ABD Consulting News:  ABD now offers consultation sessions and packages via both telecommuting and temporary relocation of our consultants.
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ABD offers consulting in all of the following fields:
  • ​basic dieting & nutrition
  • basic self-defense & various martial arts​
  • basic urban planning & development​
  • business planning & document drafting​
  • climate change & disaster preparedness​
  • creative writing & typing​
  • critical thinking & philosophy​
  • dining out​ & restaurant standards
  • environmentally friendly design & practices​
  • exercise & fitness​
  • financial management & investing​
  • health & wellness​; holistic living
  • hiking & camping​
  • hospitality & hygiene​
  • logistics & convoy operations​
  • management & leadership​
  • map reading, orienteering, & navigation​
  • online research​
  • organization & efficiency​
  • proofreading & editing​
  • recommended reading & viewing​
  • security & military applications​
  • self-reliance; growing food & generating power​
  • sexuality & relationships​
  • studying & recall​
  • teaching & coaching​
  • time management​ & multi-tasking
  • travel, trip planning​, & packing
  • website layouts & design interface providers
Austin Bunton:

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World Class Consulting
Pricing and Commitment from ABD's Founder:

​My name is Austin and I have traveled and been a writer for decades, making hundreds of trips to six continents, 15 nations, and 45 states.  I have a Master's degree and have completed my dissertation toward my PhD.  I have taught hundreds of formal classes about dozens of subjects to tens of thousands of military personnel and federal agents.  I have taught sex and relationship fundamentals to hundreds of women.  My hobbies include running the toughest obstacle courses and ultra-marathons on the planet.  I guarantee I can work with you to improve your life. As long as you are committed to focusing, learning, and making lifestyle changes, I can help you.

​​Hourly rate: USD 500/hour
​Recommended sessions: 15
Recommended session length:  1.5 hours​
For in-person sessions, airfare & lodging may be added.

I do not enter into contractual relationships; schedules, session numbers, and telecommuting vs. in-person are all flexible.  For long-term life-coaching, the hourly rate can be adjusted.​​  And, yes, I will go anywhere on Earth.

Kajirae Coaching:

​​If you are interested in having your females better educated, or if you are a female seeking an excellent kajira education, we also offer kajirae training and kajirae trainer training including but not limited to the following subjects:
  • acceptable forms of communication (such as stretching slowly and alertly as a request to touch the toes before kissing them, placing the side of the head on her master's foot or boot, how to request permission to ask a question or otherwise speak)
  • arousal techniques; playful gestures and other motions, facial expressions, hair tossing, teasing types and durations, kegeling, splaying, arching, etc.
  • attractive hair lengths and styling
  • attractive dancing (dozens of dances in numerous styles)
  • attractive ways to kiss and be kissed (dozens), and to hug and walk; gait
  • best places to find attractive girls, and best methods for monitoring, isolating, herding, acquiring, sedating, reviving, inspecting, indoctrinating, and documenting them for the Voyages of Acquisition and so forth
  • ​​body hardening for warriors vs. body hardening for slave girls; warriors spar, while kajirae are slapped, stung with miniature ball bearings in leather straps, and whipped, etc. (and both warriors and kajirae receive ample exposure to nature and the elements)
  • competing for the position of First Girl on the Chain; sportsmanship amongst kajirae which preserves all of their health and beauty
  • discipline of a kajira; escalation of force, non-corporal punishments such as diet fluctuations, liberty restrictions, exclusion, and re-kenneling
  • discipline of self; emotional self-control, and proportional dacryphilia
  • entrances (105 ways for a girl to correctly enter a room)
  • erogenous zones and how to properly gauge and stimulate them  (such as by the Slaver's Caress (noun): a method of touching, without warning, a slavegirl who is being sold in order to exhibit her slave heat for potential buyers; also known as the Whip Caress, as it is commonly done using a coiled whip)
  • etiquette; manners specific to certain castes of society (such as hand-washing masters' and guests' feet in the foyer upon entry); countenance, greeting different ranks and titles (such as how to correctly request a master to select you for sampling, usage, or acquisition), different attire for different occasions, table settings, etc.
  • etiquette in the bedchambers; bed base collar rings, design elements, soothing lighting, subtle incense application, etc.
  • girl kennels; importance, positive and critical psychological effects, cleaning, maintenance, rotating the girls
  • health benefits of slavery; stronger feet, sharper senses, moderate exposure to direct sunlight, maintaining stamina and metabolism, the thrill of barefeet on different terrains and indoor textures, mental focus from total vulnerability, more specific sense of purpose, belonging, and direction, etc.
  • hygiene; the types of baths and how to prepare and take them (cleaning first, then removing loose cells, then soaking, then oiling, then toweling, etc.)
  • how to wear slave girl attire (quick-release cords, form accentuating methods, tasteful little tears, no piercings or cosmetics, staying barefoot and short, etc.)
  • manners; politeness (averting eyes, heeling, always being ready and eager for sex and any commands, etc.) as well as the manner (ideal method and sequence) in which things are to be completed; prioritizing based on the master's preferences
  • ​methods for keeping your girls vital; taking them to watch major sports games and races, days for adding a coin box to their rope belt, etc.
  • poses (including how to gracefully kneel and rise while balancing a tray)
  • posture; the positions of attention modified for kajirae from prone to sitting, kneeling, and standing
  • proper heeling; dispersion, angle, noise discipline, matching the master's pace, etc.
  • psychology of proper slaves (the joy of being desired, hunted, captured, collared, trained, branded, useful, trusted, intimate, mastered by a true man, and even whipped), Goreans (why females always carry loads, open doors, do the chores; cooking and cleaning, etc.), and the dom-sub culture (why equality is unhealthy, unnatural, and not present throughout the Universe)
  • release enhancing techniques
  • slave law; no property, no accosting, branding standard (at least one for the kajira symbol but no more than four; second is the house sigil, third is for a moderate punishment, and the fourth for a major punishment), severe punishments (such as the girl box rules), etc.
  • subtle arousing movements while seated; virtually imperceptible shifting perceived subconsciously
  • time management; such as timing different dishes so that meal components are ready at the same time, and timing laundry and other chores so multi-tasking often or always occurs, thus saving time and freeing it up for other things
  • waitressing by kajirae; etiquette for serving masters, not just basic males or people in general (such as when to kiss goblets, which order to place dishes from tray to table, etc.)

Curriculum Vitae; My Extended Résumé:

* I have prepared this extended résumé to clearly illustrate why I am the right man for the job. Though I have traveled extensively, I fell in love with Idaho and plan to stay here for at least several years. My free time is spent writing 10 novels which I will soon be publishing. I am very down to Earth and have an entirely flexible schedule. Let me know how you feel I can become your next teammate!

Citizenship: USA
Status: Single Male
Military: Honorable Discharge

Academic & Educational (Vocational and Life-education) Background
Diploma: Plano West Senior High School
  1. AAIT: Associate of Arts with a concentration in Information Technology
  2. BSIT/ISS: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a  concentration in Information Systems Security
  3. MIS: Master of Information Systems
  4. CMG: Certified Master Gardener, Level 1
I also studied Aerospace Engineering at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University, and Business Management at the University of North Texas.

Upon taking the 3-hour military entrance exam; the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), I completed it in 15 minutes and scored 1 point below perfect, qualifying me for every job in the armed forces. My General Technical (GT) score was 132 out of a possible 140 at the time (also due to getting bored with the test, not to misunderstanding a few of its questions). This meant I could have been a pilot, a weatherman, a lawyer, intel', special operations in any branch, or psy-ops. I insisted on Combat Arms, Infantry to be precise, with training toward Reconnaissance, and a long-term goal of joining Force Recon (a more elite inner-circle subset of Marine Reconnaissance) and eventually MARSOC.​​





  • 3 years devoted to the food service industry
  • 9 years devoted to military training (JROTC, ROTC, USMC)
  • 4 years devoted to serving the nation, active duty
  • 5 years devoted to martial arts
  • 23 years of public education (every year since age 5-6, including on-the-job training)
  • 20 years of formal education (K-12, military courses, 1 college, 3 universities)
  • 5 years devoted to collegiate academics / secondary education

Teaching Experience
Shepton High School:
  • Led and taught half a dozen cadets by age 14
  • Led and taught dozens of cadets by age 15
Plano West Senior High School:
  • Led and taught more than 100 cadets by age 16

Urban Warfare Training Center, 29 Palms Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center and during combat operations throughout Al Anbar, Iraq:
Taught more than 360 formal classes to over 33,000 U.S. Infantry and Reconnaissance Marines, and to FBI personnel (preparing them for combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan) on the following subjects:
  • ADDRAC (Alert, Direction, Description, Range, Assignment, Control) Command
  • Armored Vehicle Identification (such as through Forward-Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) Operation)
  • AT-4 Rocket Launcher
  • Blue Force Tracker and Garmin GPS Systems
  • Bivouacking
  • Breaching; Mechanical (full kit of various tools) and Explosive (including via Blasting Caps, C-4 (stick and satchel charge), Bangalore ‘Torpedo’, Shaped Charges, and with Water Enhancement)
  • Camouflage / Defilade (Ghillie Suits, Grease Paint Application, and Mesh and Tarps)
  • Close Quarters Battle/Combat
  • Convoy Operations
  • Cultural Awareness / Sensitivity (Iraqi Customs & Courtesies, Iraqi regional dialect of basic Arabic)
  • Defensive Driving
  • Dynamic Entry
  • Entrenching Tool (preparing Fighting Holes and Grenade Sumps, etc.)
  • Escalation of Force / Proportional Response (including Hostile Intent vs. Hostile Act, and "The Five S's"; Signal, Show, Shout, Shove, Shoot to Disable)
  • Escort Security
  • Executive Security
  • First Aid (Triage, Chemical Burn Response, and Fracture (Simple and Compound) Response)
  • Foreign Small Armaments
  • Grenades (CS Smoke (Tear Gas) / “Riot”, M14 Incendiary (Thermite), M18 Smoke (all color variants), M67 Fragmentation, M84 Stun / “Flash-bang”, and the M1152 Artillery Simulator)
  • High-Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) Operation (Driving (Defensive and Offensive), Improvisational Armoring, Incineration / Disabling, Maintenance, Roll-over Procedures, Tire and ‘Run-flat’ Construction, and Up-armoring)
  • HUMINT Gathering
  • High Value Target (HVT) Processing
  • Hiking and Pace-counting
  • Infra-red Tactical Beacons
  • Land-mines (Anti-personnel (including M18 Claymore), Anti-tank, and Signage)
  • Laser Target Illuminator (AN/PEQ-2)
  • Lie Detection (via Bearing, Body Language, Eye Dilation and Movement, Logic / Deduction, Inconsistencies, Profiling, and Thought Pattern Interrupters)
  • Light Discipline
  • Machinegun Gunnery (Assembly, Disassembly, Maintenance, Overheating, and Ammunition Variants, along with Mounting (Coaxial, Tripod, and Turret), and specific models; M-249 SAW, M-240B/M-240G, M-240N, M-2 .50cal, and the Mk-19 (including Indirect Fire))
  • Marksmanship (Range Safety (including Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Ammunition Transportation, Lateral Limits, Muzzle Awareness and Flagging, Adjacent Structural Materials, Failure Drills, Clearing Barrels, and the Five Weapons Safety Rules), Sights and Scopes (including Rail System Mounting, Apertures, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Range Estimation, Spotting, Windage, and Elevation), Leading, Moving Objectives, Glare and Low Lighting, and Advanced Concepts (Humidity, Glass Deflection, Water Deflection, Barrel Harmonics, Butt-stock Attachments, Coriolis Effect, Flash Suppression, Atmospheric/Topsoil Disturbance Suppression, Background Noise Timing / Concussion Pairing, and Casing Retention)
  • Marine Corps History
  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)
  • Military Field Radio Operations (including Call for Air Support, Call for Fire Support, Call for Medical Evacuation (“9-line”), Contact Reporting, Position Reporting, Situation Reporting, and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Reporting / Call for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD))
  • Military Hand-and-Arm Signals
  • Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear (such as the M-40 Field Protective (Gas) Mask)
  • Night Vision Goggles (AN/PVS-7B (semi-binocular) and AN/PVS-14 (monocular))
  • Noise Discipline (such as Gear Silencing and Vocal Signature)
  • Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Ordnance Identification
  • Olfactory Discipline
  • Operational Security
  • Orienteering (Military Map Reading, Lensatic Compass Operation, Land Navigation, and Night Navigation)
  • O-SMEAC (Orientation, Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration / Logistics / Sustainment, Command / Signal / Control) Order
  • Patrolling (HMMWV Squad (convoy), and Satellite (on foot)) (such as Acclimation, Dispersion, Infiltration and Exfiltration, Physical-counts, and ‘Short-counts’)
  • Pre-Combat Checks / Inspections (PCCs/PCIs)
  • Pyrotechnic Signaling Flares
  • Range Cards
  • Rapport Building
  • Reaction to Ambush
  • Reaction to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Vehicle-Based IEDs (VBIEDs)
  • Reaction to Rocket-Propelled Grenade(s) (RPG)
  • Reaction to Sniper(s)
  • Room Clearing
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE; Intelligence Gathering)
  • Survival (Desert and Urban)
  • Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-command-link-guided (TOW) Missile System (Assembly and Disassembly, Back-blast Area, Battery Charge Preservation, Erratic Missile Procedure, Hot and Cold Positions, Maintenance, Mis-fire and Hang-fire Procedures, Missile Launch-tube Storage, Prioritized Destruction / Disabling, Tracking, and Transportation)​
  • Vehicle Check-Points (VCPs) and Snap-VCPs (Common warning signs, Probable Cause, Razor/Concertina-wire Emplacement, Signage, and Spike-strips)

  • Educated, trained with, and instructed fellow Marines with British soldiers and Australian army pathfinders
  • Developed and prepared formal documents and presentations for (and taught) classes which aired on national and international TV; the History Channel and CNN
  • Worked with over 400 Iraqi-American role-players to better facilitate a culturally-immersive deployment operating training environment
  • Taught dieting, exercise, and holistic fitness to students, Marines, and Le Parkour and CrossFit teammates

Research Experience
  • Completed academic and extra-curricular research on thousands of subjects at numerous municipal, college, university, and online libraries
  • Studied foreign languages and cultures overseas; in Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Peru, Scotland

Professional Qualifications
Certifications / Accreditations:
  • Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Graduate / Basic Marine
  • HMMWV Operator’s License
  • Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) Graduate / Infantry Marine
  • TOW Missile System School Gradate / TOW Gunner
  • Designated Squad Marksman
  • Division Schools Cross-training Graduate / Machinegun Gunner
  • Enhanced Marksmanship Program (EMP) Graduate
Computer Skills / Proficiencies:
  • Adobe Reader / Acrobat
  • Anti-virus and Firewall: AVG, BlackICE, Norton, McAfee
  • Chat Clients: America Online (AOL) ICQ, Microsoft Network (MSN) Messenger / Windows Live, Skype
  • Community Clients: [for Artwork Promotion: BetterPhoto, deviantART, Flickr, and Photobucket], [for Music Services: Pandora and Playlist], [and for Social Networking: Bebo, Facebook, Meetup, MyHeritage, MySpace, Twitter, and WAYN]
  • Computer-Aided Design: AutoCAD 2000, Google SketchUp, Maya (novice)
  • Computer Types Frequented: Desktop, Gaming, Laptop, Slim-line, Tablet, and Workstation
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Iron Mountain, Seagate, Western Digital
  • E-mail Clients: G-mail, Hotmail, Outlook / Outlook Express, and Yahoo! Mail
  • Manufacturers Used: AlienWare, Compaq, Dell, Hannspree, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Newegg, Research in Motion, and Sun Microsystems
  • Media Applications: Bitmap / Paint, DivX, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, and iTunes
  • Microsoft Office Suite: Edit, Works, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Projects, Visio, and WinZip
  • Operating Systems: Unix and Linux (novice), Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • Personal Digital Assistants: BlackBerry (multiple variants), HTC EVO, iPad, PalmPilot, and Toughbook
  • Programming Assistants: Dreamweaver CS6, Eclipse IDE, and Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Programming Languages: (novice at each) C++, Java
  • Search Clients: Askjeeves, Bing, Firefox, Google, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google+, IMDB, Internet Explorer 9, Lycos, Netscape Navigator, WebMD, Wikipedia, and Yahoo!
  • Job Search Clients: CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Hotjobs, LinkedIn, Monster, and USAjobs
  • Telecommunications: Voice/Data/IP Platforms Diagnostic Tool, Client Database, and Intranet Search Engine
  • USACE: Employee Portal, Corps of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS), Oracle, and Primavera Professional Project Management (PMP)
  • Website Development GUIs: GoDaddy and WebStarts
  • Word Processors: QuickOffice, OpenOffice, WordPad, and WordPerfect
Words-Per-Minute Typing Rate: 150 to 200
  • I am comfortable using multiple brands of printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners.
  • I have experience with multiple types of file conversion.
  • I have built a custom computer (hardware, and software post-OS-installation).

Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps:
  • Distinguished Cadet
  • Academic Excellence
  • Academic Achievement
  • Student Government
  • Leadership Education Training Service
  • Physical Fitness
  • JROTC Athletics
  • DAI/SAI Instructor Leadership
  • Personal Appearance
  • Proficiency
  • Orienteering
  • Color Guard
  • Rifle Team
  • Commendation
  • Good Conduct
  • Summer Camp
  • Parade
  • Recruiting
  • Army JROTC
  • Academic Excellence
  • Physical Fitness
  • Air Rifle with Qualification Bar
  • Superior Cadet
Marksmanship Badges:
  • Expert (Rifleman) (multiple awards)
Shoulder Cords:
  • Color Guard / Honor Guard
  • Marksmanship Activities
  • Physical Training Team
  • Honor Organizations & Societies
Additional Awards:
  • Honor Unit with Distinction Insignia
  • Academic Achievement Insignia
United States Marine Corps:
Ribbons and Medals:
  • Combat Action
  • Good Conduct
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary
  • Iraq Campaign
  • Global War on Terrorism (Expeditionary)
  • Global War on Terrorism (Service)
Marksmanship Badges:
  • Expert Rifleman (multiple awards)
Presented with the Taiwanese Marines’ “Sun, Globe, and Anchor” insignia
Recognized with various other performance awards and certificates of commendation by senior management

Zero-pollution, Custom Resort City:
(5-part Presentation)
1. Dissertation (with optional: Index of Facilities and Attractions, and the city’s Curriculum; 1st Grade through Post-graduate and Military, inclusive)
2. Photographic Album
3. Manual and Computer Renderings
4. Projected Traffic-type Maps
  • Educational / Orientation Tour
  • Electrical/Power
  • Vehicular / Commuter (Air, Land, Sea, and Subway / Subterranean)
  • Vocational Rotation
  • Water (for Aesthetics / Leisure, Power, and Transportation)
5. Physical Model:
  • Dimensions: circa 3’ x 3’ x 8” (W/D/H)
  • Representing: a projected >100M^3 volume (includes:  100 miles^2 resort property, multiple vertical miles of subterranean facilities and airspace, and successive perimeter areas/volumes)
  • Scale: 1:17,600
* I have traveled internationally to collect data, photographs, videos, and samples, and to inspect potential build sites for this proposed construction project.

Publications / Books
The following will be published after further editorial review:
Artwork / Illustrations:
  • Custom Resort City Aerial Rendering and Map
  • (Several hundred sketches and other pieces are being finalized.)
  • (the first 90 issues of a satirical military magazine are in progress, including several comic strips)
Sagas / Series:
(All are partially illustrated.)
  • Capital of Antarctica (a 10-novels series)
  • Empire Chronicles, The
  • Ghost
  • Wolves, The
Short Stories:
  • Hunt, The
  • Independence Day
  • Pan-American Exodus, The
  • (several dozen others)
Technical Documents:
For the Custom Resort City:
  • Executive Summary (25+ pages)
  • Business Plan (100+ pages)
  • Dissertation (52+ pages)
  • Index of Attractions (17+ pages)
  • Tour Sequence (44+ pages)
Extracurricular Theses:
  • Game Theory, The
  • Layered Encryption

  • Member of the Plano Academic and Creative Education (PACE) program
  • Completed numerous Honors and Advanced Placement (college level) courses during high school
  • Induction into the National Honor Society (NHS)
  • Appointment to the position of Cadet Platoon Sergeant at onset of sophomore year
  • Appointment to the position of Cadet Battalion Executive Officer at onset of junior year
  • Graduated 1 year early at age 17
  • Congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy
  • Completed over 200 combat missions covering over 40,000 miles of terrain across dozens of towns and cities in Al Anbar, Iraq; predominantly Fallujah

Cub Scouts
Boy Scouts of America
Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) (and the Ft. Sill Artillery Base)
National Honor Society (NHS)
Texas A&M University (and the Corps of Cadets (Reserve Officer Training Corps; ROTC) and its Squadron “Challenger” 17 (Air Force Officer Training))
Blinn College
United States Marine Corps
  • Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego (Delta Company, Platoon 1058, and Mike Company, Platoon 3062)
  • Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton
  • School of Infantry (SOI)
  • Infantry Training Battalion (ITB)
  • Charlie Company
  • Marine Corps Institute (MCI)
  • 29 Palms, Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC)
  • 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment (Weapons Company, the Combined Anti-Armor Team, and the 81s (Mortars) Platoon)
  • Joint Task Force with the restored Iraqi National Guard and Fallujah S.W.A.T. Team
  • March Air Force Base (predominantly throughout its Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) Town)
  • Al Asad (Commandeered) Air Base
  • Camp Fallujah
  • Range Training Areas Maintenance Section (RTAMS)
  • Urban Warfare Training Center (UWTC), 29 Palms MCAGCC (the Instructor/Controller Department, Khalidiyah MOUT Town, and Wadi al-Sahara MOUT Town)
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
American Legion
University of North Texas
United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)
University of Phoenix
Pat Tillman Foundation
CrossFit FX TX

I have been to 44 of the 50 U.S. states, 15 of the 196 countries, and 6 of the 7 continents:


Mountains Ascended
Israel:  Jerusalem:  Mt. of Olives
Japan:  via Kawaguchiko:  Mt. Fuji
Jordan:  Petra:  The High Place of Sacrifice (summit of Jabal Madbah)
Scotland:  Edinburgh:  Arthur’s Seat
United States:
  • ​29 Palms Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center:  Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness Area’s crescent ridge, Dragon’s Back Ridge, and Valley Mountain
  • Joshua Tree National Park:  Humbug Mountain, Lost Horse Mountain, Pinto Mountain, and Twentynine Palms Mountain
  • San Antonio Heights:  Mt. Baldy
  • Yucca Valley:  Bartlett Mountains
Colorado:  Great Sand Dunes National Park:  High Dune
Montana:  Baldy, Chestnut, Ellis, Hardscabble, Jumbo, Palisade, Ross, Sacagawea, Saddle, and Storm Castle
Utah:  North Ogden:  Ben Lomond, and some of the Wasatch Range
Virginia:  Shenandoah National Park:  Hawksbill Mountain (of the Appalachian Trail)
Washington:  Mt. Rainier National Park:  Mt. Rainier

I have always loved to learn new subjects, examine, write, type, draw, travel, and brainstorm creative solutions.
I love all types of fitness and exercise, and the Great Outdoors.
I would love to learn new languages and the culinary arts.

  • share my creative writing talent (which is why my free time is spent completing my novels; my longest-running project, spanning more than 15 consecutive years now)
  • work for or with a company like Disney, Nakheel, or Pegasus Global Holdings to learn the intricacies of building custom cities
  • earn multiple Master’s / Doctorates
  • visit last 6 U.S. states; Alaska, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota
  • visit 7th continent, Antarctica
  • ride as a passenger on one of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic commercial spaceliners from Spaceport America outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • manage a city-sized element/enterprise

Travel and Relocation Options
I am willing to travel up to 50% of the time, and I am willing to relocate to any of the following:
U.S. States:
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
Foreign Countries:
  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • France
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Other Details
I am familiar with the different styles of:
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Memorization / Learning

I am aware of the different Personality Types of the Myers Briggs Test for team building.

I have some training in:
  • Forklift and ‘Picker’ Operation
  • Horseback Riding
  • Parasailing
  • Piloting (small, fixed-wing aircraft)

Operating Anything: I am very comfortable driving all types of motor vehicles in all weather conditions, and am happy to take courses to become a professional operator of anything from motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and 18-wheelers to sailboats, speedboats, yachts, and any aircraft. You name it, I am interested, exceptionally dexterous, and will clear out my schedule to make it happen on your time table.

Beautifying Properties: My landscaping experience includes volunteer work spanning multiple months on a local farm, getting hands-on experience by removing large plants, trimming hedges, digging post holes, putting in a new fence, applying grass seed for several lawns, planting crops, and transporting and planting many types of seedlings and trees, as well as making measurements across many acres for their ideal spacing. I have also researched the most colorful and fragrant plants from around the world, and prepared a commercial farm layout based on which combinations grow well together. I have completed hundreds of combat missions in temperatures ranging from subzero to 130+ °F (~ -20 to 55 °C) while wearing a combat load (dozens of pounds of armor, weapons, and optics), so I am easily capable of working overtime in any weather on any project in any environment. What's more, I love being outdoors and exerting myself like that.

Fitness Level: I have completed marathons such as the Bridger Ridge Run, and multiple Spartan obstacle course races, and have recently started training for ultra-marathon distances. To date, my maximum number of pulll-ups completed in one day is 260, sit-ups: 10,000, and I am learning how to perform muscle-ups.

Socializing and Networking: I have dined and discoursed at major fund raiser events and RCOH completion celebrations (refitting aircraft carriers for upcoming floats) with CEOs, Admirals, Generals, politicians, et cetera. I am comfortable meeting and planning with the highest echelon. I have also met with members of multiple Native American tribes, and have started completing fasting and vision quests on reservations in order to become more familiar with the indigenous cultures of North America. If travel is required for work, I have a growing network of friends across dozens of states and countries around the world, and am comfortable 'couch-surfing' to keep costs to a minimum. I am also confident I can learn any language and dialect within three months of arrival, and have learned basic words and phrases for some nations during my first flight over to them.

Management to the Executive Level: I am qualified to manage a small business if the situation calls for me to take on more responsibilities, either temporarily or indefinitely, as part of your company. I am comfortable rising to the roles of CISO, COO, or CEO within a matter of just a few years.

I have extensive management experience ever since high school;
  • As a cadet, I was entrusted with administrative duties for hundreds of other students at multiple junior high and senior high schools. I also led groups such as the R.O.T.C. fitness team, ensuring that everyone was on track to stay in peak physical shape for frequent competitions up to the state level.
  • In the military, I was the leader of both my recruit and A-school training groups. As a platoon guide, I was the intermediary between 80 trainees and five instructors, hosting daily meetings with squad and fire-team leaders, and staying up late to re-inspect all of their packs before long hikes and other major training evolutions. During the final six months of my active duty enlistment, I was both an instructor who taught more than 360 classes about dozens of subjects to more than 33,000 U.S. Marines, and an instructor of other incoming instructors, helping to prepare lesson plans for groups ranging in size from a dozen Marines to more than 300, some of our classes being televised.
  • After I returned to civilian life, I joined the Army Corps of Engineers as a scheduler (and project manager in training). During this time, my team and I handled hundreds of complex major engineering and preservation projects on the state and national levels, some of the schedules of which included several thousand tasks with various relationships and frequent budget adjustment needs. We worked on our own some of the time, and in tandem with thousands of other engineers at others, sometimes also having them meet with us so we could facilitate their training to use our various software suites.
  • I have also taken professional courses in and related to management as part of my degree plan which has groomed me for leadership roles now that I have my Master's degree.

I have experience with customer service, as well;
  • I have worked in customer service for a major telecommunications corporation, during which time I worked late shifts and handled thousands of calls and e-mails from customers with a vast variety of products, often working with them in real-time to troubleshoot and resolve problems and concerns ranging from hardware, software, billing, and network outages.
  • I have also worked for several individual and chain restaurants, as well as a major grocery store, since junior high, interacting with never-ending lines of customers at buffet and check-out lanes.
  • As the Corporal of the Guard for multiple barracks, I handled many tours along with frequent daily phone calls from everyone ranging from family members to Generals and Admirals, so my phone etiquette is very polished. Due to my years of deployment time and outdoor instructing, my field radio etiquette is also very polished.
  • I have an excellent record interacting with locals halfway around the world, and from all backgrounds and belief systems, including when there were cultural and language barriers, and even under the pressures of combat environments I always treated all locals, including people being detained or arrested, with respect and a genuine desire to get to know them and hear their side of the story.
I prefer a hands-on approach, and either field work or administrative duties, such as those of C-level executives, delegating P.R. to fellow teammates from time to time, but am well versed in customer service, and highly confident when talking and working with anyone.

I am highly goal oriented;
  • I have prepared detailed, day by day, and exercise by exercise fitness regimen and dietary fine-tuning schedules with clearly defined milestones and motivation points for many dozens of friends, family members, and coworkers over the years. 
  • I have prepared my own ramp-up schedules for the marathons, long-distance bicycle rides, and ultra-marathons I have been interested in.
  • I have helped complete major projects, such as writing multi-novel sagas and building complex websites.
  • I have also drafted multiple variants of long-term travel plans for later in life, including a sight-seeing trip to Antarctica during a narrow window of time when the temperature is mild and the travel options become much more abundant.

Candor: As for being honest, I grew up in para-military and military training programs, as well as strict academic environments, in which integrity and being forthright were not only paramount but absolutely required and expected as the baseline. I have required that same level of logic and respect out of the recruits I trained, the teammates I worked with around the world, and the people in my inner circle, and have made sure to remain transparent and helpful in all my relationships, business and personal.

Environmentally Conscientious: With regard to my care for animals, let me put it this way: I have stayed up late into the night with some of my dogs when I noticed they seemed to be having nightmares, allowing them to sleep in my lap so they felt safe, calmed down, and got better rest. I have worked at the S.P.C.A. as a volunteer during my own Summer time, and fostered several dogs. I also dream of having my own sled team someday if I ever move anywhere colder than here, and have even sketched out a few layout ideas for my own zoo-like animal rehabilitation center. I have also always been deeply concerned about the environment, and have never once looked down on animals as lesser beings. Yes, I love animals, so let me know if you need a dog-sitter when I am off the clock.

Character References
If required, I can provide an extensive list of character references spanning multiple decades.

If you have any other questions, I am happy to answer them all.

Thank you for your time and this opportunity to work with you!

Rates for Work other than Consulting:

Hiring me to build a website for you:
Per hour: $50

Credited Writing:
News Articles (web related): $50 per page
Articles for web content, not related to news: $50 per article
E-books: $20 per page
Novels and Books: $75 per page
Radio Commentary: $200 per hour
Magazine articles: $1,000 per article
Proofreading/Editing:  $30 per hour
Typing:  ​​$40 per hour
Travel Blogging: (cover the cost of my trip and I will promote your area for free)

Per hour: $200
Per word: $2
For an entire ~100-page book: ~$50,000
For a ~300-page celebrity book: ~500,000 + 2% royalties

*News is typically noticed by more people, magazine articles by far more.
Books take much longer to research for and edit than pages.
*E-books sell for less than hard-copy books.​
​*Notoriety generates far more sales.
Salary and Benefits Requirements:

Hiring me long-term instead of becoming my client:
Per hour: $100
Promotions: increase hourly rate by $5 every year
​Paperwork: ​NDA, Non-Compete Agreement, and Royalties Agreement

Per day: 8 hours, not counting commute and lunch
Lunch: 1 hour for every 8 hours working; for a 9-hour shift
Breaks: 15 minutes during every 4 hours working 
Days per week: 5 consecutive (not necessarily all weekdays)
Hours per week: 40, not counting commutes and lunches
Weeks per year:  46 (starting salary of $184,000)

Insurance: medical, dental, and optical
Commuting: fewer than 10 miles one-way (<20 miles per day)
Local Transportation: company SUV or >$2,000 per year for wear & tear
Long-range Transportation: company helicopter, corporate jet, or first class
Stake in your company:  20% shareholder​

*I can travel to your site for 1.5 hours at a time as a consultant.
*I can stay at your site for seasons up to 2 years as​​​ a chief adviser.
*I do not manage small teams; I streamline business models.
*My tenure is largely based on the cleanliness and progress I witness.
Pay-scale Proportional to Background and Project:

​My salary requirements reflect my extensive and global experience working with other managers, delegating duties, supervising large projects, and maintaining creative visions. Because most of my work has been at and above the levels of most management positions, and during the highest-stress situations (such as in theaters of war), and because my medical/nutritional awareness is above the baseline of much of Western medicine, my salary will be slightly more than that of: Business Operations Managers, Court Reporters (Stenographers), Elevator Installers/Repairers, Family/General Practitioners/Physicians (who only treat commonplace injuries and illnesses), Financial Managers, Gaming Managers, General Operations Managers, Health Instructors, I.T. Managers, Makeup Artists, Marketing Managers, Mathematicians, Pharmacists, Pilots, Purchasing Managers, Sales Managers, Water Vessel Captains, and Private Military Contractors, just for several examples; those professions typically have salaries between $101,000 and $150,000 for seasoned professionals. (~$35-75/hour)

I will accept a year of freelance work for >$100,000 (for a year-long project).
​However, if it is guaranteed repeat business, and on a regular basis (~every other day), I will accept >$400 per day for ~4-6 hours of my time.
I charge for discussion and brainstorming meetings by the hour; $100 if local, + travel expenses otherwise.