Neighborhood Cube News:  This massive apartment complex is now open for tenancy.
The Neighborhood Cube
Neighborhood Cube

Overall Form and Layout:
The form of a cube, standing dozens of stories tall and wide, this construct is a miniature form of The Grid construct which any Inisfreean ship (from SSBSs down to the Colony Pods) is capable of making.  Appearing as solid onyx or black plate glass, the Neighborhood Cube is actually just what its name implies; a single neighborhood like the fusion of an apartment complex tower with a spacious custom homes 'hood.  Inside, you will find towering ceilings, cavernous courtyards, one-way (one-way glass) floor-to-ceiling observatory lounges big enough to fly a plane through, and the low, soothing, grapefruit colored lighting of the more shadowy, yet friendly places in the Astral Realm.  It is inside and near this cube that you will also find the playgrounds and tree-house styled, ellipsoid, iron spaceships of the same.

Dimensions & Layout:
With its moat, the property that this giant cube sits upon measures about one quarter of a mile on each of its sides.  Each of its stories has 1,572,516 square feet of floor-space, and there are 125 of them.  All of its perimeter balconies are internal and hidden by the one-way glass from being viewed by outsiders, and some of these balconies are wider and taller than a commercial passenger jet.  Most surfaces and decorations inside this cube match its polished exterior; they look like a Borg Spaceship being blended with an automobile design by Lexus or Mercedes.  In order to get in and out of this cubical construct, one may drive their vehicle in or out via the only connecting G.A.H. ramps, or take a personal aircraft out off the landscaped rooftop parking discs area.

Special Features:


[Room Types] Directory

See what the different rooms in your residence will look like:

Bathroom (and walk-in shower)
Bedroom (often in center of livingroom)
Bookroom (library and study)
Breezeroom (patio, porch, balcony)
Cookingroom (and pantry)
Croproom (miniature farm)
Diningroom (including breakfastrooms)
Entryroom (foyer)
Exerciseroom (gym and dojo)
Gameroom (billiards, chess, et cetera)
Gardenroom (greenhouse, lawn / yard)
Laundryroom (breeze-drying)
Livingroom (lounge and piano)
Mediaroom (theater / movie screen)
Meditationroom (cube within a cube)
Poolroom (indoor swimming)
Storageroom (closet, built-in laser-eye)
Toiletroom (urinal, throne, and bidet) 
Trophyroom (war-suit display)
Workroom (office)