Signature Entertainment Attractions News:  Once just FOB1; a remote science outpost for Base 211, we are now a city-sized resort!
Signature Entertainment Attractions Abstract

noun: signature; plural noun: signatures
a distinctive pattern, product, or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified.

Signature (entertainment-based) constructs in our city:
  • Amphitheater: complete with Statue of Liberty-sized rock band member likenesses, and seating for many thousands of people
  • Atlantis II: half-underwater resort with crystal-clear lake-bottom suite views, Flyboarding lessons, and more
  • Bed & Breakfast Spire: our spire inspired by the Ivory Tower of The Neverending Story
  • Cloud City II: inspired by its namesake from Bespin of Star Wars, but made to look like a second Moon to those outside
  • Dance/Night Clubs: 50 of them, each with its own genre of music, decor, and matching attire (dress code)
  • Devil's Tower II: a hollow conical-cylindrical, stand-alone, mountain-like landform for rock climbing
  • Drive-through Aquarium: large enough for whales!
  • Drive-through Cathedral: including a corkscrew-style highway section up into the steeple!
  • Drive-through Pyramid: including a spiral-style highway section up into the capstone!
  • Drive-through Sphynx: including a corkscrew-style highway section right up through the torso and out the maw!
  • Dropship Theater: watch movies in style; on the big screen... while in flight!
  • Epcot II: inspired by its namesake from Disney World, this museum takes you on a literal ride through every period in known Earth history
  • Flower Towers: sports stadiums and playing fields on the vast 'petals' of skyscrapers shaped like the Temple of Venus
  • Forest Temple and Kapok Helix Hotel: lodging and lounges inspired by FernGully, planet Pandora in Avatar, and Un'Goro Crater in World of Warcraft
  • Glowing Art Highway:  our city's highway system is not asphalt and concrete held up on block pillars, but a self-cleaning, self-repairing, 'smart'-surface of soft white and inlaid gold swirls, the sections of which are held up by pillars in the larger-than-life likenesses of perfect young human female forms in a variety of proud, stretching, and seductive poses, and at night, just as its name hints at, it glows ahead of where each vehicle is moving (instead of using street lights, the posts of which would block the views of the surrounding landscapes and other works of epic art)
  • Kathedrom: a full square mile of the world's most elaborate, realistic, and immersive Renaissance Festival structures, dining, performances, and roleplaying, including that of the Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Laser-tag Arena: play this classic, live-action, FPS game in a facility the size of a stadium!
  • NASCAR Double-carrier: two aircraft carriers fused into the world's largest catamaran and topped off with stadium seating, VIP boxes, and a racetrack for multiple types of racecars and competition motorcycles
  • Le Parkour Playground: inspired by the Tempest Freerunning Academy's unprecedented gymnastics facility in California, this upgrade has scaffolding and construction cranes (for practice climbing) enough to cover an entire town
  • Paintball-parkour Carrier: an entire aircraft carrier reserved exclusively for this signature sport of the Inisfreean realm, created by its founder, and perfected by its people who host (hostess, rather) regular competitions and tournament games here, some of which include helicopter-borne paintball assaults!
  • Rainbow Dunes: dune-buggy fun across sands of every color of the rainbow and more
  • Sand Castle: ours is the size of an Actual castle!
  • Sight-seeing Trolleys: take the scenic route across all the regions of Inisfree via these pleasantly leisurely-moving, luxury group-transports that move along their tracks built into the [Glowing Art Highway]
  • Sotu's New-year's Blossom: a special blooming and hovering feature of Inisfree's 'downtown'
  • Statue Park: the world's largest man-made outcropping and open-air collection of life-sized sculptures of all of Inisfree's heroes and heroines
  • Temple of Neptune: an entirely underwater complex on the floor of [Inisfree's main lake]
  • Temple of Pluto: a sight-seeing must-see hidden deep beneath the surface of Inisfree
  • Tree Castles: a complex of inverted pail-shaped buildings with exteriors fashioned after Medieval castles and interiors that are 'out of this world'
  • Uber Geode: an artificial, walk-in geode, and one of the largest in the known world, complete with multiple forms of bioluminescence
  • Valhalla II: Norse-themed ski resort with training lanes and runs for skiing and snowboarding all the way up to the Olympic level, as well as courses in parasail-snowboarding and more
  • Waterfall City II: inspired by its namesake from Dinotopia, this is a 'white noise' paradise within a paradise
  • Windchime Playgrounds: human-sized wind chimes hanging from smooth dark metal rings suspended one story off the ground; find them all across Inisfree and run past them to give them a musical push or tap --if the aromatic Inisfreean breezes aren't already doing that For you!

Sports playable across the Flower Towers Field:
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey and Roller (Street) Hockey
  • Football (American, lingerie)
  • Ice Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Skateboarding, also available in the skater-parks and skater-bowls located across the city
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Stunt Bicycling (BMX; bicycle motocross, with 'X' standing for 'cross'), also available in the skater/BMX-parks
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball, also available by the luxury piers adjacent our [Beach Strip]

Sports playable in other regions of our city:
  • Alpine & Nordic Skiing, available from Valhalla II [*Nordic = cross-country racing, jumping, and biathlon, and Alpine = downhill or straight racing, and slalom ("move or race in a winding path, avoiding obstacles") racing around a series of markers]
  • Archery (including on horseback, Mongolia style), available at the [Horseback Archery Range]
  • Bowling, available at [our city's mall]
  • Cross-country Running, available across nearly every region of our city
  • Diving, available at [SCUBA City]
  • Golf (Playboy style), available at our newest facility, the golf course of our meadows region
  • Gymnastics, available in [our city's high school]
  • Horsemanship, available at the Equestrian Escape and many of the castles in our [Castles Neighborhood]
  • Le Parkour / Free-running, available at our Parkour Playground, as well as the Paintball-parkour Wedge (building) and [Paintball-parkour Carrier]
  • Martial Arts, dozens of styles (such as Jeet Kune Do and Ninjutsu), all available in our city's high school and [military training region]
  • Paintball, available at the Paintball-parkour Wedge and Paintball-parkour Carrier
  • Riflery, available at our city's military ranges
  • Sailing, available at our city's main lake
  • Skydiving (including sky-surfing and wing/squirrel-suiting), available from the Avalanche Wall, several of the skyscrapers of Sotu, and [Cloud City II]
  • Spartan Races (obstacle courses, including javelin marksmanship)
  • Swimming, available in most of our swimming pools and major bodies of water
  • Track & Field (including the events of The Highland Games)
  • Water Polo, available in most of our swimming pools and major bodies of water
  • Weight Lifting, available in our city's high school and military training region
  • Wrestling, available in our city's high school and military training region
Signature Entertainment Attractions