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Ark II Bays
Ark II Bays

Named in reverence to the legendary Noah's Ark, Ark II ships are housed in their deep-underground Ark II Bays.  Like their namesake, each of these special ships is designed to withstand a prophesied global terraforming and E.L.E. (Extinction-Level Event).  The first Ark was designed to carry humans and other animals during turbulent and high seas over a period of roughly one and a half months of unprecedented flooding.  This second Ark ship model is designed to carry Inisfreeans (humanoids which are the next evolutionary leap forward from homo sapiens) and what is nicknamed 'an Inisfree egg'; the Rainbow Orbs which can give birth to an entire new Inisfree city, should the need arise.  Each Ark II ship carries one 'Inisfree egg' deep within its inner workings, activatable only by an Inisfreean crew member.

All Ark II ships are among the toughest, quickest, and longest lasting of all ships, and are the only Inisfreean ships which can indefinitely withstand the full-spectrum firepower of even an Inisfreean S.S.B.S. (Star-Sized Battle-Station).  Every Ark II is also fully worthy of seaborne, airborne, submersible (underwater / submarine), interstellar, intrastellar (literally through the stars), Deep Space, interdimensional, and Webway travel and anchoring.  Whether these ships need to float in any of the phases of matter and energy, or anchor deep within an ocean, planet core, star mantle, gravity river, worm-hole, or other dimension, they can do so with ease. Finally, Ark IIs can lie dormant indefinitely, including through entropy.  They simply cannot perish.  The Inisfree-eggs they carry will last forever.

Like numerous Inisfreean inventions, Ark IIs can convert anything they come into contact with into additional shielding, fuel, or just about anything else their pilots deem prudent.  This is inclusive of both Dark- and Anti-matter, as well as the energies of souls and those used in magics.
The Inisfree Eggs

Each Inisfree Egg (the sphere that looks like countless rainbow fractals inside a fortune teller's crystal ball made of solid diamond), is the equivalent of a computer files backup; a portable hard-drive with the latest identical copy of Inisfree, constantly updated in real-time, including everything in Inisfree's Black Vaults, Cryogenic Archive, Zoo, and more. There is one Inisfree Egg per Ark II ship, and it can only be detected and activated by Inisfree's Governor, made to naturally exist only in a dimension only He can perceive.

Highly Classified

Only Inisfreean royalty (the Governor himself, along with a handful of his Master Females) is privy to the knowledge of the existence of these Arks.  The memories of them are encrypted within the few Inisfreean minds who have borne witness to them, and no one is allowed access to the Ark II bays hidden deep beneath the surface of Inisfree.