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Registered Companions
Formal Training

Formerly entitled "Master Females" by the 4th Reich's FOB-city based Academies, these engineered and life-long schooled young ladies have since expanded the showcasing of their goddessine talents and tradecraft throughout the colonized Verse, starting some of their own academies, now called Companion Training Houses, and more recently referring to themselves as Registered Companions, in stark contrast to the common though genuinely competive unregistered whores.

Teams of these highly trained ladies, more commonly referred to as just "Companions" by those who know them, often deploy as official members of the crew of larger warships of both the Union of Allied Planets, as well as the forces of the 4th Reich's FOB-based empire.

In human-colonized Space, there are millions of these Registered Companions, though compared to the rest of humanity their numbers are extremely rare, as few have what it takes to commit to the years of study, exercise, and certifications required to become them, and the meticulous annual exams to remain amongst their ultra elite ranks.
Guild Houses Taking On New Form

Always known for their elegance, Companion Training Houses and Guild Houses are beginning to incorporate lavishness into their structural repertoire.
Cleanest Bodies, Dirtiest Minds

Your property for the evening (or however long you purchase their exquisitely refined services), the Companions will show you to worlds and wonders you could have never imagined before.  Masters of their craft in trade, each Companion can expand your palate, senses, and consciousness with her ancient, time-tested tricks.  Embrace... and enjoy.

Active Duty Companions

Bailey Azedes Junipher.
more TBA​

Well Rounded Scholars

Registered Companions are highly learned in a wide array of subjects, including:

Chakra Cleansing
Contemporary World Issues
Dance (all styles)
Debate and Oratory
Dining Etiquette
Energy Meridians
First Responder / First Aid
Physical Therapy
Sensual Massage
Shared Breath
Singing (all styles) - predominantly utilized for choral lullabies for their clientele.
Touch Therapy