Inisfreean MFs News:  Much of the protected wisdom of the Master Females is now being taught to approved Outlander females.
Inisfreean MFs
Master Females

Affectionately also nicknamed 'motherfuckers' due to their 'MF' title and billet abbreviation's many multiple definitions in the Outlands, these Inisfreean women put the greatest, most legendary Asparas, nymphs, kajiras, and fey (fairies; angels) to shame.  In order to earn the permanent and astronomically coveted classification of Master Female (MF), one must be born an Inisfreean and spend two full decades in intensive, non-stop, collegiate-level, formal schooling in many dozens of the world's greatest arts and fields of study, ranging from numerous styles of body language, dance, linguistics, seduction, therapies, and all matters of feminine wiles... to the culinary sciences, dining etiquette, martial arts styles, special warfare training programs, defensive and offensive driving and piloting schools, sailing and yachting, and so much more (see Inisfree's private educational system for further details).  Beyond this, each Master Female is a master not only of everything feminine (and how to perfectly, heavenly apply that to, and share that with, her assigned males, as well as all other Inisfreean females), but she is also capable of perfectly functioning in any vocational role throughout Inisfree; every Master Female is trained not only to be able to take on any desired or required job across the whole city, but to also be able at a moment's notice to both serve as an indefinite, acting manager at any of those jobs, and to perform her primary role as the fusion of a tour guide and lust-and-sex-magic goddess.

All Inisfreeans share the collective consciousness managed and governed (organized and regulated) by the city's Grid Mind (a large supercomputer buried deep within Mount Olympus; the central mountain of Inisfree), and connected to them via the cooperative natural efforts of the Inisfreean Neural Network (I.N.N.) and their bodies' natural quantum-entanglement cell modules (Ansible bio-technology).  This means that the moment an Inisfreean earns the rank and position of being one of the Master Females, all Inisfreeans everywhere in Creation are instantly, effortlessly aware of it.  There is, however, one other key distinguishing aspect that Inisfreeans take on when ascending to this final caste and class in the Inisfreean social structure...

​​Master Females are awarded with unique uniform items during their hidden graduation ceremony (a ceremony viewable only to the Governor of Inisfree, along with the alumnae of this extremely exclusive, elite-of-elites, all-encompassing training program which ties up and crowns all the studies and practices of the previous 19 years of the Inisfreean educational and degrees program). This 'garb upgrade and wardrobe augmentation' allows them to there-to-forth don and sport the translucent, silken (Inisfreean-vicuna is the actual material), black armband and matching long-strips skirt.  This also allows them to wear the more formal, single-piece, black sash body-wrap; a long strip of fabric like that which the aerial-silk acrobatic dancers of the Outlands might use in their performances, but one which is couture (custom tailored to each Master Female's exact physique dimensions) and precisely laced around their body like a 3-dimensional version of the vertical infinity symbol, thereby covering only their areolas, apex, and the narrowest of areas of the flesh over their ribs, trapeziuses, and spine.

Master Females are the sexual and loving equivalent of surgeons, snipers, and assassins; these Inisfreean MFs are capable of executing acts of sensual wizardry so advanced that they can overtly or clandestinely change the course of history for entire worlds.  Like all Inisfreean actions, though, these incredible abilities (which most Outlanders do not have the mental capacity to imagine) are focused like the positive versions of Death-star laser-beams, and directed only at (and for) other Inisfreeans; namely their Governor.

While a graduate of Inisfree's Tantric Academy (T&A)​​ is the greatest possible master of all things feminine and sensual, a Master Female is all of that plus the greatest possible master of all things military, having completed multiple inter-planetary sex-deployments (Inisfree's equivalent of combat-deployments).  Graduates of T&A (Inisfree's 18th grade (like how Outlanders have 9th through 12th graders, et cetera) are capable at any moment and in any situation for the rest of time to serve as flawless instructor goddesses, teaching any or all of the sensual arts and magics.  Graduates of Inisfree's MF program (the 20th grade) are capable of that, as well as teaching any or all of all of the martial arts styles and special warfare disciplines, as well as combat-tantric-orgies and more.

As instructors of other instructor-goddesses, it is these MFs who oversee all of the Outlanders (some of whom are kidnapped/captured (Inisfree's equivalent of draftees), some of whom are liberated/exfiltrated (those who willingly learn Inisfreean wisdom and arts once their rescue by our Inisfreean females enlightens them to our existence and abilities), and ​​some of whom (arguably the most cherished, sought-after, and apt of Inisfreean pupils) are volunteers).  Our MFs are Inisfree's equivalent of special warfare instructors and officers, except that they teach the chosen and worthy, tested, proven Outlander females what we Inisfreeans call 'special sex-fare' instead. With the visual acuity and other super-human sensory abilities well beyond the maximum of what any human brain could ever hope to detect and process, these MF girls can spot the slightest imperfection on a uniform, hair style, gait, enunciation, sideways glance, breathing rate, passing caress, orgy choreography timing, and anything else you might be able to conceive.  They lock onto such things instantly and effortlessly, correcting them that very moment, and doing so in the most breathtakingly smooth and genius of ways, all of which are spontaneously custom and fine-tuned to the way in which their particular erring Outlander recruits and students will be able to best grasp, retain, communicate, share, and recall them.  These girls truly are Master Females in every sense of the term.

Inisfree's MF program restores the worthy females across the Cosmos back to the lifestyle and mental operating ​​level beyond even that of the goddesses of the First Ages (Inisfreean females attain that goddess level through the MF program, while approved Outlander females attain roughly the same goddess level through the ADO sorority -under the wise and attentive tutelage and oversight (supervision) of the MFs).  Even the Vanir of Vanaheim would be proud to complete this training evolution and join the ranks of the most amazing, fully unlocked, impossibly charming, brilliant, and sophisticated females of all time.  An Inisfreean Master Female is the absolute, unquestionable height of feminine beauty, majesty, grace, and allure; she is not only infinitely knowledgeable about every aspect of her natural state, but is also so comfortable and fluid in each one of them that a single look, pose, shift, or fingertip touch from her can easily send even the gods into a frenzy of universally healing arousal.
The Black Sash Uniform

No other Inisfreean, and no Outlanders of any kind, are allowed to wear this 'holiest of holies' uniform, indicating the absolute highest level of Inisfreean advancement, brilliance, and capabilities.



Inisfreean Anatomy