Remote Hospitality News:  Once just FOB1; a tiny outpost with bare-bones shelter for only a dozen people, we now have room for billions!
Remote Hospitality Abstract

noun: hospitality
the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.
synonyms: friendliness, hospitableness, warm reception, welcome, helpfulness, neighborliness, warmth, kindness, congeniality, geniality, cordiality, courtesy, amenability, generosity, entertainment, catering, food
"we found nothing but hospitality among the local inhabitants"
modifier noun: hospitality
relating to or denoting the business of housing or entertaining visitors.
"the hospitality industry":

How we facilitate remote hospitality:
  • keep our operating costs and overhead down by generating our own power, growing our own food, and providing lodging and all other necessities for our staff and guests
  • friendliness/geniality/cordial/warm reception: Inisfreeans are born and bred, raised and inspected, to be the Universe's absolute finest hostesses and on-call fuck buddies; neo-nymphs, super-kajirae, better than even the Registered Companions, something even the best porn stars of the Outlands can't hold a candle to
  • helpfulness/courtesy/generosity: we offer free formal education, training, and certification in many dozens of fields
  • neighborliness: we preserve our entire region's environment so that no pollution whatsoever drifts from our realm into yours, invite dignitaries and regular citizens of compatible realms in for guided tours of our city, and host the Global Congress, Galactic Congress, Universal Congress, and Megaversal Congress (details here)
  • congeniality: (pleasant because of a personality, qualities, or interests that are similar to one's own; pleasant or agreeable because suited to one's taste or inclination) our staff are exquisitely trained for many years before they are polished enough to cater to our guests' wishes, and we custom tailor guest packages here based on the interests and favorites of everyone making a visit, as well as resident and citizenship arrangements so that those people have their ideal living arrangements guaranteed
  • entertainment: we offer hundreds of forms of entertainment, including many dozens of utterly signature attractions (see our webpage devoted to this topic; here)
  • catering & food: we cater to a wide array of our guests', residents', and citizens' tastes, helping prepare for them gourmet cuisine, couture fashions, custom personal vehicles, and much more, and our food service industry is top notch, state of the art, and seven star (well beyond the five-star rating system of the 21st century), with the option to have your room service not only delivered to you on the go, but prepared right in front of you, as well
And the reason we choose to provide remote hospitality instead of local is because there is a special soothing and healing, therapeutic effect that comes from traveling abroad and adventuring out into the great unknown.


Major hospitality aspects of Inisfree:

​We have built a formal facility dedicated to guest reception and newcomer orientation; our Receiving Facility.
The official tour of our entire city is available for groups and individuals, as well as in its entirety or in segments.
Galas here are nearly every week of the year, hosted by the highest-ranking ladies of our city, as based on the holidays and other events of our omni-calendar.

The number of each type of our hospitality features:​

Counting all our apartments, houses, hotel suites, mansions, castles, and other places to couch-surf or stay, our city boasts enough rooms and space for billions, not millions, of guests with lots of room to spare. This is possible because, thanks to the harsh Antarctic winters our original facilities of FOB1 were established to withstand, we learned to build in and down as much as up and out, thus exponentially increasing our living and working space. So today, Inisfree is what New York and Tokyo would have been if they'd build down into the ground as much as they built up into the sky. That, and they'd have to be much friendlier, not to mention infinitely sexier.
Remote Hospitality

Biomes Checklist

We have at least 1 of each biome and climate in Inisfree so:
  • we can always train in each
  • we know how to maintain each
  • we know which little changes cause which different things in each
  • we know how to control their borders with different biomes (different combinations of borders, too)
  • we know how to terraform each
  • we know how to grow food in each
  • we know how to collect (or create) potable water in each
  • we have a basic back-up copy and template for each
  • we can test which flora and fauna can be introduced stably into each
  • we can test which new flora and fauna can grow and stabilize in each
  • all our guests will have multiple ideal environments they desire or are already comfortable with
  • even when the city itself is in transit, all guests will continuously have the option to experience any and all biomes