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Creative Writing

From here you will find all the documents and information you will need to understand the realm of Inisfree.  Because Inisfree is a city kept in a state of constant operational security, only stories with fictional characters and dates may be used to describe it.  From the accounts and subtle hints that follow, you alone will be tasked with piecing together the reality... and, perhaps, finding your way there.
Creative Writing
  1. Universe Map & Cosmic System Short-hand Chart (sigils for quickly indicating clusters, galaxies, stars, worlds, motions, and formulae)
  2. ​Milky Way Galaxy Map​Star Wars Galaxy Map, & New Eden (from Eve Online) Galaxy Map (Coming Soon)
  3. Star Types Chart & Planet Types List
  4. Species List​ & Customs and Courtesies Chart
  5. Colonial Opportunities across our Milky Way 
  1. The Omni Timeline (every timeline of every fictional universe combined)
  2. The Firefly (sci-fi western TV show)​ Timeline & the Unification War (of the 34 Tauri Multiple-star System) Timeline
  3. Current Campaign (of The New Horizon spacecraft-carrier)​ Timeline
  4. Main Character Timeline (Auzdein von Himmler)
Armada Catalog
  1. Vessels List & Comparison Chart​​  * This chart webpage is very long and graphics intensive.
  2. Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) List & Rank Hierarchy Charts​
  3. ​Job Openings & Assignments Chart (for the spacecraft carrier christened The New Horizon)
  4. High-ranking Military Personnel Dossiers​ & Awards (Ribbons, Medals, etc.)
  5. Space Stations List
  6. Derelict Spacecrafts Report Form
Personnel Dossiers
  1. The Omni List (all main characters for this, the Inisfree saga's universe)
  2. The Registered Companions; warrior-geisha courtesans throughout the exclusive, upper-crust history and realms
  3. The Browncoats (formerly Dustdevils; also originating from the Firefly universe)​
  4. The Cloned & Engineered Humans (the latest evolutionary leap of humanity)
  5. The POW, MIA, & KIA​​ Lists (Prisoner Of War, Missing In Action, Killed In Action)
Literary Works   *These are just samples.  For the full text, each novel will soon be available for purchase in hard-copy and e-book formats. 

    Novel 1:  Forming
      [Shipborne and Stolen]: Auzdein gains consciousness in a bizarre family, his instincts guiding him until his memory is restored.
      [Riches to Rags]: Auz's cover family squanders millions, and he is powerless but to sit on the sidelines as they tear each other apart.
      [Pipe-dreaming of The S.E.D.]: Appalled at how humanity is trashing the entire planet, Auz starts his 1st secret society in this life.
      [Elite Team Begins]: Unsatisfied with the pathetic standards of the local fitness teams, Auz founds his 2nd secret society in this life.
      [Shattering of the Veil]: After a childhood growing up in a cover family void of logic, Auz is blissfully shocked once he finds sane people.
      [The Fall from Grace]: Condescending Outlanders underestimate yet another child, futily trying scare tactics to coerce him.
      [The Fast and the Furious]: Auz's introduction to the modern world of urban racing thrills his cellular memory.
      [Youth and Commander]: Auz's stars and instincts soon put him right back in charge of a very large element.
      [Mission Impossible Reenactment]: Auz's unavoidable instincts get him into a misunderstanding with local ogres.
      [The Wreckage of Airborne Dreams]: Once slated for Naval Aviation, his progress is derailed; Auz is destined to fly things far larger than jets.
      [Protruding Guts, but no Glamour for the Glory]: Auz, now mortal, finds a way to deal with the hernia he is powerless, for now, to heal.
      [Yellow Footprints]: Auz feels the call to reclaim his timeless warrior status.
      [The Portal of Mars]: Auz undertakes his first combat deployment.
      [Asteronian Jedi Master and The Celestine Prophecies]: A traveler from another world takes Auz under his wise wing.
      [Rogue Madji and the Black Spires of The Highlands]: An illegal trip to Scotland gives Auz a taste of the constructs and people with magical blood.
      [Holidays in the War Zones]: Stockings nailed to concrete base bunker walls amidst bullet holes, etc.​

      [Instructor Once Again]: After 2 combat deployments and hundreds of missions, Auz begins to formally teach what he has learned.
      [Culmination of the Corps]: The climactic end of Auz's contract with the Marines results in him rising to the mantle of the ​Founding Fathers.
      [In the Meantime]: Before the first PMC formation attempt, merc work had me thinking.​

      [Is You Rollin'? Bitch, I Might Be]: Auz delves headlong into the Outlands' club scene.
      [The Pajama Party that Never Was]: More problems trying to get decent parties going.​
      [The Contracting Calamity]: Auz's first PMC is fraught with subterfuge and near bankruptcy.​

      [The 5th Corps]: After the JROTC, ROTC, and USMC, the USACE helps him refocus his mind while his system detoxes.
      [The Great Gnashing of Teeth]: Yet another 'psychic vampire' Outlander drains Auz's life force, reinforcing the Celestine Prophecy.
      [The Crystallizing of the Grid Mind]: The Wolves' Montana bunker gives birth to Inisfree's brain and its initial terraforming abilities.
      [Ahoy, Antarktis!]: Sailing to the Antarctic for the first time since his 2nd life began, Auz completes the site survey of the Grid Mind's new home.

​​    Novel 2:  The Road to Antarctica
      [City Dissertation]:  This is why we chose Antarctica to be our new and lasting home.​
      [How Inisfree Grew After I Left]: Details on the specific order Inisfree's parts grew out from the Grid Mind after I returned from Antarctica.​
​      [Acclimating to the World]: These are the expeditions the founder of both Inisfree and the Wolves spent his early years completing.​

​      [
The Wolves]: This is the story of the eclectic team of globetrotters who laid the foundation for what grew into Inisfree city.
      [The Syrian Underhive]:  Subterranean aqueduct ruins ​lead a black-ops team into some of the cave networks and monster dens of legend.
      [Climate Change]: As the world experiences more severe climate events, the Wolves start a secret army which changes ​the political climate, too.​
      [Transmutation Times]:  The birth of Auzdeinianity is explained.​

      [Alison​]:  A world-class covert operative is sent to investigate the developments of the region Operation Highjump drew so much attention to.
      [Solo for the Holidays]: The first celebrations were lonely ones amidst taxing survival.​
      (2013 threads follow, date-shifted to be 2012.)
      [The Great Dead North]:  Auz conducts reconnaissance of the infection-crippled city.
      [A New World...]:  Auz meets Andrilae Volcare.
      [Arriving]:  Auz enters his first NY club, but leaves before making any introductions.
      [The Essence of Auz]:  His casually dark side shines through in this brief bout of breaking and entering.​
      [Winter Winds, Life's Breath]:  Auz meets Freya Storm.
      [Waldorf Waypoint]​​​​​:  Auz arrives at his hotel, settles into his reserved suite, and meets Fiona Danu at the hotel’s ground-level bar.
      ​​[What... Who's Crazy?]: Auz meets Lilith Mortimer, decides to get some supper with her, and the two then encounter Jack Brinkley.
      [Interludes and Caffeine]: Auz visits his first Outlander friend, Freya Storm.
      [The Sky is High Above Me]: Auz corresponds with Freya Storm.
      [Let's Play]: Auz returns to Repùblica to relax and record some data.
      [Revelations]: Auz meets Divinity Gottschalk.
      [Green Tea or Bust]: Auz meets Adeline Reese.
      [Masque-what?]: Auz meets Bela Night, Georgina Sinclair, and Dr. Indra Patel.
      [Heaven or the Masquerade]: Auz meets Camille Delgado.
      [The Secret Declaration]: The signing of Inisfree's declaration of independence.
      [Our Constitution]: The signing of Inisfree's Constitution.​
      ​[A Quizzical Quandary]: Auz meets Catalypse and Evan White.
      [Red Footprints]: Auz meets Coraline Revelle.
      [Blog: "Please leave your message after the tone."]: Auz leaves an allusive voice message.
      [Blog: Expedition Sit-rep 1]: Auz’s first journal-like report for home.
      [Blog: Correspondence 1]: Auz’s first journal-like message for his partner.
      [The Frozen Bay]: The 1st of the 3 dragons attacks.
      [The Ignorance of Humanity]: The 2nd of the 3 dragons attacks.
      [Park of Fire]: The 3rd of the 3 dragons attacks.
      [Treasure Protectors]: Auz re-introduces himself to Fiona Danu.
      [Passage]:  Freya Storm ​goes to Nepal.
      [Icarus]: Freya Storm returns from Dunai, Nepal to visit Auz at his home-away-from-home.
      [Ty Corners]: Freya Storm accompanies Auz to check out the validity of his Ty Corners reconnaissance, and helps him relocate.
      [Bosnia und Franz]: Auz emails Freya Storm while sight-seeing in Bosnia and France.
      [Ty Corners]: Auz returns to his new expedition base-camp, linking back up with Freya Storm.
      [Fight or Flight]: Auz meets Rayvan Wolfbaen.
      (Skye threads will be inserted here.)​​
      [Skye]:  Auz's expedition to the Isle of Skye.
      [Taja]:  At Skye, Auz meets a princess of a long-hidden race of the elves.​​
      [The Chinese Arks]:  ​The governments of the world respond to the accelerating climate change by building ships like those of the film 2012.
      [Vision Quest]: Auz finally gets to experience a genuine ancient Native American vision quest as part of his expeditions across the Northern Rockies.​​

      [Nuclear Independence Day]:​  This is the story of one Independence Day gone terribly awry, and the ensuing aftermath which led into The Rapture.
      [The Secret Army]:  After nuclear attacks across the U.S. softened the world's last superpower up, this black-ops force increased its tempo.​
      [American Exodus]:  Like the Jews fleeing Egypt, many of the working class of the U.S. began the necessary exfiltration.​
      [Auz is Exfiltrated]:  The leader of the Inisfreeans is evacuated from America.​

    Novel 3:  The Environmentalist Dictatorship
​​      [Sexy Sketches to Sex God]: The chronology of sexual evolution that led up to Inisfree.
​​​      [The History of Inisfree]:  The remote super-city's chronology is elaborated upon here.
      [The Omni-calendar is Born]: After three decades of traveling around the world, every great holiday becomes part of one culture.​

​      [
The Rapture]:  This is the story of the major terraforming event that changed 'Earth-That-Was' (what Earth is called in the 26th century) in 2013.
      [Witness to the Extermination]: A Tokyoite recounts the day the Inisfreeans swept away his civilization.​
      [The SED]:  Details of the original SED concept.​
      [Traffic in Inisfree]: The vehicles and pedestrian types you will see in each section of the city.​
      [Thema]:  The first Naga is rescued by Inisfree.
      [Naga Utopia]:  Theme chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.​​
      [Elena]:  The first werewolf of Inisfree is rescued.​
      [Werewolf Utopia]:  Elena chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.​
      [Dis af Vanir]:  The first Asgardian is welcomed into Inisfree.​
      [Vanir Utopia]:  Freyja chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.​
      [Approved for Slavery]: A lucky Outlander is spared from the apocalypse some call the Rapture (the Inisfreeans calling it the Rapture Campaign).​​​

      [​Welcome to Inisfree]:  This is the story of the exceedingly rare privilege of being invited to the Antarctic resort city 'Inisfree' for a private, 40-day tour.
      [Black Magic]:  Details of how Inisfree always grows the best crops.​
      [Kara]: Inisfree's first Kryptonian guest is welcomed in.​
      [Kryptonian Utopia]:  Kara chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.​
      [Daeny]:  A lucky princess from another time is given safe haven in Inisfree along with her pets (the only time an outsider​ is allowed pets here).
      [​Valyrian Utopia]:  Daenerys chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.
      [Ambrosia Tours Inisfree]:  The city's first vampire guest completes the full tour.
      [Vampire Utopia]:  Ambi chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.​
      [Scan Complete]:  Queen Ambrosia's mind and possibilities are read.​
      [Sarah Becomes a Kajira]:  A special Outlander girl graduates as an exquisitely trained female pleasure slave.
      [Divinity in Inisfree]:  One of the Angel race joins us in our city.​
      [Angel Utopia]:  Divinity chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.​
      [Sarah Becomes One with the King]:  The First Girl of Inisfree takes her next step toward a shared consciousness.
      [Human Utopia]:  Sarah chats with Auz about what would be ideal for her people.​
      [Sarah is Used to Her Fullest]:  The First Girl of Inisfree finally enjoys her cum-slut fantasies start to be realized.​​​​
      [How Auz Treats His Slaves]: SOPs of the Governor and greatest slaver.​
      [Emma]: A powerful mutant is invited to Inisfree to represent the X-Men and those like them.
      [Mutant Utopia]: Emma discusses what would be ideal for human mutant-kind.​
      [Lux]: The prince of NYC is invited to Inisfree.​
      [S.E.D. 2]:  An enormous evolution from its predecessor, this new regulatory organization becomes true world police, but in the best of ways.​

    Novel 4:  Leviathans to Nuuk
​      [Deluge Voyage]:  This chronicles the sailing routes of the largest ships ever built upon the Earth, detailing the trials of those they carried.
      [Can't Get Enough of Her]:  Ambrosia finally finds the beastly fuck buddy she's been looking for.​
      [Greenland is Black]: Those of Nuuk and the Leviathans see a very different Kalaallit Nunaat.​

      ​[The Trial]:  The human survivors of the Inisfreean terraforming campaign watch as thousands of their own are formally tried and sentenced.
      [On Lock-down Vacation in Inisfree]: Auz enjoys the the fruits of his labors and the spoils of his very own war.
      [Prepping the Primary Preservation Protocol]: Auz continues to unwind and recover in Inisfree as its prototype grows.
      [The New Wheel of the Year]: Inisfreeans celebrate the eight pagan sabbats, as well as events during every week of the year!​
      [Leviathan 1]:  Details of this ship's voyage around the world.​
      [Leviathan 2]:  Details of this ship's voyage around the world.​
      [Leviathan 3]:  Details of this ship's voyage around the world.​
      [Leviathan 4]:  Details of this ship's voyage around the world.​
      [Leviathan 5]:  Details of this ship's voyage around the world.​
      [Leviathan 6]:  Details of this ship's voyage around the world.​​
      [Visiting Ambrosia]:  Auz visits his high queen in her own realm.​

​      [New World Order]:  This details more about the new face of the Earth, hierarchy, and culture of the new capitol of the Verse.
      [Nomads of Earth]: The nomads/tribes branch off from the convoys heading to the 39 cities' build sites.
      [Rocky Mountain Isles]: Details on this newly formed region.
      [Yellowstone Supervolcano]: now we don't have to worry (as much) about it exploding; constant 'controlled burns/releases'
      [The Irradiated Badlands]: more details than the ETW LW/pg
      [Venezuela Isle]: Details on this new landform.
      [Gulf of Brazil]: what sea creatures are in it now
      [Amazon Desert]: we didn't wipe the whole rainforest, but this region does have a major desert in it now
      [Gulf of Argentina]: Details on this new body of water.
      [Sahara Swamp]: Details on this new region.
      [Congo Desert]: Details on this new region.
      [Arabia Swamp]: Details on this new region.
      [Eurasia Sea]: Details on this new body of water.
      [Gulf of Russia]: Details on this new body of water.
      [Himalaya Isles]: Details on this new region.
      [Gobi Swamp]: Details on this new region.
      [Gulf of China] (and the abandoned China base that once housed the Leviathans)
      [Gulf of Australia]: Details on this new body of water.
      [Gulf of Ronne]: Details on this new body of water.
      [Anchor Points]: Inisfree opens up its 'anchor-points'; quick-access portals for easier reconning of how the humans are rebuilding/repopulating​

      ​[The Bridges of Sotu]:  This details more about the secondary functions of these skyscraper-sized pathways above and across Inisfree's downtown.
      ​[First Wife at My Feet]:  Inisfree's high queen enjoys taking up her natural place beside the king.
      [Collaring the Worthy]: The finest human and humanoid females from around the world -and beyond- submit as kajirae.​
      [War with Ambrosia]: Inisfree's king finally gets to enjoy supporting his top wife in battle.​
      [Leviathans Dismantled]: After a year of sailing and being reduced at each stop, the last pieces of these ships were finally used by the 39 cities.​
      [The 39 Cities]:  Precursors to the mega-cities to come, these predesignated construction sites offer humanity a modern second chance.​

​    Novel 5:  Resurfacing Ancients
      [Aya]:  A representative of the slave race known as angels is sent in hopes of appeasing the man who initiated the Rapture Campaign and terraforming.
      [Cloud Land]: A new continent in the sky is explored.
      [Shadow Land]: A new realm of shadows day and night is explored.​
      [Aya and Divinity]: Happy to be out of the Shadow Land, Aya joins Divinity heading back out to the Cloud Land.​
      [Life in the Time of RoboCop]:  This is the synopsis of a few generations of history during the time of RoboCop.​
      [Super Soakers]: Auz deploys a squad of bikini-clad teens.​

​      ​[Auz Rescues Another Vampire]:  Ongoing Inisfreean rescue operations bring home the latest of the lovely vampires.
      [Outlanders Shouldn't Try]:  Yet another cocky Outlander girl learns the hard way.​​

      [The Games We Play]:  Cuckolding and wife-swapping are the status quo of all high society parties in Inisfree.
      [Prepare to be Boarded]:  Inisfreeans police the new navies.​
      [Call of the Deep]:  Cthulhu awakens in R'lyeh, disproving yet another human racist, fear-mongering claim that the ancient peoples​ are evildoers.
      [Internal Affairs]:  Inisfree's First Girl is sent out to service the 39 Kings in disguise, reporting back to her master as to whether or not they are loyal.​
      [All Reappear]:  Most of the races the humans thought mythological return to the public eye, no longer having to hide from such monsters as humans.​
      [Tauriel]:  A lovely Silvan (woodlands) Elf returns from Aman, invited to Inisfree.​
      [Thetis]:  Inisfree's first ocean goddess is welcomed in.
      [Oona]:  Inisfree's first Fairy is welcomed in.
      [Urvashi]:  Inisfree's first Water Nymph guest is welcomed in.
      [Xephia]:  Inisfree's first Elemental guest is welcomed in.
      [Lamia]:  Inisfree's first Demon​​​​​ race guest is welcomed in.
      [Xull'rae]:  Inisfree's first Drow guest is welcomed in.​
      [Elven, Fay, and Drow Holidays]: These are confirmed by our new guests and added to the Inisfreean omni-calendar.​
      ​[The Rape Cave's End]: Sarah and the 39 Kings convince the Governor that Inisfree's punishment dungeon is no longer ​needed.
      [Life in the Time of Dredd]: This is the synopsis of several generations of history during the time of Judge Dredd.
      [The Draenei]:  Inisfree detects this species still on Earth.​
      [Pink Pigtails]:  The king of Inisfree fucks with more Outlanders.​​
      [Kindred Conversion]: Queen Ambrosia and I discover a very useful development in the aftermath of becoming one.​
      [Space Whales]:  These almost timeless creatures make contact with Inisfree, offering their knowledge of the cosmic and dimensional routes.​

    Novel 6:  Crossing the Abyss
      [Lunar 1]: While Inisfree remains on the Earth, the first Inisfreean astronauts use this base as a stepping stone to Deep Space.
​      [Inisfree's R-CAX]:  Here are the summaries of the simulated full-scale wars between Inisfree and its greatest potential adversaries.
      [The Council of Elders]:  This details more of the members of Inisfree's highest governing body.​
      [Liara]:  Inisfree's first Asari guest is rescued.
      [Maya]: Inisfree's first Pleiadian guest is welcomed in.​

​      ​[The Black]:  Inisfreeans conduct another round of black operations, this time as an advance party for humanity's destined emigration from Earth.
      (Individual planet expedition, exploration, and reconnaissance threads will be inserted here; RP stories set on the worlds of our galaxy map.)​
​      [Swastikas in Space]: 4th-Reich-occupied planets and moons beyond Luna (still in Sol)
      [The Oort]: research stations and secret bases on the Oort planetoids; reconning all ~540,000
      [Home of the Anunnaki]: the rogue-planet Nibiru (and its 3,600-Earth-years-long orbit)
      [Checking the Exos]: Inisfreean fleets start traveling out to confirm the findings of human astronomers
      [​Super Saturn]: The world with the largest ring system is visited.
      [MWG's Goldilocks Worlds]: ~40 billion Earth-like garden-worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy; ~100 million Inisfreean troops deploy to each
      [The Universe's Goldilocks Worlds]: ~30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth-like garden-worlds in the known Universe
      [Testing the Gridding Technology]: Inisfreean fleets land a single ColonyPod on each of several thousand vastly different worlds
      [Reconning the Giants]: Inisfreean fleets send their WarShips into the inner atmospheres of several billion gas giants.
      [Hypergiants and Helioforming]: Inisfreean fleets test their next-gen' terraforming technologies
      [Undoing their Grids]: Inisfreeans reverse their gridding processes, turning their gridded worlds back to natural-looking ones.
      [Reconning Rogues]: Inisfreean fleets spot and go out to learn more about several million rogue planets.
      [Planet Ba'al]: An Inisfreean fleet notices this unique rogue-world and interacts easily with it long before the humans try.
      [Orgasms in Orbit]: Inisfreeans pioneer actual Space porn.
      [DropShip Dragons]: Inisfreean forces exploring the Milky Way Galaxy begin deploying the largest sons of their Governor.​
      [Aiding the Asari]:  Returning to Asari Space with Liara leading our relief campaign, we help her people rebuild and rebound from the Reaper incident.​

​      [Probing Planet-side]:
 Returning to Sol, Inisfreeans in MPHAs explore more of its planets and moons other humans and aliens have been colonizing.​
      [Jupitearth]:  A garden-world the size of a gas giant is discovered.​
      [Warp to the Edge]:  Inisfreeans pioneer the literal edge of Space.​
      [Elf Quest]:  The Inisfreeans seek out the ancestors the Earth elves have told them about.​
      [Shelwe]:  King Auz and the Eldar forge an alliance through love.​
      [The Omni-recall]: What happens when Inisfreean fleets are summoned home.​
      [Asari, Pleiadian, and Eldar Holidays]: Liara, Maya, and Shelwe help me with the latest update to Inisfree's omni-calendar.​
      [The Inisfreean Olympic Games]: Having discovered/rediscovered many alien civilizations, Inisfree begins its own Olympics just ​for them.​

    Novel 7:  Immigration to 34 Tauri​​​
      ​​[Ghost]: This is the story of the next-generation powered-armor tech which evolved from the M.A.N.T.I.S. program.​​​​
      [The Attempt on Inisfree]: Heaven-on-Earth lures a few waves of the metastasizing Outlanders in for a new dark lesson.​
​​​​      [Earth That Was]:  Here are the details of how the Inisfreeans changed the world.​
      [Preteen Protection]:  The Governor and his top wife comfort a mislead kindred youth.​

​      [Humanity Metastasizes]: Forced to leave Earth once and for all, mankind makes a generations-long voyage with primitive and risky technology.
      [Dragon Wardens]: The children of Daeny and Auz begin to reclaim and patrol their world.​
      (U.S.C.M.C. threads will be inserted here; during the centuries of Star Trek, the Colonial Marines of the Aliens saga conducted their missions.)
      [Bug Stompers]: Some of the actual comic-book stories of the rest of the Colonial Marines.
      [Cum Christening]: Rain in the UD-4L cockpit.
      [Tunnel Rat]: A Xeno in the ventilation of our parent ship.
      [The Armorer]: Dallas becomes our armorer.
      [Into the Hive]: Reconning and razing our first bug hive.
      [The Z]: Fighting zombies on one of the colonized worlds.
      [Finding JB]: Bravo takes a long time to activate his AJAX beacon, nearly freezing to death.
      [Good Catch]: A Xeno tail whip results in a heroic move.
      [Breaking]: Rain gets banged up in her usual reckless missions, and Bravo gets in her face about it.
      [Slipping Away]:  Our USCMC team's closing chapter.
      [​Ambrosia's Annex]:  The humans Ambrosia turned into vampires while her husband was away exploring Space now number in the hundreds.
      [Elena's Territory]:  ​After three and a half centuries of encroaching humanity, the werewolves are finally able to spread out and relax.
      [The Orkin Man]:  ​This is the project code-name for the latest bug hunts; Xenomorph purge operations.
      [Interstellar Endurance​]:  The Roanoke-esque colonies of 34 Tauri mar initial settlement efforts on all but the best core worlds in this system.
      [Finding Humanity]: Inisfreeans set out to chart human expansion since 2313.​
​      [MANTIS to Mjolnir]: Half a millennium of prosthetic advances are discussed here.
      (Individual planet colonization, and colonization aftermath, threads will be inserted here; RP stories set on the worlds of our galaxy map.)​
      [Heart of the Core]: (humans, not Inisfreeans, focus their colonization efforts on Londinium and Sihnon)
      [White Sun, Qin Shi Huang, and Lux]: The youth of the 34 Tauri core (White Sun system) worlds' colonizations.
      [Red Sun, Himinbjörg, and Heinlein]: The youth of the Red Sun system worlds of 34 Tauri (the start of their colonization).
      [Georgia and Murphy]: The youth of the Georgia system worlds of 34 Tauri (the start of their colonization).
      [Kalidasa and Penglai]: The youth of the Kalidasa system worlds of 34 Tauri (the start of their colonization).
      [Blue Sun and Burnham]: The youth and initial prosperity of the fringe (Blue Sun system) worlds of 34 Tauri.
      [Drifters]: Some of the immigrants to 34 Tauri are still en route, some of their ships needing rescue.
      [SPA]: The Sol Protection Administration is founded.​
      [Inisfreean Holidays Continue on Earth]: Inisfreeans continue the traditions many Earth emigrants forgot.​
      [Return to Argus]:  Inisfree helps the Draenei get back to their ancient home.​

​​    Novel 8:  U.S.S. The New Horizon
      [Maiden Voyage]:  The first ship ever manned by a joint task force of humans and Inisfreeans has its test flight, then starting its first deployment.
      [TNH Float #1]: TNH patrols the perimeter orb of the Bai Hu Multi-system, assisting in re-securing all UAP Core-world interplanetary shipping lanes.
      [TNH Float #2]: Patrolling the perimeter orb of Huang Long, assisting in re-securing the first half of the UAP's intermediate-world ​shipping lanes.
      [TNH Float #3]: Patrolling the perimeter orb of Zhu Que, assisting in re-securing the second half of the UAP's intermediate-world ​shipping lanes.
      [TNH Float #4]: Patrolling the perimeter orb of Xuan Wu, assisting in re-securing the first half of the UAP's fringe-world ​shipping lanes.
      [TNH Float #5]: Patrolling the perimeter orb of Qing Long, assisting in re-securing the second half of the UAP's fringe-world ​shipping lanes.
      [TNH Float #6]: TNH patrols throughout the Space of the Core worlds territory, assisting in patrolling the re-secured Core-world territory.
      [TNH Float #7]: TNH patrols 34 Tauri's Fringe worlds, assisting in re-secured fringe-world territory.
      [TNH Float #8]: Patrolling the perimeter orb of 34 Tauri; its nebulae, assisting in patrolling the fringe of the UAP's ​multi-system.
      [TNH Float #9]: TNH patrols throughout the Space of the 34 Tauri Multi-system.
      [TNH Float #10]: Patrolling throughout the Exodus Cluster, introducing UAP military personnel and dignitaries ​to ​its human colonies.
      [TNH Float #11]: TNH patrols throughout the Space of the Horse Head Nebula System-cluster.
      [TNH Float #12]: TNH patrols throughout the Space of the Argos Rho System-cluster.
      [TNH Float #13]: TNH patrols throughout the Space of the Gemini Sigma System-cluster.
      [TNH Float #14]: Patroling some of the Milky Way fringe, with brief drops out of relative-FTL to ​'check-up' ​on lucrative and human-colonized regions.
      [TNH RCOH and Ramp-up]: TNH begins its Refueling and Complex Over-Haul, then a ramp-up to prepare for its next short-float.
      [Alexis]: ​An Outlander clone is among the first of her kind to impress King Auz both physically and vocationally.​
      [TNH Float #15]: TNH sets off on its first deployment since the completion of its RCOH.
      [The Glith and Gre'akan]: TNH encounters 3 new species, all sentient, all armed, and all conflicted.
      [Return to Miranda]: TNH answers a call from the quarantined planet on the fringe of 34 Tauri.​

​      ​​​[Storm Troopers of the Human Empire]:  
This is the story of Inisfree's troops; the warriors who wear the armored astronaut suits of 2014 and beyond.​​​​​
      [Bumping In]:  A prime number is naturally formed.
      [Forming Her Crew]:  ​​The prime number, naturally, is self-stabilizing.
      [Cyd]:  Persephone's 'pilot Barbie' joins our crew during its 14th deployment.
      [Jumpstart]:  TNH finally sails out beyond 34 Tauri.
      [Pilot Pushing]:  Persephone's 'pilot Barbie' is tested to her limits.​​
​​      [An ODST Picnic]:  Cyd is taken on a most thrilling and romantic outdoor meal adventure.
      [A Few of My Favorite Things]:  Cyd has her Persephone cherry popped.​
      *shift Floats 10-15 here; 'Fav Things' LW mentions "first time TNH outside 34 Tauri"?

      [The Supper Table]:  This details more about a normal family meal in Inisfree.
      [Running Dark]: Persephone executes a deep stealth mission.​
      [Patrolling 34 Tauri]: The New Horizon's 15th deployment​ is detailed here.​

      [Unlocking My Crew]:  Persephone's crew members discover their natures and potential.
      [Window Shopping]:  Persephone's crew goes out for its idea of a shopping spree.
      [Hunting Trip]:  Persephone's crew hunts other humans... and likes it.
      [Breakfast in Bed]:  Inisfree's First Girl is treated to our fledgling version of Kajuralia.​
      [Firefly Firefight]:  Persephone enjoys the sport of warriors and fighter aces.​
      [Rendezvous, J.K.]: Auz meets DIA Agent Jenna Kardashian at Londinium's DIA HQ.
      [Under Cover Under the Covers]: Auz bonds with Agent Kardashian at her Londinium pent-house.​
      [Childhood Dreams Realized]: Sarah Conrad enjoys her first thrilling mission as a professional mortician.​

      [Persephone's Charter Crew Parts]:  After years of black operations, the crew members of this Spaceship go back along their separate ways.
      [Left Seat, Right Seat]:  The New Horizon is handed over to its human complement.​
      [Fleet Homecoming]: Here are some details of the Inisfreean holiday whenever an armada or expedition fleet returns to Inisfree.​

    Novel 9:  Mobile Home
      [Inisfree's Congresses]: By 2501, Inisfree's four Congresses had been initiated. Here are more details.
      [Inisfree Leaves Earth]: By 3013, Inisfree pulled up anchor and left the cleansed Earth in peace.​
      (Individual future (not always high-tech) threads will be inserted here; RP stories set on the worlds of our galaxy map.)​​
      [BattleMechs vs Transformers]: Humanity is finally able to return the favor of ancient Transformers protection.
​      [The Sexy Contagion]:
 Instead of a dis-ease, a pro-ease is discovered.​
      [​Invitation to Aman]:  Tauriel takes us to her hidden continent.
      [Return to the Deep]:  Inisfree goes next to R'lyeh and beyond.​
      [Cities in the Clouds]:  Inisfree hovers just over Cloud Land.
      [Full Moon Fun]:  Inisfree anchors near Elena's Forest Keep.​
      [The Underdark]:  Xull'rae invites us to anchor in her home realm deep within Earth's crust.
      [New Atlantis]:  Inisfree anchors out on the Atlantic.​
      [​Arcadia]:  Inisfree is invited into the hidden dimension of the Fay.
      [Nazjatar​]:  Inisfree visits the Naga capital.
      [Agharta]:  Inisfree explores the inner Earth.​
      [​Moon Nymphs]:  Inisfree visits Urvashi's home.
      [The 4th Reich]:  Inisfree moves around Luna to Lunar 1.​
      [Gor]:  Inisfree settles on its favorite planet for an extra long spell.​
      [Heart of a Star]:​  Inisfree enters its most alien environment yet.
      [Pandemonium]:  Inisfree goes to the BDSM dimension.​
      [New Krypton]:  Inisfree sails for Kara's new planet.​​
      [Erra]:  Inisfree visits the Pleiadian homeworld.
      [Illium]:  Inisfree checks on the progress of the Asari rebound since the Reapers.​​
      [Vampiria]:  Inisfree checks out the new planet where Vampirism is the status quo.​
      [Dragonhome]:  Inisfree finds a planet dominated by dinosaurs.​
      [The Black Library]:  Inisfree anchors on the most secret of the Craftworlds.​
      [Inisfree's Demographics]: Statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it.​
      [Holidays in their Homelands]: Some highlights of celebrating the holidays of the Omni-calendar in the realms ​where they originated.​
      [Inisfree Hibernates]:  Once only done when its leader was away, no visitors within it, this ability is revisited for a great many aeons.​

​​​      [The Human Empire Chronicles]:  
This is the story of the interstellar empire that blossomed out of Inisfree.
      [Aorlie]:  This is the story of one of the children of Inisfree, born into the very distant and alien future of humankind.
      [Inisfree and the Craftworlds Escort Gor]​:  Inisfreeans lead an unprecedented force of billions of Eldar as convoy security for the ​mobile ​planet.
      [Awakening the Warriors]:  Those who chose 'the long sleep' in Inisfree's archives are stirred to enjoy the thrill of ​how different the Universe now is.​
      [The Inisfree Egg]:  After untold aeons, more Inisfrees are born...​

    Novel 10:  Revisiting the Ultra Ancient Past
      [Dimension 1]:  The formation of the Universe.
      [Space Whales]:  The first mobile beings evolve.
      [The Milky Way]:  The formation of our galaxy.​​
​      [The Galaxy]:  Events during the time of Star Wars.
      [Sin]:  The formation of the Moon.
      [Amun-Ra]:  The formation of the Sun.
      [Gaia]:  The formation of the Earth.​​​
      [Space Jockeys]: Billions of years ago, visitors seeded much of the original life on Earth.​
      [Discovering the Earth is Hollow]: Details on the finding and colonization of Agharta.​

​      [Asteron Annihilated]:
 The planet which became Sol's inner asteroid belt met its alarming end here.
      [Cycle of Super-continents]:  Inisfree reverse-plots them all.​
      [Life in the Time of Azeroth]:  This is the synopsis of more than 10 millennia of World of Warcraft history.
      [Life in the Time of Priest]:  This is the synopsis of several generations of history during the time of the film Priest.
      [Etheric]: Life in the time of the light-elementals.
      [Reptoid/Dinoid]: Life in the time of the dinosaurs who, like the primates, evolved into humanoid form.
      [Hybornea/Hyborea]: Life in the time of Conan.
      [Lemuria]: Life in the time of the Mer-people.
      [Sumer/Sumeria]: Life in the time of 'those who from Heaven to Earth came'.
      [Firing the Halos]: Life when the war in the Heavens reduced the magic-level sciences and global civilizations to their primitive ancestral states.​
      [Telos]: Inisfreeans travel to the cave city of Mt. Shasta.​
      [The Reapers]:  A likely explanation as to why ​so many of these ultra-ancient civilizations and peoples are no more.
      [Calendars and Holidays of the Distant Ancients]: Details of the festivals and other major events of these remote places and ​times.​
      [Ancient Antarctica]: How our home came to be.​
      [The Sky is Falling]: Life in the time of the fall of the Firmament.​
      [Life in the Time of Xena]: Life in the time when people were losing nearly all of their powers.​

      [About the Author]:  This is the autobiography of the first 30 years of my life as written for an Australian friend.
      [CV]:  The author's curriculum vitae.
      [Gritty CV]:  The author's school-of-hard-knocks CV version for those of you who prefer something other than the polished P.C. corporate image.​​​​

    (many more novels and series are in editing, soon to be uploaded)​
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Book 1 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: Forming

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Forming delves into the birth, childhood, and adolescence of Auz, a unique boy working to make sense of a bizarre world, all the while wrestling with a variety of challenges and enemies. As he grows up amongst the people he comes to call Outlanders, always searching for some to join him on his adventures and projects, he takes on a number of aliases as his travels start to take him around the world, eventually drawing his attention to the great white continent some don't even realize is there.​​

Chapters:  26

Pages:​​  ~520

Available Formats:  Hard Copy and Digital​​

P​​re-ordering Information:  Coming Soon

​​Release Date:  Coming Soon​​
Book 2 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: The Road to Antarctica

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  After his first expedition to the great white continent of perpetual cold, ice, swaying bands of light in the sky, and the katabatic winds, Auz, now a young man, knows exactly what he must do there. Returning to the colonized realms of the Earth, he continues his instinctive search for those who share his interests and dreams, finally starting to meet more unique people and humanoids like him. Much of his time is spent shaping his first couple of squads of employees, though; a vigilante group operating out of a bunker near the Continental Divide, and a team of military contractors who find their revolutionary assignment beneath the sands of Syria. As the world economy continues to deteriorate, Auz realizes why, and that his two teams must expand to prepare many others for the exodus that is soon to come.

Release Date:  2016
Book 3 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: The Environmentalist Dictatorship

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Having finally gotten back to the great white continent for good, Auz now works with the people of the Antarctic research station and new nation he helped set up many decades before he was born. Along with the growing number of humanoids coming out of their generations of hiding to help him with the camp he has built into a fledgling city there, his numbers have grown from but a few... into the millions. Launching his plan; to clean up their world before it is too late, into action well into the proverbial eleventh hour, he changes the course of Earth's history forever, saving himself and them all.

Release Date:  2017
Book 4 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: Leviathans to Nuuk

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Less than 1% of the human race had survived the global terraforming event that surprised and shocked them all. From where those survivors had been shipped and flown to the Altun Shan Mountains of China, they were again transported amidst high risk and rough seas around the world to their first rallying and debriefing point. After that, they would be on their own, and would find that their world had not just been cleaned up for them, but drastically reshaped. Almost none of it would be familiar as they set to rebuilding their civilization so recently once of billions.

Release Date:  2018
Book 7 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: Immigration to 34 Tauri

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Back on his homeworld after a century of expeditions across the Universe, Auz and his people wrap up their homecoming celebrations and deal with another human attempt on their happiness and very lives. The capital city holds off the largest invasion force the Earth has ever amassed, making the Great Wars of the 1910s and 1940s look like skirmishes. It is clear that the humans aren't grateful for the salvation Auz's global clean-up operation bought for them, and that they haven't learned a thing even after he gave them the finest 39 kings their world had ever known. Humanity was metastasizing again, and it was time for a new concerted approach to saving them from themselves. After pushing them off to settle in a different star system, Auz takes on one of his aliases and experiences life as a Colonial Marine.

Release Date:  2021
Book 6 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: Crossing the Abyss

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  With the wisdom and advice of some of the eldest beings in the known Universe, Auz started his long awaited astronaut chapter of life with a babystep to the Moon base where he found more of the people his past-life genetic memory always had him relaxing and smiling around. From there, he voyaged out past Pluto's orbit where he and his people; the new race of humanoid beings he had sired, conducted their first Naval warfare exercises in Deep Space. After that, still with them, it was on to more of the worlds now colonized by his German relatives, then farther still; to the Oort Cloud, past it into the interstellar medium, and past even that to a large portion of the Milky Way, then the very edge of Space itself.

Release Date:  2020
Book 5 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: Resurfacing Ancients

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Auz was now in command of an empire spanning a dozen major realms, some of which extended hundreds of miles down into the crust. The only 40 cities on the surface of the Earth included his own, which had grown from a seasonal outpost near the forbidding South Pole... to the capital of a superpower unlike any the world had ever known. Instead of just drawing the attention of humanoids unique and troubled much like him, though they had all been much appreciated and longed for, his capital city had also begun to interest and attract some of the eldest immortal residents of their world... and beyond.

Release Date:  2019
Book 8 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: U.S.S. The New Horizon

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Those many aliases had been working wonders for Auz, helping him to better mingle and get to know a thousand different peoples. Appearing as one of their own, or just a quirky stranger passing through, he had gotten to see the world, and many worlds, like few ever had before him. With the Sol Protection Administration now helping to keep things comfortable back in his home star system, and the Gorean Space fleet and 4th Reich Space fleets doing their part, too, Auz bid farewell to his new Draenei friends and allies dropped off on their long-lost homeworld, and made his way to the star system he had pushed humanity over to, taking with him the special ship he'd built for another alias chapter and social experiment with them.

Release Date:  2022
Book 9 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title: Mobile Home

Author: Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Another major homecoming had just been celebrated in Inisfree, and Auz was thrilled to be back home amongst his ultra-loving people. The daring dream he'd once had, now centuries old, had blossomed into the capital and guardian of Antarctica, and then... the entire world, as well as a major chunk of Space. What had originally been forbidden, illegal, and dangerous to even speak of, was today the most powerful force in all Creation. Inisfree's Congresses and alliances formed and stable, Auz gave the beloved order to migrate his own people this time. His road had led him to Antarctica and Inisfree, and now he was taking Inisfree on a road around the world and across the stars.

Release Date:  2023
Book 10 in the Capital of Antarctica Saga

Title:  Revisiting the Ultra Ancient Past

Author:  Austin Bunton​​

​​Synopsis:  Long before the time of Inisfree and its founder's past life, the world called Earth was a very different place. The races humans later assumed had to be mythological... were out in the open back then, and interacting, trading, and coexisting with the ancestors of humankind on a daily basis. Great civilizations of all their kinds had arisen and spread across the Space between the galaxies, seeding worlds such as Earth, but cosmic calamities still occurred, and when one of the Earth's inner-planet neighbors was lost, and the great Space stations of the Ecumene empire later used, such races and civilizations all but vanished, reduced nearly to primordial soup in some cases, clearing out all rivals and opening the way for the lucky survivors to find ways to reach the emptied continents.

Release Date:  2024
[Ordering Link Coming Soon]