Inisfreean Castles

​All castles in Inisfree are grouped in this neighborhood based on their architectural style; French castles, called chateaux, are grouped in an adjacent neighborhood, with German castles, called schlosser, are grouped in another, while all other European castles are placed in this one. Each castle is an architectural clone of its form-sake in the Outlands, with the exception being that these buildings are indestructible.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood is just over one third of a mile wide, and two miles long, giving it 19,514,880 square feet; 448 acres.  With 23 castles, there are 848,473 square feet available per property; plenty of room even for these castles and all of their landscaping and more.  To give you an idea of how big a castle is, Stormwind, almost its own town, including multiple ship docks, guild sections, spires, basements, and moats, is still only 47,000 square feet, meaning its greenbelt here has 801,473 square feet; nearly 18.5 acres.  In other words, if we quadrupled the number of castles that are in this neighborhood, they would all still be well dispersed and surrounded by beautiful plant-life.

Special Features:
​​​​​A few castles found only in fiction, such as popular video games, are also found here.  Hyrule Castle of Zelda is one example, as is Aedius Castle of Morrowind, and Stormwind Castle of WoW.

[Castles] Directory

by name of pic/folder
  1. Aeius of Morrowind
  2. Anastasia
  3. Balmoral Castle of the U.K.
  4. Beauty & The Beast
  5. Buckingham Palace
  6. Buda Castle
  7. Castle Howard of Yorkshire
  8. Disney World (just its castle)
  9. Edinburgh Castle of Scotland
  10. Herod's Temple (with an Ark of the Covenant replica in its innermost chamber)
  11. Highclere Castle of the U.K.
  12. Hogwarts of Universal Studios, Orlando
  13. Hohensalzburg
  14. Hyrule of Zelda
  15. Kronborg Castle of Denmark
  16. Le Mont Saint Michel
  17. Mehrangarh Fort
  18. Oheka (Great Gatsby)
  19. Peles Castle of Romania
  20. Prague Castle
  21. Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disneyland, California
  22. Stormwind of World of Warcraft
  23. Windsor Castle
Inisfreean Castles News:  All castles within Inisfree are now available as temporary residences such as summer-homes.
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