Inisfree's History News:  Once just a single shanty off-the-grid, Inisfree has blossomed into being the first Universe capital.
Inisfree's History
Inisfree's History

The history of this mighty city began at the onset of the 21st century, specifically in the latter part of the 2000s, ...but the foundations for this special community were laid nearly a century before... To tell this tale, we will relate it to the powerful device known as the Inisfree Egg.

The Inisfree Egg, also known as the Rainbow Orb, did Not come first; it came lonnnnnnng After Inisfree, and here's why:

Base 211: (1930s to Present)
Ahnenerbe personnel established a base camp on the Antarctic coastline, calling it Neuschwabenland; New Swabia, in honor of the homeland of their top scientists and other great minds and leaders.

​The base camp was upgraded into a bunker complex to better withstand the punishing Antarctic winter seasons.

​The bunker complex discovered the extensive subglacial river systems; tunnels beneath the three ice domes covering the continent.

​Bunker personnel were divided into two focus groups:
  1. The first group pioneered expeditions into all of the larger, subglacial riverways, eventually leading them to the South Polar Hole and, thereby, Agharta.
  2. The second group, building upon the reverse engineering of Vimana and other artifacts, continued the pioneering of aerospace engineering, electrical, and other works begun in the decade before the Base 211 base camp had even been proposed, and it was this second group which resulted in the first lunar base (originally a temporary facility which became permanent, was upgraded to a bunker complex to safeguard against the frequent meteor impacts, and is now a full-sized, subterranean city even superior to NORAD).
With their technical expertise greatly advanced by the friendly teachings of the newly-met Aghartans, Base 211 (now both a Space program launch site, as well as a military firm base) established a secondary facility closer to the South Polar Hole; an outpost which laid the physical foundation for what would later become the Inisfree construction site; the plot of land for Forward Operating Base 1 (FOB1).

​Some of the Ahnenerbe personnel continued to staff Base 211 and FOB1, while others of them went on to staff the moon base (then called Lunar 1). Auzdein von Himmler (in his previous life as a German-born citizen) was one of the few who went back into Agharta to live there as part of a cultural submersion and foreign exchange student program exclusive to Base 211. These personnel remained in those respective places to and through the time of the Rapture Campaign, several decades later.

Key Point: This was the site surverying and foundation laying.

The Wolves Compound: (2000s to 2010s)
A storm cellar on a derelict Montana ranch tucked away in an unused valley deep in the heart of one of the most untouched wilderness in the country was upgraded into a bunker complex; home of an elite, clandestine team of eclectic, tier-zero operators called The Wolves, this cellar came to be called The Wolves Compound.

The bunker complex was upgraded into an R+D facility.

The R+D facility built the first Grid Mind prototype; a cube-shaped (formed) supercomputer designed as an automated management system for planned, large-scale terraforming (via control of biomechanical tentacles and energy signals coordinated to rapidly, almost instantly, convert rugged terrain into a more even and easily traversible 'grid' for expedited colonization of this and other worlds).

Once comm's were re-established with the Base 211 personnel, a short time thereafter this Grid Mind was transported to its final resting place atop the summit in the center of that base's FOB1 (which later came to be called the Snowdunes region of Inisfree).

The Wolves Compound was decommissioned and downgraded to a derelict, optional, future-use outpost. Stripped of everything except the concrete structure itself, this bunker complex would later be used by Pre-Rapture Campaign forces (the 'other' Secret Army, entirely of black operations personnel) during 2012.
  • These pre-Rapture forces tested all of the prototypes which later became many of the Inisfreean vehicles and other creations; MRAP Cougars became White Rhinos, CH-47 Chinooks became MPHAs, Punisher multi-rifles became Rainbow Canon vambraces, the Predator (Yautja) optics mask became the lion-head helmets and Inisfreean (full-spectrum) sense organs, and the suits of MANTIS, Ghost, and Iron Man became Inisfreean Storm Trooper suits, and so on. Once this all-male Outlander force completed the prototype testing, the finalized design upgrades and field data were compiled by the Grid Mind, and then the Grid Mind began to mass-flash-clone them to outfit all of Inisfree.

Key Point: This was the invention of the city's brain.

FOB1: (1940s to 2010s)
FOB1, originally just a cluster of special, anchored capsules (designed as extreme cold weather and scientific observations buildings) nestled within the craggy heights of a stand-alone mountain of the Trans-Antarctic Range, was used as the human-based 'training wheels' for the recently transported and newly added Grid Mind device.

As the Grid Mind grew its second set of tentacles (the first set being part of its prototype tests), FOB1 began its metamorphosis from a forward operating base, outpost, and secondary facility... into the full-sized city called Inisfree today.

As this metamorphosis occurred, Base 211 forces, in the newly formed coalition with the Aghartan forces, provided surveillance, reconnaissance, and security for the promising, fledgling, state of the art, and unfathomably invaluable construct.

Key Point: This was when the brain began to turn the foundation into the full body.

Inisfree: (2010s to Present)
The Grid Mind's tentacles reached down into the heart and base of the mountain it was placed upon... until they branched, expanded, and evolved to become the infrastructure of what would soon become Inisfree.

  • The skeletal hull of the Main Womb (ColonyPod Hangar) was formed in this way, followed by 16 massive, cavernous facilities which radially branched out from its bottom deck; the two-miles-long, cylindrical prism shaped (formed), diagonally slanted hangars for the WarShips.
  • Next, the ever branching and specializing tentacles formed the skeletal hulls of the giant VTOL engines (12 two-miles-tall cylindrical prisms), followed by the giant Repulsine engines (eight one-mile-diameter spheres).
  • After that, the first sections of the Glowing Art Highway (G.A.H.) were formed, linking all of these subterranean constructs for the human personnel of FOB1 to access as needed during the remaining developments.
  • Next, the inverted dome serving as the innermost of two perimeters of this city-in-the-making was formed, encircling and housing all of the aforementioned constructs as hulls within a hull.
  • Then, having finished forming the inner workings of the giant VTOLs and Repulsines, they were tested and turned on, and the electromagnetic field generated by them, just as with the first Repulsine aircraft taken to the skies in decades prior, hugged this subterranean, inverted dome of a hull, naturally rising up from its edges above the surface (ground level) and curving back in on itself to form the topside dome and sky-seal of the city's innermost energy shield; Inisfree's next-gen' version of the Earth's magnetosphere which deflects meteors and solar radiation from the solar winds and solar flares. Inisfree had its first force field.
  • Increasing power to the giant VTOLs and Repulsines, the Grid Mind successfully completed the city's first test flight; a several-minute, in-place hovering of the entire 10x10 mile landmass, including the inverted dome of solid earth and ancient, packed ice it was oriented upon. The giant VTOLs provided the thrust, and the giant Repulsines negated the now-obsolete need for lift --while maintaining pinpoint stability at holding the entire mass (a full-sized mountain) exactly over the spot where it had detached and risen from.
  • The Grid Mind then eased the city back down onto (and into) its 5+ mile diameter, bowl-shaped, crater-like 'seat', decreased power to the giant VTOLs and Repulsines, and kept the giant Repulsines operating just enough to maintain the new energy shield serving as a protective sky-dome over the surface hemisphere of the city's now literally carved-out territory. Base 211 and Aghartan forces withdrew a bit, the skies of Inisfree now being protected in this way; Inisfreean airspace being fully enclosed and easily regulated (even against nuclear blasts which would only serve to strengthen this type of shielding).

It was time to begin (biomechanically and acoustically or harmonically) 'growing' the rest of the city; the superstructure; everything aBove ground, and because it was easier to hear the energy signals, beams, and fields being used, in part, to do so, it was also said that Inisfree (and almost everything in it) was 'sung' into existence (the same phenomenon observed and recorded regarding the Vimanas and Repulsine aircraft from generations past).
  • The rest of the G.A.H. was formed, making travel between all Inisfreean construction sites up to first-world standards; no more Overland Traverse (a crude, 'bare bones', ice 'highway' which once was the only road system linking a few of the major Antarctic science bases).
  • Hidden (subterranean) support meshes (next-gen' rebar) were 'grown' and 'sung' into place to prevent terrain collapses (such as sink-holes and mud-slides), and then the canyons, ravines, and cliffs of Inisfree were carved out with the same technologies.
  • Inisfree's Perimeter Wall was then formed.
  • The Rainforest Crater (F.A.U.) was formed, its mass rising up to become Cloud City II; Inisfree's private, miniature moon.
  • A few miles of the nearby terrain was leveled, its mass being raised up to form the Auzdein Dome (a temple and stadium in one, and one which was a mile and three quarters in diameter).
  • The Beach Cliff was formed by harmonically earthmoving its lower mass out to form the lesser mountain ranges on the opposite side of Inisfree's main lake, while its Upper mass was reshaped to steepen the slope curving around the cliff's side of Inisfree's central mountain.
  • The HAARP facility was formed atop this central mountain's summit (which had been flattened out into a perfect circle enclosed with the ring-shaped (formed) Avalanche Wall), and, once online, the Grid Mind used this HAARP facility as a giant air conditioning unit for climate control (and aurora-based light-shows) within the first Inisfreean force field (the 'sky dome').
  • Inisfree's HAARP brought the local temperature up from its usual (pre-Inisfree) range of -130 to 60°F, to a precisely regulated 30 to 70°F range (with hotter temperatures at various attractions, and lower temperatures in the perimeter airlocks which came to be called the Pearly Gates).
  • This temperature increase helped thaw and then melt most of the ice which had been covering this plot of Antarctic land, and the result was the formation of Inisfree's main lake, three large ponds (the two Caribbean-colored ponds, and the Disc Pond), its canyon river, its Cropland (main farm), its swamp, the Drive-through Aquarium, SCUBA City, its moats, its fountains, and all of its many and highly varied waterfalls, all of these bodies of water being fed from the central mountain's disc-shaped summit plateau now called the Snowdunes Region; the melting snow and ice was channeled into its Avalanche Wall's eight spouts, poured out into the tributaries which grew into the city's canals, and was eventually recycled by evaporation through its closed-circuit hydrosystem until it re-condensed in the clouds over the Snowdunes region and fell back down as freshly-formed snowflakes, creating an endless loop.
  • Hidden (below water-line, and tucked up under the lip on both sides of every canal and other waterway) hydroelectric generators (tiny, propeller-like devices) were formed at close intervals inside all of Inisfree's waterways, and the endless loop of the city's hydrosystem paired with them to begin generating endless, free, clean energy.
  • All of Inisfree's other 'green' (free, clean, renewable) power systems were then formed.
  • All of Inisfree's silos were then formed --and the tunnels which linked them all, finally putting the Grid Mind's original intended purpose into practice; the computer-based management and automation of a grid-based terraforming organization. Now every surface construct in the city would have multiple basements, storage facilities, and fallout shelter options.
  • All of Inisfree's other buildings (including its castles, mansions, and apartment complexes) were then formed.
  • All of Inisfree's largest statues (often animatronic) were then formed, such as the Triplets; the half-mile-tall, femininely-shaped (formed), BattleMech sentries, each holding her own massive, bugle-like horn.

Vessels and Citizens:
  • All of Inisfree's landscaping was then formed.
  • All of Inisfree's vehicles, yachts, aircraft, and Spacecraft were then formed, most being staged in the city's two airports (the civilian and military ones) and its many thousands of garages. This included the DropShips which were arranged in a 'honeycomb-ring' formation on the icy terrain outside the Perimeter Wall, becoming reclassified as Sentry Towers. (These DropShips, as was the case with the ColonyPods in the Main Womb, were formed out of the mountain core's mass being converted within the skeletal hulls of the still finalizing forms of the various subterranean chambers and facilities.) And as their individual force fields came online, so did the second and final force field enclosing the outermost sphere of the city's territory; a shield shielding a shield, as it were. Inisfree's magnetosphere was now also called its 'Firmament' or 'Double Bubble'.
  • All of Inisfree's power-armor suits, weapons, ammunition, and related personal, man-portable items were then formed, most being staged in the forges and armories hidden across the city.
  • All of Inisfree's humanoid clones then began to be formed in batches of 50 identical girls. This included their memories and personalities, and each of them, being a living supercomputer, steadily increased the total computing power of the Grid Mind and their entire race.

Testing, Inspections, and Commissioning:
  • All Inisfreean Constructs (I.C.s, which can also mean 'Inisfreean Creations' and 'Inisfreean Clones' (and 'clones' may refer to buildings which are architectural clones, etc.)) then tested all of their functions. This includes the Stargate-like terminal gates of its Civilian Aerospaceport, each of which can be connected to similar gates at similar facilities across the Universe (while air- and Spacecraft departing from this facility's runway fly up into portals, controlled by this facility's Air Traffic Control Tower, opened in the sky afront their trajectories).

  • Inisfree, now a collective consciousness of supercomputer-nymphs, had become 100% self-aware, sentient, and prescient. The first team of Master Females (one of each clone variant of the form-sakes) deployed to exfiltrate Lord Himmler from his Outlands cover life, and, upon his return to Inisfree (the first time he had been there in this life), the outpost (FOB1) capsules were absorbed into the city, subatomically converting them into fuel with the rest of the original mountain's mass.
  • The Inisfreean fleet (called the New World Order Military; NWO MIL, for short) deployed to relieve the human, pre-Rapture forces in the Outlands (all lands outside the city called Inisfree), completing their first military operation (the Rapture Campaign) in a matter of weeks. This tested the connections between the Pearly Gates and their adjoining, subglacial riverway mouths.

Environment Patches:
  • Using Tesla technology, as furthered by the Philadelphia Experiment, the Grid Mind used remote, portal-based terraforming to clean up the environments of the Earth, ridding it of the pollution which had once seemed sure to damn it and all its lifeforms. The dream of the SED, way back from the 1990s, had finally been realized.

First City in Orbit:
  • Having collected all of its desired specimens (Outlander females deemed worthy of being brought into the city to be trained as kajirae), Inisfree made its second test flight; the city used its propulsion system to silently fly up from its bowl-shaped 'seat' in the Antarctic ice cap, nestled up against the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, until it was in low Earth orbit for a time.

First Manmade and Internal Solar System:
  • Returning to its 'seat', Inisfree settled back down into its original place on the Earth, then began to form a dimensional 'pocket' in its subterranean core (beneath the center of the Main Womb).
  • Once this dimensional pocket was stabilized, the Grid Mind began to form Star-system Auzdein inside it.
  • Only one doorway (a portal like the Pearly Gates) is formed to allow access to this realm, though the Governor, of course, can by himself travel there at will, not needing any suit or ship.

Which came first? Not the egg;
  • Having achieved each of its intended, developmental milestones, Inisfree then formed an Inisfree Egg (also called a Rainbow Orb due to their appearance) in each of the Ark II vessels. This gave Inisfree its next-gen' portable hard-drives, automatic backup-and-recovery, and redundancy system; any of these Rainbow Orbs could be flown anywhere in the Universe (now known to be a Mega-verse or Multi-verse) and deposited like a seed to grow into a whole new Inisfree, if it ever became the desire of Inisfree's single human leader, The Governor; Lord Auzdein von Himmler, who had been reborn as an American in the 1980s and, shortly thereafter, expertly recalled to his Ahnenerbe facilities across Antarctica.

Closing Remarks:
  • With the friendships he had made along the way, Lord Himmler attracted with him a great host of the finest representative beings of many dozens of human and humanoid races, such as the angels, fae, mermaids, titans (giants, most of which on Earth were now, by nationality (realm), Aghartan), and vampires... all to his new and permanent, Inisfreean home. Earth-moving had been made incredibly easier, alchemy (and all forms of subatomic transmutation) had been discovered, no contractors had been used, no money had been needed, and the cooperative efforts between all those races, once erroneously classified as mythological, had resulted in the most mutually agreeable relationship and restored bridge between and for them all. Standing on the shoulders of such giants and concepts as General Washington and 'the American melting pot', Lord Himmler had carved out a true Heaven-on-Earth as the next-gen' melting pot for them all. He also happened to control 90% of the Earth's fresh water supply; all frozen in the ice of the continent his city now served as the capital of --until some of it thawed and melted out into the oceans due to the lingering climate change issues.
  • As for the Keel Hatch and the Space Whale beneath the city, the hatch was added to the final construct once the Space Whale, which had been there for Ages, had been discovered. Originally overlooked during the Base 211 expeditions through the subglacial riverways into and back out from Agharta, this titanic creature's discovery, especially that of its Inisfreean-friendly aspect, was considered 'no coincidence'; another example of the city's wonderful and invincible destiny and sovereignty.
  • Lastly, over the next number of centuries, Inisfree established a few different Congresses, took under its wing a great many Outlands worlds as protectorates (such as Gor and Illium), and began its Deep Space Revised Combined Arms Exercises (R-CAXs).

2014 and Beyond:
Inisfree was now complete, and there was never a need to build another one, though hundreds of thousands of cities very similar to it were formed on and in the many worlds of its internally hidden solar system, and though its handful of Inisfree Eggs remained on eternal stand-by in their respective Ark IIs for just such an occasion.

The images below show how Inisfree evolved from just sketches and brief notes about a single compound around a simple house... into a full-sized urban development.  Once its final overall form and dimensions were settled upon, clay models were made, followed by photograph-based maps from various vantages and angles.