School News:  Graduation ceremonies now include a free B.A.S.E.-jump off the top of The School!
The School
The School

Overall Image and Layout:
Inisfree's schools are in one building which is in the form of a much larger and nude version of the Statue of Liberty.  Its exterior is the color of clean limestone; smooth white, and it is the height of a skyscraper, as well as anchored many stories down into the Undercity of our realm. Its letters are LHS for Liberty High School.

This building houses all grades, with the Batchlings attending in this school's subsurface floors. 
Every grade's floor is unique, so each graduation is an adventure into a brand new realm.

Morale, Welfare, and Recreation:
This school is also home of the entertainment club, The Schoolgirl.

Lunch-hour and Off-campus Liberties:  
The meals our school prepares closely adhere to the Paleolithic Diet, every successive day's meals made based on the healthiest school lunches from major nations around the world (photo examples in the right column below).

​​Students eat brunch and dinner in the school, and roam the city from age 11 in order to become mature and capable for congested, hectic, urban life encounters while on missions outside The Walls, which they will participate on post-Exodus (after our 13th grade) and post-graduation (after our 20th grade) from the academies (T&A; the sex academy which is our 19th grade, and NWO MIL; the New World Order military academy which is our 20th grade).

Students may arrive as early as they like, and stay as late as they like, to adjust the leisure time during their meals.  Lunch is always one hour, though, and all meals must be prepared from scratch and by hand; not brought to school in lunch-bags or -pails.  The extensive chef courses provided as part of the city's core curriculum ensure that each student is fully capable of making all of their favorite meals, as well as those of their friends and guests.

Subjects of Study

Atlantis: the continent / nation (not just city)
Azathoth / Thoth the Atlantean
Bilderberg Group
Crystal Skulls
Dropa / Droza
Emerald Tablets of Azathoth
Feng Shui and Kua Numbers
Grand Canyon pyramid and Shensi pyramid
Harmonics / 'Singing to the Stones'
Michaels A.F.B.
Mu / Lemuria
Nazca Lines
Nicolai Tesla
Project Bluebook and Majestic 12
Sacred Geometry
The Apocryphal / The Dead Sea scrolls
     The Book of Thomas
The Enochian Keys
The Firmament(s)
The Golden Dawn
The Human Genome Project
The Necronomicon
The Philadelphia Experiment
The Thule Society
Required Reading

Bible:  Black Madjick (convincing people that death and torture (hell) are certain and required)
Biblor'an:  Gold Madjick
Necronomicon:  White Madjick (restoring life)
Nymphonomicon:  Green Madjick (read in The School, practiced at T&A)
Periodic Table of the Elements:  Orange Madjick (loyalties of elemental relationships; All-Chemicals aka Alchemy)

* Blue Madjick is sadness-emotion-based, and FOBians intentionally trigger this in themselves to experience it in waves; riding the full rainbow/spectrum of emotions for different color-/chakra-cleansing and stimulation effect sequences.


Dance classes include poi and chem'-light / glow-stick spinning, as well as double-dutch jumproping teams with black-lights, glow-ropes, and UV-glow rainbow Ke$ha bodypaint and eye-flashes.

[Floors] Directory

See what the Inisfreean students of each floor look like, which grade corresponds to their floor, and what that floor's curriculum is:

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的 學校
University of Inisfree, online (UIO):

Courses offered to Outlanders:  Link
Factoring in and geared toward:

teaching styles
learning / memorization styles
physique capabilities
personality type
American and Chinese zodiacs
leadership styles
Harking, Not Lecturing

At Inisfree's Liberty High, classrooms are not arranged in block formations of individual desks facing an authoritarian instructor at an isolated desk or podium. Instead, students here sit around an elliptical table, all together, much in the same manner as the legendary knights of the Round Table of Camelot did (with no head, and no 'back of the class'), and all are involved in the intellectual discussions of the days' topics. This is called the Harkness method, as has been used at prestigious academies such as Phillips Exeter of Exeter, New Hampshire, and Institut Le Rosey of Rolle, Switzerland.