive meetings of Inisfree's Council of Elders in the pinnacle boardroom of the founder's corporate office building; WGI HQ Tower in downtown Inisfree.  *Yes, Inisfree has sex slaves, however, though some of them are initially captured, many of them remain in bondage voluntarily, falling in love with it.

Anyone may GM
We GM (Game Master; decide) things in the Inisfreean realm, but you GM things in your realm outside Inisfree. Thus, those who come to write and RP here with us do most of the GM-ing, as we include trillions of worlds, and even more realms, with the capital of them all, Inisfree, being but one of them. We have information about the worlds of Firefly and Mass Effect posted to the sub-pages of our Galaxy Map page, and will eventually post information about other worlds, including those of Halo and Star Trek.

True to Life; the Work to Survive Bonds Us
Much of this story is about surviving; surviving what the humans did to all others as they spread, then the humans surviving after they were cut back in payback. Even the Inisfreean founder had to survive and escape when Inisfree was just an idea, and his life on the line. So there is a soft spot in every Inisfreean heart for those who have had to endure the same. Come to Inisfree if you are compatible with our way of life and wish to finally be able to fully relax and mingle with those like you indefinitely (you may find many ways of living a very long, good life once you arrive here and meet us).

Travel Options
Usually, Inisfreean flight attendants will escort people to and from the city aboard one of our private airships. However, airships aren't the only way; one can come here on one's own; walk right up to the city's gates, or happen to meet the founder of this city during one of his many expeditions to the rest of the world (he loves to travel, explore, pioneer, and mingle with outside cultures, learning from them all, and adding what he likes about them to his own culture and realm). In that case (if you meet him first; before traveling to his city), he could just teleport you there with him as a distinguished guest, but don't worry about your first time; most people have a chance to meet and hang out with him regardless of how they arrive.

Essence and Feel
Our city here is all about vacationing, relaxing, healing, and soul searching free of distractions. Maybe your character will be invited to come see the city the vampires and other humanoid people around the world have been talking about; Inisfree, and find a new calling for her (your character's) next chapter of life there. Some call it New Asgard. Some, New Jerusalem. Some, Rainbow City. Some, capital of the Verse. We call it home.

Explore and Ask Away
If you want more information, we have 1,000 webpages ready and waiting for you, including a webpage for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact one of us, the makers of this community which was established to restore unity between all others. Leave us a message in our forum, or e-mail us direct. You might also find us in our chatroom(s).
Cliff's Notes

A Few More Details to Consider:

How to Decide if Your Character Should be a Member of a Congress or Inisfree's Council:

Inisfree has a few Congresses and a council. There is a Congress for the Earth, another Congress for the Milky Way Galaxy, a 3rd Congress for the Universe, and a 4th Congress for the Megaverse; all the dimensions/universes in reality/Creation. There are, of course, many other Congress-like groups across Space for other worlds and such, but these are the four that the main city in our RP community participates in and hosts. Members of these Congresses come together not to vote on laws that will be imposed on others, and not in a tug-of-war power struggle where everyone is trying to gain or maintain a majority vote, but to have group discussions about important issues affecting, or which are soon to affect, many of their peoples, and to then raise their hands to show who amongst them is able to volunteer various forms of support for the people in need of it, so our Congresses are more like big meetings of different volunteer organizations and charity groups. There is no lobbying, no taxation, and when misinformed people happen to become a majority, that does not give them enough power (through voting or anything else) to impose their incorrect assumptions on those who happen to be in the minority at that time. What the members of these Congresses decide to work together upon tends to help billions to trillions of people across a very high number of nations, planets, and even galaxies.

An example of a decision of one of these Congresses might be to help a humanoid species terraform a planet so that its people are happier and more comfortable there, or how to educate people on which interstellar travel and shipping routes are the safest and most efficient. They might also raise funding and other supplies for joint defensive or exploratory operations; to better protect some of their colonized worlds, and to send out starships to find, map, and pioneer new ones. If overpopulation is becoming an issue on a world, they might help that world stabilize, then help some of its people find a new world to spread out upon, or even help them build a new world. If a world had suffered something like a major flood, drought, or meteorite impact, these Congresses might decide to bring together teams of scientists to investigate causes and feasible ways of preventing it in the future, as well as teams of medical personnel to help get everyone on that world back into good health, and teams of engineers to go there and help the people of that world build a stronger civilization which is not in the path of any likely natural disasters (so they don't have to keep rebuilding after every disaster or, say, every hurricane season).

Now for the council that was mentioned; there is a council of the most trusted members of each major humanoid species which meets in a different chamber and region of Inisfree. The Congresses have hundreds to thousands of members, while this council has just over a dozen. The Congresses are where the majority of the peoples come together to offer to support each other in times of need and times of big plans for exciting progress. The council is a more exclusive, behind-the-scenes gathering of the best friends of the leader of the city which hosts those Congresses. The council meets more like an inner circle of lifelong friends, each of whom has a business they run, all of them interested in helping each other's businesses. Because they are such a small, tight group, they can discuss the most sensitive and secret matters, and because they are meeting with the leader of the main city in our RP community, they can request the occasional assistance of the most powerful intelligence and military groups in a far more surgical and private way. Also, most of the members of this council are from Earth, so what they decide upon tends to only affect very small spots on or inside the Earth.

An example of what this council might decide upon is to spread the word amongst its members' businesses, friends, and families of an upcoming product or service debut one of their businesses was about to make. They might also host galas or bring their best friends to each other's realms and cities to promote cultural awareness and stronger ties through a more personal and direct form of tourism. This council meets in the business headquarters skyscraper pent-house boardroom of the leader of the main city, Inisfree. He might choose to help his best friends (the members of this council) by maintaining his business's highest traffic through their own businesses and home-realms instead of just marketing his products and services to the realms with the most people or the biggest cities. He also maintains awareness of this council's members' whereabouts so he can provide evacuation or other emergency assistance to them if they happen to be out of the range of those services from their own realms; they could be evacuated to his city if something went awry in the governments of their nations. (The Congresses are not able to evacuate most others or entire populations to our main city, instead having to migrate them to other realms or other worlds, so hastily getting pre-approved people to Inisfree is more of a matter for this council.)

One of the members of this council is a female demon named Lamia (there is some mention of her at Wikipedia, though inaccurate). The reason she and so many other humanoid peoples are represented in the main city of our RP community here is because humans wrongfully demonized all of those people, saying they were evil or imaginary, so now that the proverbial tables have turned, it is the humans who get no representation in the government of the world; only the races and groups the humans held back or insulted for so many generations are represented. The race humans called 'demons' got the worst wrap of them all, second only to the vampires, and so it is that Lamia was offered a chance to represent her kind in our main city. Others of her race; the demons, were offered seats in Inisfree's four Congresses. The leader of Inisfree sympathized with her story and got to know her personally, so she was offered a seat on Inisfree's council.

In short, people who are compatible with the Inisfreean way (Inisfree's culture, 'the American way' being part of its etymology) may visit and tour Inisfree, the most educated amongst them sometimes being offered seats on one of the city's four Congresses. Those who are members of those Congresses represent a portion of their people, such as a portion of those from a particular galaxy, solar system, world, nation, or district. People who are both compatible with the Inisfreean way and close, personal friends with the leader of Inisfree may live in or maintain vacation residences in Inisfree, as well as be members of its council, provided that each member is the one person the leader of Inisfree trusts more than anyone else to represent all of her own people (all members of her race everywhere they are in Creation); on this council there is only one member of each of the humanoid races which are the most compatible with the Inisfreean people.

As a guest of our main city, Inisfree, a character would be having sex on a weekly if not daily basis, as that is one of that city's customs; Inisfreeans find that good sex is a form of massage, touch therapy, art, medicine, and stress relief, among other things, so the people who are allowed to visit Inisfree are those who are comfortable with the idea of frequent, casual, carefree sex. Inisfree's council, for example, has relaxed group sex at the start of each of their meetings in order to unwind and free themselves of any sexual tension or other distractions, and once they have completed their meetings, they do so again in order to seal the deals they have agreed upon, officiating them. In our city, this is our equivalent of a handshake, hug, or agreement, though we do not believe in contracts --unless they are 'living documents' like the Constitution; open to amendment as situations change and require. Using sex to officiate arrangements ensures that people do not enter into relationships, business or otherwise, with anyone they are not comfortable having sex with. This makes group meetings rarer and much more special, trusting, and long-lasting than they are in realms outside our city where other systems tend to allow incompatible people to be too close to each other, struggling with a shaky peace which comes from interactions not based on sex, sex being a sign of total familiarity and total attraction.

We don't require writers to write about exactly which sexual things a member of our council, such as Lamia, or a visitor of our main city, is doing every time she meets someone, but it is implied that most of the encounters begin and end in a loving, sexual way, because Inisfreeans don't just wave or say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in our realm, and they don't just tell someone to have a nice day; they do what they know will make it a nice day in the now, as opposed to by chance later on. The Inisfreean culture is much more open and intimate; it is a lot like the nymphs' culture where they make love to many people without any clinging or demands, and we maintain this culture so that when we are at home in our main city we do not feel starved of touch, sex, or beauty like we do in most realms outside it. We also maintain this culture so that no one feels trapped or held back from loving those they are naturally attracted to. It is actually illegal in Inisfree's territory to interrupt its residents or guests when they are enjoying one another's company; Inisfreean orgies and 'swinging' couples, among other sexual things, are protected by law.

Think of it like scuba diving; going out into the alien realm of the oceans with special, heavy equipment is fun and exciting, and you see interesting things, but eventually you tire and want to return to the surface, atmosphere, weight, and customs you are biologically used to; one cannot scuba dive for very long periods of time. The people of our main city feel similarly about going to human-dominated realms, for humans tend not to be so concerned with matters of beauty and mutually loving touch, or supporting each other when they become attracted to different people. Humans do from time to time, but not very much at all compared to how and how often those of our main city do. Thus, we maintain a very intimate culture within our main city, our people tending only to make expeditions from it rather than long trips; prepared when they leave Inisfree, studying things professionally while they are outside it, and returning fairly quickly so as not to feel worn out from the odd high levels of jealousy and other upsetting things that exist like a smog in the human-dominated parts of the world.

If you are not yet sure where you would like your character to participate the most in Inisfree, you are welcome to have her come there to see for herself what it is all about, then decide if she would like to represent some of her people as a member of the global Congress (for the Earth) which we host. If you enjoy the Inisfreean culture and get along very well with the typist for the leader of that city, and if, then, you would like to write one of the canons (canonical characters) of this RP community, your character might just skip being a member of one of its Congresses and go straight to having her be a member of its council.  Either way, we would certainly be delighted to have her as our guest.

For quick reference, the available canons of our RP community are:
  • Alexis; narcotics officer and ship captain, human clone
  • Colbert, Adolf; ship captain, human
  • Collins, Mackenzie; intelligence officer, human
  • Demidova, Mica - (profession open), human
  • Djinn, Tethir; medical doctor and researcher, human
  • Erra, Maya; member of Inisfree's council, Pleiadian (humanoid)
  • Frost, Emma; member of Inisfree's council, human 'mutant' (X-Men style)
  • Gottschalk, Divinity; member of Inisfree's council, Angel (winged humanoid)
  • Junipher, Bailey; registered companion, human
  • Lamia; member of Inisfree's council, Demon (Angel)
  • Mariya, Zhanna; ODST (futuristic version of Army Airborne), human
  • Masters, Glen; warrant officer and mechanic, human
  • McNamara, Dallas; supply officer and armorer, human
  • Michaels, Elena Antonov; member of Inisfree's council, human werewolf
  • Nassida, Vince; military police office, human
  • Oona; member of Inisfree's council, Fairy (magical humanoid)
  • Sawatari, Dan; engineer, human
  • Shelwe​; warrior sorceress, Eldar (elf-like humanoid)
  • T'Soni, Liara; member of Inisfree's council, Asari (pan-sexual blue humanoid of an all-female species)
  • Thetis; member of Inisfree's council, Mermaid (amphibian humanoids)
  • Urvashi; member of Inisfree's council, Aspara (humanoid river-nymph)
  • Xephia; member of Inisfree's council, Elemental (shadow-based being sometimes in humanoid form)
  • Zauviir, Xull'rae; member of Inisfree's council, Drow (subterranean elf-like humanoid)
You may, as a writer, request to write as any of these characters. If you are interested in this, please ask one of our community managers about these characters' storyline parameters; at which points they exist in our timeline, and in what capacity.

Canons which are already being written by our writers include:
  • Bilderberg, Augustine; investor, human
  • Bishop, Cyd; pilot, human
  • Bulgakov, Sasha; medical doctor, human
  • Conrad, Sarah​; kajira, human
  • Freyja, Vanadis; member of Inisfree's council, Vanir (magical humanoid)
  • von Himmler, Auzdein; (multiple occupations), human
  • LeMorte, Ambrosia; royalty, human vampire
  • Odhar, Brahan; mercenary, human
  • Serra, Nyria; registered companion, Inisfreean (humanoid)
  • Targaryen, Daenerys; zookeeper and veterinarian (of dragons), humanoid (due to her inflammability and reproductive system)
  • Zor-El, Kara; member of Inisfree's council, Kryptonian (flying, but not winged, humanoid)
You are also always welcome to bring your existing characters to this RP community, and as you can see we have plenty of room for non-human and non-humanoid characters.