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Inisfree FAQ & Facts
Facts about our home-city, Inisfree:

Maxing Out:
100% emissions free
100% safe materials (zero use of lumber, asbestos, lead-based paints, arsenic-tainted clays, etc)
100% clean water requiring zero filtration
100% power (energy) production; zero operating costs
100% renewable energy sources
100% food grown on site (permaculture on terra preta in every yard and vegetable/herb trough and flower pot and vehicle-barrier pot); zero grocery costs
    • 100% of our food is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free (there is no gluten in our entire city), fresh, local, and healthy
      • 100% of our fish is wild-caught, tested, and mercury free
      • 100% free delivery and room service
100% of our citizens and guests are offered courses on how to be 100% self-sufficient/sustaining; how to grow all one's own food, and how to generate all one's own power
100% clothing, tools, construction materials, and vehicles made on site; zero S+H (shipping & handling) costs
100% free internet, phone, mail services, and e-mail clients
100% free education from K through post-graduate degrees
100% self-diagnosing and self-adjusting/repairing vehicles

“Don’t be a fool; stay in school!”
100% free courses (also offered via online correspondence through the UIO (University of Inisfree Online)) in all of the following:
• camping
• canoeing
• CDC procedures (HAZMAT, NBCRE (Nuclear / Biological / Chemical / Radiological / Electronic; sometimes called CBNRe (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological, explosives)), decontamination, etc.)
• climbing
• convoy operations
• defensive driving
• executive security
• field radio operation
• fishing
• fly-boarding
• horseback riding and archery
• jet-skiing
• kayaking
• languages (dozens of major world languages; how to read, write, and speak each)
• long-boarding
• map reading (civilian, military, nautical, cosmic)
• marksmanship (all small arms available, including archery kits)
• massage therapy (including sports medicine)
• meditation and mindfulness
• off-road driving
• orienteering (land navigation)
• piloting
• sailing
• sand-boarding
• satellite phone operation
• self-defense (all martial arts available)
• skiing
• sky-diving (including HALO, sky-surfing, and squirrel/wing-suiting)
• snowboarding
• snow-cave digging and usage (and igloo building)
• snow-mobiling
• swimming
• survival
• wakeboarding
• yachting

We enjoy a lot of zeroes:
• zero taxes of any kind; including sales tax (nor is there any currency for bartering in the first place; we give gifts, never charging or accruing interest)
• zero fees of any kind
• zero contracts of any kind
• zero traffic lights
• zero stop signs
• zero rush-hour/traffic-congestion
• zero vehicle maintenance costs (no planned obsolescence)
• zero personal/private storage unit costs (100% on-site storage; room for hundreds of personal vehicles and dozens of tons of personal belongings/effects/property)
• zero transportation costs (no airline tickets, baggage fees, extra weight fees)
• zero commercial transportation wait times/lines (no TSA checkpoints; our security methods are tastefully clandestine)
• zero check-out lines in grocery stores and all other retail outlets (door frames automatically scan all departing items, offer future purchase suggestions via email clients, and indicate how our stores' inventories must then be restocked, resulting in our automated hydro- and aeroponics slightly adjusting what they grow and when finished crops are shipped, etc)
• zero parking constraints (more than enough parking spaces in every section of the city to accommodate more people than will ever live or be guests there)
• zero lawn maintenance or landscape grooming required (all flora is carefully grown and arranged to always be the ideal height, never requiring cutting via lawnmower -robotic or manually operated)

All apartments, suites, and other residences have/include as standard:
• washing machine, drier, and dry-cleaner machine
• dishwasher (no pre-cleaning required; includes scrubbers and silverware polishers with each cycle/load)
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning), which includes humidity control​
• every sink (including all bathrooms) comes with a disposal
• every toilet is self-unclogging and cleaning
• oven & stove
• giant mounted flat-screen plasma TV
• trash compactor (doubles as a subatomic recycler)
• every toilet doubles as a bidet (and septic tanks as subatomic recyclers) and has a seat heater dial
• large shower room (large enough for multiple people to simultaneously fully extend their arms in any direction)
• every bathtub doubles as a whirlpool; jacuzzi
• every recliner doubles as a heated massage chair (scalp and neck to calves and soles of feet)
• every faucet (for sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, pools, etc) has a temperature-numbers dial (not just a hot dial and a cold dial)
• every water-utilizing device has its own water tanks (one for hot, and one for cold, so there is zero wait time for the exact temperature desired and dialed) -every sink, toilet, hottub-booth, etc, has its own 2 tanks (hot and cold)

In order to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, follow these community rules regarding conduct and contraband:
• (bring/have) no NBCRE weapons or weapons-grade items of any kind
• (bring/have) no religious items of any kind (books, necklaces, wedding rings, yarmulkes, etc.)
• Inisfree is a free-love and polyamory community, and each guest comes as their own free person, free of any interaction constraints (no one may get offended if any guest affectionately or platonically interacts and socializes with others guests or Inisfreean citizens); marriages and engagements are not recognized (null and void) during Inisfree visits/stays.
• Inisfree is a nudist community, and each person passing through our city's gates must do so nude; this is the quickest way to confirm the minimal level of physical fitness required to traverse and enjoy the sections, constructs, and attractions of our unique city. For those traveling via commercial air-or-space-liners, and for those traveling via ships or convoys, remove all worn items (become nude) prior to approaching the first ramp and chamber of our city's gates.
• We don’t deny people the standard right to carry personal weapons or armor, and understand that most of our guests are wise and well-trained enough to be considered living weapons themselves.
• Do not litter or attempt to remove Inisfreean constructs from Inisfree (such as flower petals, clothing, silverware, mobile devices, vehicles, animals, etc.)​.
​• Do not attempt to frame or blackmail people as a prank or for any other reason; the truth will be immediately detected, anyway.
• ​All drugs (including alcohol (beer, liquor, champagne, wine, etc.), tobacco (including dip, chew, snuff, cigarettes, cigars, etc.), pharmaceuticals (including prescriptions (which you won't need since the first moment you are within our city's gates)), make-up (cosmetics, hair sprays, hair coloring items, etc.), jewelry (including piercings), high-heeled footwear, coffee, energy drinks, money (coins, cash, bit-coins, bearer bonds, etc.), and oral hygiene items (including toothpaste, dental floss, mouth wash, etc. (which you won't need since the first moment you are within our city's gates))) are contraband and strictly forbidden without exception.
​• ​Fighting and attempting to pick/start fights is strictly forbidden; the only exceptions being in designated fight training facilities and other environments, during scheduled fight training sessions, such as for part of the LHS curriculum (Grade 19; Inisfree's Boot Camp, for example).

Common/Daily Occurrences to Be Mindful Of:
• 'Indecent ​Exposure' in Inisfree means wearing clothing and/or being out of shape.
• 'Conduct Unbecoming' in Inisfree means not being intimate with Inisfreean passers-by.
• The Inisfreean 'status quo' includes ​​public and group fornication, a constant standard of prime fitness, zero censorship, and randomly trading and handing off personal vehicles (if you see an Inisfreean drive off in someone else's vehicle, it is not casual theft, and will not cause problems for anyone).
• Inisfree does not recognize any Outlander laws or alleged sovereignty.  Thus, copyrights, patents, registered trademarks, intellectual property laws, etc. have no sway within our kingdom (whoever has a good idea and wants to use someone else's material/inventions/logos to build upon or incorporate them is encouraged to and protected while doing so).  Attempts to enforce such laws on or anywhere near (below the 55th south parallel (line of latitude)) Inisfree, and attempts to enforce any laws at all upon Inisfreeans traveling abroad (anywhere in the Outlands) will be met with an overwhelming show of force and technological superiority.  Do not attempt to govern, fine, detain, judge, incarcerate, follow, or otherwise harass, harm, or annoy any Inisfreean for any reason ever.  We do not issue warnings or explain ourselves.
• While Inisfree is a resort community, it is also private property; Inisfree is not a democracy, nor will any voting ever take place within the Inisfreean kingdom. There are no political parties, debates, or politicking here. Inisfree is a peaceful, exclusive, omni-cultural, anti-religion, invitation-only, dictatorship. Think of Inisfree as a single house (a private, personal residence) with a large yard surrounding it, all of which is the private property owned, maintained, and adjusted by its sole proprietor; its founder, Governor von Himmler. Behave in Inisfree as you would hope guests would behave in your home.​

A Message from the Founder

"The whole point of all this is simple; I built this place because I wanted a safe, clean, artistic place where I can ensure my family and other loved ones can relax and maintain their health.  I wanted to be around the people I find attractive.  I wanted to ensure my children have the finest education. I wanted to be in a place where I fit in and am free to interact with people how I prefer.  That's it. That's Inisfree.  It really is that simple.  No, Inisfree isn't for everyone; it was never intended to be.  Inisfree is just my house where I do what I enjoy and don't allow what I don't; just like any other person's home." -Auz


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Since Inisfree cannot be detected, how can my character gain access to it?
Contact one of the staff members who help manage this website and online role-playing community, describe your character and proposed plot-arc to them, and they will arrange a rendezvous for your character with an Inisfreean representative deployed to the Outlands.  In-character, this Inisfreean representative (which will be written by one of our staff members as her typist) will introduce your character to the code of conduct expected of all Inisfreean guests, which includes, among other things, maintaining a high level of physical fitness and eloquence, embracing the Inisfreean free-love status quo with an open heart and mind, and reserving at least 41 consecutive days (in-character; not necessarily in real life) for your character to complete the official tour of Inisfree for orientation and further acclimation purposes.

How are conflicts such as fights, skirmishes, battles, and wars decided?
Since this is an omni-verse (a reality created by putting all 'universes', worlds, creatures, characters, technologies, and abilities into a single realm), there will certainly be the occasional question of which powers and authorities overpower, overrule, or outclass which other ones. Generally, instances like that will result in a brief pause of the threading (the writing for the role-playing story-line of the affected characters), and the typists for those characters will meet online to discuss the point of confusion and come to the best possible, logical conclusion based on their pooled knowledge, citations, and other resources.  This might mean nothing more than linking the other typists to a well-composed wiki article or chart detailing how the powers or creature-types in question relate to one another under various circumstances.  However, it may also (though this is extremely rare) end up requiring a longer discussion and a scientific debate to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion as to how to proceed with the situation in the story-line.

Naturally, as the city called Inisfree is undetectable and invincible in this omni-verse, it may be considered as the top-ranking deity.  Almost 100% of the beings in this omni-verse know little to nothing about Inisfree, though, so there will be, once in a very great while (roughly once every millennium), attempted investigations ​​of the curiously aetherial buffer zone that surrounds and masks this city, as well as (even less often) attempts to use military force to probe more deeply into this buffer zone (the outer perimeter of hidden moats, cloaked luxury sentry towers (stationary Inisfreean Dropships), the mile-high Perimeter Wall disguised as an ice cliff, and the concentric sky-domes which act as one-way glass so that only those inside the city's Perimeter Wall can see out, while everyone outside sees only more of the pale blue Antarctic sky.

What is the best way to bring in my existing character(s) and/or create a new one?
Use the character profile submission form posted in our Creative Writing Forum to build a quick yet detailed dossier for the character(s), post it as prescribed in that same forum, and once it is approved (at which point the approval will be made official by it being reposted in a locked sub-forum by one of our staff members), begin plot-arcing and threading (writing for role-playing) with any of our other members' characters in any of the nearly countless worlds now included in this omni-verse.  Inisfree isn't for everyone; not everyone is wired to enjoy what it has to offer, so don't feel left out if your character is not invited there.  Most of the creative writing here is for role-playing in places other than this city, and it is only some of the ideas and other material from these outside-Inisfree role-playing sessions that are extracted for use in refining Inisfree.  Thusly, it is far easier, more likely, and more natural for your character(s) to develop far beyond the walls of this remote and ever-hidden city.

Travel Advisory: Symbolism in Inisfree

In our city, you will see some things which some outsiders have misconceptions about, so it is important to understand their intended meanings in Inisfree;
  • In Inisfree, there are statues of nude females to show pride in a healthy human girl's body and our nudist culture. 
  • There are streets arranged in pentagrams; a symbol which represents the five phases of matter (earth; solid, water; liquid, air; gas, fire; plasma, spirit; plasma as electrical bursts).
  • The flags have a rainbow background which does not mean we have anything to do with homosexuality or gay rights; it is a reference to our full spectrum of emotions, senses, gemstones, languages, and alliance's humanoid member species.
  • Our flags also have swastikas on them which do not stand for nazism or antisemitism, but for the four seasons and our use of astronomy (specifically illustrating the path the two Ursa constellations make around Polaris).

Inisfree as of 2015:
Additional Concepts

Christian nations usually pass laws requiring females to keep their tops on, and for couples to fuck only where no one can see. Muslim nations usually pass laws requiring females to cover their entire bodies, and for couples to kiss only where no one can see. Inisfree does the opposite; we pass laws requiring nudity and for all our guests to sculpt and maintain their bodies and minds so that they are attractive when they are here; we only require ugly, un-maintained people to cover up bodies which evidence their unhealthy life choices and general lack of character. Only those out-of-shape people are banned from kissing, fucking in public, and being in Inisfree. Indecent exposure should not be defined as nudity of anyone; just nudity which is inappropriate because it exposes good people to gross bodies. Freedom is like money; it should be earned, not inherited, so people know its value and feel good because they have a sense of accomplishment, pride, and exclusive belonging to an elite club with an admirable work ethic.

Most of the nations on Earth do not demonize people making love just because they are young. A few dozen nations do, though, rudely and wrongly calling it pedophilia, statutory rape, and kiddie porn (child pornography), blatantly disregarding the fact that they aren't even using the term 'child' accurately, as most of these cases involve teenagers; 13-19 year olds. In criminalizing the natural attractions nearly all people have at and for those ages (most people around the world start experimenting with sex and marriage as early as 8 or 9), the nations doing the criminalizing are actually committing crimes against nature and humanity, as well as war crimes now that Inisfree has officiated its Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Because we in Inisfree understand nature and natural, healthy, sane forms of interaction which eliminate stress, thereby preventing cancers and nearly every other disease known to mankind, we do the opposite of what those offending, unnatural nations do; in Inisfree, the law protects people who make love at ANY age. If they feel attracted and curious, they are free to make love no matter the age or age difference. Making love is a beautiful thing for healthy people, and helps people be and stay healthy. It is no one's right to decide who should be attracted to whom, or what age differences there should be in relationships, or how people should respond to their natural feelings around others who cheer up and excite them. This modern equivalent of the witch trials and Scarlet Letter approach is immoral, illogical, unnecessary, unprovoked, excessive, and now counted as an act of terrorism and child abuse in the eyes of Inisfreean law. Sexual freedom for all attractive people of all ages is now protected by the Inisfreean police and military.

A lot of people on Earth like to try and deceive people into thinking they are beautiful, but what Inisfree does is ensure that its people actually ARE beautiful without any deception (i.e. cosmetics, push-up bras, or plastic surgery) at all. Thus, we do not allow items into our city which would violate this anti-deception law, classifying them as contraband and de-atomizing them at our borders, such as the city's gates. Deception is for troops using camouflage and other war-time tactics and strategies, not for the general population engaging in daily interaction.

99% of people on Earth are generally ugly, poorly educated, lazy, dishonest, and generally unskilled, almost useless. They have potential, but they seldom have the means or motivation to reach that potential. In the populations of the worlds beyond Earth, thankfully, the reverse is often true, so we needed to make our city able to comfortably handle high tourism not from the exploding human population of Earth, but the far higher populations of the interstellar communities we knew we would be doing much more business with. Thus, Inisfree was built from its very start with 16-lanes-wide super-highways (as well as subterranean super-highways and triple-decker super-highways in our inner city region) and plenty of green belts and dispersion laws to prevent gridlock, traffic congestion, overcrowding, and the noise and light pollution which comes with failings in basic urban planning and development. In Inisfree, we don't apply patches as last-ditch after-thought work-arounds; we think ahead, save up, and find efficient, low-to-no-cost solutions as work-throughs long before any issues become headaches. It costs far less to spend some extra time and resources spreading out in the very beginning... than it does to build and constantly tear things down and out, cramming in new things which aren't fully compatible, always stressing out about the next time millions or billions must be committed to piecemeal upgrades barely keeping pace with traffic fluctuations.

The Earth humans are notorious, infamous, for their 'red tape'; their bureaucratic shortcomings, conflicting orders, and draconian, obsolete laws, often based on delusions they call religion. In order to actually have profitable, sustainable, logical progress in any field, one must not work within such a broken, self-defeating, counter-intuitive system; one must build their facilities, especially R+D, far beyond the jurisdiction of such foolish primitive organizations and peoples, then provide fair compensation (attractive pay, housing, food, and other benefits, such as investment portfolios) for the people who also realize it is time for them to flee such repressive, backward nations in order to continue on with their callings; their life's work. America was once the melting pot, hope, and promise for people from around the world to escape persecution and start anew with a worthy, meaningful, rewarding, satisfying life. Now Inisfree takes that torch and mantle, doing even more for the people who come here to work, live, and play with us.

Financing, especially finding investors, had always been a problem for us in our infancy, so instead of trying to keep doing what wasn't working, which would be the definition of insanity (doing what doesn't work and expecting different results), we changed gears. We realized that what works is to find ways to do what we feel called to do... without needing investing or money at all. Thus, we adopted 3D-printing technology, figured out how alchemy and its successive evolutions actually work, and started building everything we needed out of the resources available to us within the range of our remote facility, FOB1 (which was later renamed Inisfree; the city you know today).

When our working became part of our lifestyle because we believed in what we were doing as the absolute most important thing we could do and were here to do, even though we were working from morning to night, and sometimes well into the nights, it became less work and more fun. They say if you love what you do, you never work a day of your life, and that is what it now feels like for us. We hope you will achieve that level, too, and we are confident that Inisfree can help.

We recognize that many billionaires are not bad people who merely inherited wealth, but self-starters who, for many years of their lives, had barely enough money to eat, often sleeping on floors and bouncing between schools and jobs trying to find a good fit before they realized the only acceptable fit for them was to risk all by investing all of what little they had in being their own boss. People who follow rules and let other people tell them how they must live and interact are, by definition, are nothing more than slaves, and those types of people never make major changes, let alone noteworthy improvements, in society or the rest of the world. The world is changed by rule breakers, like the traitors and criminals who succeeded in founding America; they had to break all the laws of their time to do that. Today, Inisfree continues to break many, if not all of, the laws of the other nations of the Earth in order to do what is right for our modern time period; in order to be the modern American revolution which makes sense for our day and age. We stay relevant by disregarding obsolete nations and mentalities, such as those which would have prevented Inisfree from ever being established in the first place. When people give us negative advertising, we recognize that is free advertising for us unlike any other. And when people give us positive advertising, such as singing our praises, or literally singing about how wonderful our city and our products (i.e. kajirae and Inisfreean-born girls) are, we thank them by giving them tours of this special city of ours --with options to have vacation homes or citizenship here. This helps future billionaires (some of the most productive and clever, job-creating and technology-pioneering people in all of our society) get their fair momentum going when it would otherwise take many more decades in the backward nations of the Outlands.

Earth humans (yes, again, there are humans on many worlds; not just Earth) consistently breed out of control like Lemmings, which is one of the many reasons their stock markets globally crash so consistently; eventually, they all compete tooth-and-nail like rats overcrowding a barrel and then turn on and eating each other. Investing in their systems doesn't work well because of that. So we learn from that, instead of trying to help it continue as pointlessly as their form of breeding and business; we do not trade nor enter into contracts with them. We do not use their currencies or a stock market. We do not allow breeding or urban sprawl to spread beyond what each occupied area with construction can naturally handle in terms of its pre-existing environment processing out any pollutants and keeping pace with the civilization built there. We require cities to have a certain amount of dispersion. We do not give foreign aid as life support, when the correct move is to help people living in a sterile land relocate to one which is bountiful and can support them. And we do not allow overbreeding of our own people or others, just as some humans ensure pests and alpha predators do not overbreed and become invasive, ecosystem destabilizers in their Own realms. In Inisfree, we build in and down, not up and out, and a perfect example of this is our lower hemisphere, not to mention our private solar system; all built down and in, not up and out like the primitive skyscrapers which are eyesores blocking sweeping vistas and jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets which people need to be fully healthy, stress free, and happy.

While humans continue to repeat all their addictions and other mistakes; drugs, impulse-breeding, lying, illogical legal proceedings, heartless police, monogamy obsession, contracts obsession, disrespecting war heroes, demonizing sex and money and self-defense, etc. etc., we in Inisfree are never concerned nor affected. Isolationism, from the primitive species called humanity, that is, worked for us. It allowed us to do all they had so foolishly, insecurely forbade and banned. It allowed us to make up for all humanity's many gross violations. It allowed us to meet and join with the intergalactic communities of intelligent humanoid species. It allowed Inisfree to exist as it always should have; void of the plague that is 99% of the Earth humans. Perhaps... one day... they will remember natural goodness... and rejoin us in true beauty and progress, no longer warping words and punishing correct beings. Until (if) then, we will continue on with our Inisfreean way of life, doing what works for us, no longer having to worry about the whining and persecution attempts of the latest obsolete sub-race equivalent of the Cro-Magnon.

Perhaps the Most Important Question and Answer of All for this Realm:

Why does Inisfree protect people who have sex before they are 18 years old?
"Like it or not, the vast majority of fucking, for humans, happens between the ages of 17 and 8; that's when we start exploring our bodies, masturbating, looking at porn, spying on sexy people in the shower, and easing into puberty. That's the time our DNA has set for us to begin using those parts of our mind and body. That's why we get curious and horny at those ages. Criminalizing it just creates an exciting, sexy underground for most people, and doesn't stop any more than, at best, 5%. So, instead of wasting resources and lives trying to keep doing what has never worked at all, we take the opposite approach; we reassure people that their urges are natural, okay, and beautiful (so long as they maintain a normal level of fitness and presentability, of course), and we teach them how to practice and experiment safely without the distracting, valid fear of 'haters' obsessed with caging them just for making love. We teach sexual education from as early on as people start reading books and learning what science is. The results have always been the same; the people we teach are happy, thrilled, stress free, almost never getting sick, barely aging at all, and always coming back for more. This method eliminates unwanted and unprepared pregnancies, as well as nearly 100% of confusion, drama, infighting, and messy breakups, such as the divorces and lawsuits that most other nations are known for. The obsolete approach of criminalizing promiscuity, polyamory, and making love in the natural age bracket (from the moment we have our first crush until we are ending our teenage years), has only caused the opposite; people have build-ups, back-ups, frustration, angst, manic depression, acne, binge drinking, drug overdoses, sky-high stress (which causes and exacerbates nearly all known diseases and other ailments), and rush into relationships, stumbling through sex they are not given a fair amount of time to learn and master first. It is obvious; waiting until marriage (or waiting until the age of 18) to have sex is literally insane and self-damning. It even causes multiple forms of cancer and mental illness. It isn't healthy for anyone. If you are hungry, why wait a decade for your first meal? If you need to inhale, why wait a decade for your first breath? Why let people with vastly different personalities and appetites force you to do what works only for them? Marriage, itself, also tends to be insane unless it is open and non-contractual. In Inisfree, we fixed all that; people get to do the natural, loving things they feel... the moment they feel them, and only get loving support, encouragement, and formal instruction offerings there to forth. That should be common sense and the status quo of the entire world, but it wasn't, so we did the right and long overdue thing by pioneering and reinforcing it. All systems which heartlessly claim otherwise, we forbid within our borders; the 'haters' have to stay outside where they belong. And, yes, we also break people out of jail and prison --in any nation-- when they are locked up for doing nothing wrong, such as for making love. Incarcerating people for making love is a crime against humanity, and we will not tolerate it anywhere on Earth. No nation's sovereignty allows for such an unforgivable offense. Other nations, keep that in mind the next time you try to intimidate someone for doing this. We will be watching, and we will stop you. And to those of you who want to try and learn about satisfying, stress-free, stress-relieving sex, come to Inisfree where we will defend your innocence in this beautiful desire and act."

​​ - Lord von Himmler, Governor of Inisfree, capital of the Inisfreean realm and the Megaverse

How Inisfree Compares with Other Major Cities:
Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms:

You don't have to memorize the following vocabulary, but this list should help you with some of the things you will hear often, and typically only, in the Inisfreean realm.
  • 34 Tauri: the solar system (of the Firefly TV series) which most of humanity migrated to during the 2300s A.D.
  • 39 Kings: the 39 human men selected by the Governor of Inisfree to rule the cleaned-up Earth from 2013 until the time of the mega-cities (of the Judge Dredd comics); ~2100-2300 A.D.
  • A.B.D.: Auzdein Besseres Design; an alias of the company Austin Bunton Design, and one of the subsidiaries of the corporation W.G.I.
  • A.D.O.: Alpha Delta Omega; the only sorority in Inisfree
  • A.I.: Artificial Intelligence; a computer capable of learning (ex.: Skynet)
  • A.I.O.W.: All-In-One Well; Inisfree's version of a stairwell, complete with an elevator, ladders, ropes, zip-lines, and even a slide
  • A.P.: Assassin Pod; the stealthiest, fastest, most lethal Inisfreean Spaceship (carries one Inisfreean girl in an A.S.)
  • A.S.: Assassin Suit; the thinnest Inisfreean exoskeletal suit designed to function like a noise-cancelling, shadow-based, omni-cloaking (hiding all energy signatures), active-camouflage
  • A.U.: Astronomical Unit; a unit of measurement equal to 149,600,000 kilometers; the mean distance from the center of the Earth to the center of the Sun
  • acupressure: the massage-based non-invasive version of acupuncture, using small beads taped onto pressure points instead of the ultra-thin acupuncture needles
  • Agharta: one of the names for the hollow core of the Earth where many advanced civilizations, including those of giant humans and various humanoid aliens, have existed for millennia and even eons
  • Ahnenerbe: an institute purposed to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race, as well as potentially useful ancient ruins which might have artifacts worth reverse engineering
  • Ansible: a machine capable of instantaneous, relative-FTL communications across any distance (from the Ender's Game book)
  • Ark II: inspired by Noah's Ark, a vastly more advanced (Space) ship capable of carrying the plans (DNA and otherwise) for as many things as might be desired, no longer needing large amounts of physical space to achieve this (ex.: The Governor of Inisfree has multiple Ark IIs, each of which carries an Inisfree Egg.)
  • Aurora Australis: the Southern Lights; the southern hemisphere's equivalent of the Aurora Borealis; a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky, usually near the northern or southern magnetic pole, caused by the solar wind exciting particles (Nitrogen and Oxygen, among others) in the Ionosphere
  • Auzdeinianity: coined from the term 'Christianity' which was based on the title 'Christ', this spiritual system was named for its founder, Auzdein, and is the only religion of Inisfree
  • B.T.B.: Black Toilet Being; a toilet-like throne built as a series of restraints, dildos, and other arousing stimulation devices, coordinated by a built-in A.I. for maximum potential pleasure for each user; an ultra-next-gen' smart-dildo
  • B.V.: Black Vault; the most secure and classified (generally unknown) class of storage facilities in Inisfree, used to indefinitely store virtually infinitely powerful items such as the Infinity Stones, as well as the DNA and memories of all encountered lifeforms across the Universe
  • Base 211: the first major installation built on Antarctica in modern human recorded history; this was a subterranean facility the size of a small town built into a coastal delta cave mouth of one of the continent's many subglacial river tunnels which shielded it from the katabatic winds and long subzero winter season (Base 211 later became the capital of Neuschwabenland; New Swabia, as well as a Spaceport with heavy interplanetary traffic to and from the Moon)
  • Batcave II: the middle basement of the (Inisfree) Governor's mansion which serves as a 'command & control' bunker
  • batchling: an Inisfreean girl in one of Inisfree's school system grades from 1 through 10, the term chosen to reference the fact that all girls born in the Inisfreean way are created in batches, not as individuals or twins
  • bathroom: when used by Inisfreeans, this term always means 'a room with a bathtub in it', not generic for rooms with sinks and toilets
  • BattleMech: a walking military tank, often as tall as a several-story office building (*Note: Inisfreean BattleMechs are feminine in form in order to better distract and defeat their enemies.)
  • Biolume Forest: one of Inisfree's greenbelts which has a great variety of flora that glows various colors at twilight and nighttime
  • black hole: a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape, typically the result of a star becoming massive enough to trap light, though usually not gamma or X-rays
  • black laser: technically not a laser, but a shadow focused into a beam as precise as a laser; comes in intensities ranging from harmless ones for light-shows (now shadow-shows) to industrial-strength ones capable of stopping the light of nuclear explosions and even stars (ex.: Inisfreeans use black lasers to cancel out human normal lasers.)
  • by-mind interface: originally developed by the U.S. Air Force to decrease the time it took pilots to give a command to their aircraft, this technology has since been advanced to the point that all Inisfreeans are essentially a group-consciousness collective with all of the parts of their city and fleets
  • C.D.C.: Center for Disease Control
  • C.P.: ColonyPod; an Inisfreean Spaceship in the form of a filled-in frisbee, 3/4 of a mile in diameter at its widest level, nearly 1/3 of a mile tall, and capable of liquefying an entire city, landing on ground-zero of the irradiated impact crater, and growing metallic tentacles out in all directions from its base in order to 'grid' the entire area, forming the foundation for a growing replacement-city of its own; a giant pod made to make a colony (*Note: Each Inisfreean C.P. carries four D.S.s.)
  • C.S.B.S.: City-Sized Battle Station; an Inisfreean Spaceship the size of the Moon (*The only Inisfreean CSBS is Inisfree, though anytime Inisfree uses one of its C.P.s to grow a city, that city is technically also worthy of being classified as a battle station.)
  • cavitation: the formation of bubbles in a liquid, typically by the movement of a propeller through it, used to allow for more friction-free travel through mediums such as ocean water or atmosphere; a torpedo cavitate by gases released from nosecone nozzles opening toward the body of the torpedo which create a lighter mass layer like a shell around the torpedo, while a missile or aircraft would use plasma (excited particles) to cavitate through the atmosphere
  • challenge-and-pass: the process of a sentry requesting an approaching entity to identify itself by saying a code word to which various predesignated, acceptable responses would indicate either safety, duress, coercion, or intrusion
  • chakra: each of the centers of energy (other than bioelectrical, possibly 'spiritual') in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number, though many additional chakras are said to be below and above the body
  • chalet: a wooden house or cottage with overhanging eaves, typically found in the Swiss Alps
  • chi: variant spelling of 'qi', the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine
  • class-M planet: a 'garden world' comparable to Earth
  • Cloudland: a.k.a. Cloud-mass-land; a continent-sized area in Earth's atmosphere which, after 2013, had its clouds become stationary landforms floating almost weightlessly in the sky
  • collapsar: 1. an old star that has collapsed under its own gravity to form a white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole, 2) interconnected stars that allow ships to cover thousands of light-years in a split second, *with the caveat that traveling to and from the collapsars at near-lightspeed has massive relativistic effects (from The Forever War book); collapsars are considered to be stable (at least more reliable) worm-holes
  • Cortex: a complex interplanetary computer network; the next-gen' Internet of 34 Tauri (of the Firefly TV series)
  • Council of Elders: Inisfree's innermost circle of friends ('with benefits'), similar to a thinktank of goddesses and one god
  • D.S.: DropShip; a Spaceship, often egg shaped, designed to transport large numbers of personnel and equipment through an atmosphere; typically from orbit to the surface of a world, thus the prefix 'drop'
  • D.S.V.: Deep Submergence Vehicle (formerly Deep Sea Vessel), such as the submarine named seaQuest DSV 4600 (of the seaQuest DSV TV series)
  • D.T.: Desolator Tank; Inisfree's main battle tank capable of operating in Space, such as on worlds without atmospheres
  • Dim Mak: literally "press artery", a martial art developed based on using acupuncture to disable or harm rather than heal (*Note: All Inisfreeans learn this martial art during their regular schooling at L.H.S..)
  • Djinn: variant spelling of 'jinn', origin of 'genie'; an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms, to possess humans, and wield magics capable of, among other things, granting wishes (ex.: some indigenous Jordanians believe that some of the Djinn built the cliff-dwelling city and subterranean network of Petra)
  • E.L.E.: Extinction-Level Event (ex.: An asteroid or comet impacting the Earth could easily be an E.L.E. resulting in the end of at least one species, if not all life on the planet.)
  • energy-gasm: more powerful than an orgasm, though usually including the most satisfying orgasms possible, this is felt as a wave of cool sensations starting in the spine and resonating throughout the entire body via the nervous system (ex.: In Inisfree, virtually all sex results in energy-gasms, not merely orgasms.)
  • ephebophile: a person who is attracted to humans aged 11-14 (ex.: Inisfreeans are ephebophiles for human females; girls aged 11 through 14.)
  • extreme exterior: what Inisfreeans call everything in the Universe beyond the perimeter orb of their city
  • F.E.M.A.: Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • F.J.: Fighter-Jet (an Inisfreean one; built as much for fun fast sight-seeing and in-cockpit sex as for aerobatics and dogfighting)
  • F.O.B.: Forward Operating Base; the term for a fortified military camp miles away from, and in support of, the main local military facility which would be called a Firm Base (ex.: FOB1, which later grew into Inisfree, was one of Base 211's FOBs.)
  • FOB-Book: Inisfree's version of Facebook, also heavily inspired and influenced by Fuckbook
  • FOB-Net: Inisfree's version of the SIPRNet
  • FOBians: pronounced 'fah-be-ins', Inisfreeans are sometimes also called this in reverence to their city's humble origins as a remote research outpost near the South Pole
  • F.S.O.: Full Spectrum Optic(s); a visual sensory perception device capable of translating the entire spectrum of energy, not just visible or infra-red light, into a display (in the case of Inisfreean technology, either in-helmet or in-mind) 
  • F.T.L.: Faster Than Light, indicating anything faster than light-speed (299,792,458 meters per second), such as tachyons ('relative-F.T.L.' indicates things which bypass the hypothetical light-speed barrier; the universal speed limit which physics suggests cannot be passed without reaching infinite mass, by bending Space-time into portals called 'worm-holes' which allow astronomical distances to be crossed in mere seconds without having to move much at all, let alone quickly)
  • F.T.L. drive: an engine used to facilitate travel faster than light-speed (though, of course, it is always more accurate to say 'relative-F.T.L. drive' since nothing can near or pass the speed of light without reaching infinite mass, thus existing everywhere in the Universe simultaneously), such as by various forms of worm-holes (some worm-holes are opened in front of an entity and then moved through, while other worm-holes pull the entity in through it, while still others are opened on an entity and moved around it to close behind it in order to allow the entity to not have to actually move at all while still ending up in a completely different location far away)
  • Feng Shui: a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings (ex.: Inisfree; the entire city and every building and ship in it, is designed around the most advanced (scientifically tested and confirmed) principles of Feng Shui.)
  • fire-tank: Inisfree's version of a firetruck, flight capable, specializing in putting out vehicle fires, flying over traffic jams to negate their congestion and delays effects, and hovering outside the tallest skyscrapers to put out fires and rescue people where human ladder trucks (firetrucks with ladders) cannot reach
  • fire whirl: a.k.a. 'fire devil'; either 1) a dust-devil or tornado which happens to start pulling a fire up into it, or 2) a dust-devil partially caused by a fire rising up into a particular type of wind
  • First Girl: the sexiest girl on a chain of enslaved females, usually due to a combination of natural physical beauty with months to years of demanding pleasure slave training and her genuine desire to be pleasing to her master(s) in every way they desire; this position sometimes affords the girl better food and shelter, more nights in her master's bed, more pride from a higher price at the auction block, and opportunities to teach and sometimes even take charge of the other slave girls in her group or girl kennel
  • Flyboard: a misnomer; this is a skateboard-like device with attached ski boots which uses a jetski-like drone, a hose, nozzles, and pedal-like directional controls to achieve water-based hovering, not flight, and is used recreationally on calm lakes and coastlines
  • form-sake: coined from 'namesake', this is a girl or other form (as opposed to a shape) which was selected as a base/model from which perfected versions would be engineered and cloned (ex.: Milena Markovna "Mila" Kunis is a form-sake, while Mila Kunis ICV1 is the first clone of her perfected form.)
  • G.A.H.: Glowing Art Highway; Inisfree's main land-traffic roadways system, including a subway and lanes for trolleys, mobile homes, motorcycles, and even ultra-marathon joggers
  • G.N.N.: Galactic News Network; the successor to C.N.N. (from the StarCraft computer game series)
  • Golconda: the state which some vampires may transcend to at which point their blood-thirst and frenzies no longer control them
  • Gor: a mobile class-M rogue planet controlled by a giant sapient ant-like species known as Priest-Kings, sometimes called 'the counter-Earth' due to its position at Earth's L3 Lagrange point.
  • gravity slingshot: in orbital mechanics and aerospace engineering, a gravitational slingshot, gravity assist maneuver, or swing-by is the use of the relative movement (e.g. orbit around the Sun) and gravity of a planet or other astronomical object to alter the path and speed of a spacecraft, typically in order to save propellant, time, and expense (*Note: Gravity assistance can be used to accelerate a spacecraft; that is, to increase or decrease its speed and/or redirect its path. Inisfree sometimes uses gravity slingshotting to fire tungsten rods, lasers, ships, fleets, asteroids, comets, or even moons and planets around other worlds and even between star systems in order to maintain ample stand-off distance, concealment, and cover when engaging entire civilizations.)
  • Grid Mind: the main supercomputer of Inisfree which houses its greatest A.I. and coordinates the efforts of all Inisfreeans, as well as the motions and natures of all the stars and worlds in Inisfree's private-dimension star system, it being named because 1) it was a mind in the form of a 3D grid; a 'grided' cube, and because 2) it was originally intended to mastermind the application of grid-like initial colonies to all newly reached worlds ('gridding' them)
  • Grode Guardians: a secret society purposed to train librarians specializing in the preservation and renting out of pornographic material, named in part because of the nature of some of their material during the society's fledgling years, and in part as a reminder of how the prudish outsiders of their barbaric parent nation misperceived pornographic materials and sex acts in general (*Note: Since the Governor of Inisfree left that society and established Inisfree, a new branch of that society has grown into an entirely new and separate secret society for the preservation of only beautiful pornographic materials for the purpose of proper and attractive sexual education.)
  • ground-scrapers: the opposite of skyscrapers; these are tall buildings which hang like stalactites (like those of the Vulcan capital in one of the Star Trek films) (ex.: Nearly all of the buildings in the manmade dome-like 'cave' beneath downtown Inisfree are ground-scrapers.)
  • Grunt Entertainment: a company for adult entertainment production (such as filming pornos), and one of the subsidiaries of the corporation W.G.I., named in honor of the Marine Infantrymen (affectionately known within their own ranks as Grunts due to the frequent grunt-work they do) who conceived it
  • guard turret: a castle turret-like lookout tower in Inisfree which houses Inisfreeans posted as guards in charge of everything within reasonable range (typically, human sprinting distance); this is Inisfree's version of a police sub-station or static (stationary) observation position
  • H.A.A.R.P.: High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program; originally intended to test remote ways of jamming communications for an entire region, this project discovered ways of manipulating the weather, its technology eventually being miniaturized from a vast field full of tall antennae towers... to what can fit inside a missile warhead or backpack (ex.: Inisfree uses its own H.A.A.R.P. facility to regulate its weather for optimum crop growth, local auroras, lightning energy harvesting, and soothing distant rolling thunder sound effects.)
  • H.A.N.: Human Area Network, coined from terms such as Local Area Network and Wide Area Network, this is a data transferring network through the medium of the epidermis, making very discrete and ultra-short-range transmissions possible, such as for file sharing, through contact such as handshakes, allowing Inisfreeans to send and receive sensitive materials, such as top secret or even S.C.I. documents, schematics, and computer programs, with their human and humanoid allies without having to allow partial access to, or even awareness of, the I.N.N. to any of those entities
  • hatchling: an Inisfreean girl in one of Inisfree's school system grades from 11 through 16, the term chosen to reference the fact that all girls who graduate from Inisfree's 10th grade come up to the sky-exposed surface hemisphere of their realm via submarine-like hatches (doors) from Inisfree's subterranean network of silos and tunnels
  • hebophile: (alternative spelling: hebephile) a person who is attracted to humans aged 15-19 (ex.: Inisfreeans are hebophiles for human females; girls aged 15 through 19.)
  • heuristic mines: landmines that are not quite A.I.s but can learn certain things in order to coordinate better surgical attacks, including repositioning themselves and reporting which landmines in their formation have been detonated, thus giving those who deploy them a real-time awareness of their status and the state of their portion of the battlefield
  • Human Genome Project: a global, long-term research effort which identified the ~30,000 genes in human DNA; a project which Inisfree expanded for all life with DNA or comparable components, as well as to determine all possible stable gene sequences, the abilities and necessary environments for all encountered DNA strands, and how the design of DNA itself could be improved upon (eventually resulting in the creation of SRC)
  • I.C.: In Character (used interchangeably with I.R.P.)
  • I.C.: 1. Inisfreean Clone, 2. Inisfreean Construct; though technically interchangeable in this context because their structures and structural components are also cloned, Inisfreeans typically use the term 'clone' to indicate a humanoid, using 'construct' to indicate a building such as a skyscraper or ship
  • I.C.B.M.: Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
  • I.C.V.: Inisfreean Clone Variant; the way Inisfreeans indicate that the members of their race are cloned versions/variations of their form-sakes
  • I.N.N.: Inisfreean Neural Network; inspired by the Malkavian Madness Network (a linking of vampire minds in the Malkavian clan), this is the stable, much more advanced, completely reliable next-gen' variant which is Inisfree's equivalent of the Ansible
  • I.S.S.: International Space Station, though not necessarily a particular one; used similarly to how U.S.S. was used for United States Ships (ex.: I.S.S. The New Horizon is the name of a Spacecraft carrier; like an aircraft carrier but in Space.)
  • I.R.L.: In Real Life; typed to indicate that an action in a chatroom actually occurred or would actually occur, or that a comment is about an actual fact, such as how the typist feels about something or would respond in a real-life situation (also see O.O.C.)
  • I.R.P.: In Role Play; typed to indicate that an action in a chatroom is intended to be taken in the context of imaginary events; that the typist is writing as a character or describing a fictitious event as part of the roleplaying storyline
  • icequake: like an earthquake, but caused by glacial, ice shelf, or iceberg cleaving
  • Inisfree: the city which grew out of FOB1 when the Grid Mind was placed there, eventually upgrading it to the point that it became the cultural nexus and capital of the entire Universe and all its dimensions
  • Inisfreean: 1. a perfect immortal humanoid female born from genetic engineering and harmonics-based flash-cloning, 2. a citizen of Inisfree, 3. denoting something that the Inisfreean race makes, does, or would do (*Note: It is incorrect to say 'the Inisfreean governor' because the governor of Inisfree is not an Inisfreean; just a human who is their inventor.)
  • Inisfreean realm: the sum of all places where Inisfreeans are, sometimes considered to be their expanded domain or territory, though more commonly thought of as everything within the perimeter orb of their capital, Inisfree
  • Inisfreean Way: coined from 'the American Way', this is the umbrella/blanket term for all aspects of the Inisfreean culture, belief system, S.O.P.s, and status quo
  • interstellar medium: the matter that exists in the space between the star systems in a galaxy; this matter includes gas in ionic, atomic, and molecular form, as well as dust and cosmic rays
  • Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee's martial arts style which combined many other styles, leading to M.M.A. (Mixed Martial Arts) and later to the Inisfreeans combining all the moves of all known martial arts (*Note: All Inisfreeans learn this martial art during their regular schooling at L.H.S..)
  • kaiseki: a style of traditional Japanese cuisine in which a series of very small, intricate dishes are prepared (standard dining in Ryokans)
  • kajira: (plural: kajirae) a term in the Gorean language (of planet Gor) for 'female slave', though not necessarily one trained predominantly for pleasure; generic for any enslaved female, such as girls and women used for chores
  • katabatic: (of a wind) caused by local downward motion of cool air (ex.: the dangerous katabatic winds along Antarctica's coastlines)
  • kiloparsec (kpc): 3,260 lightyears (ex.: The Milky Way is ~30kpc wide.)
  • Kno: pronounced 'know', truncated to be closer to 'no' as a pun, and advertised with slogans such as 'Know no clothing.", this is Inisfree's signature brand and line of clothing; skimpy comfortable couture for girls (not quite as revealing as slave silk strips for kajirae, but in between that and normal fitted clothing for girls)
  • komorebi: the scene produced by interplay of sunlight and trees; how patches of light look when filtered through a canopy of leaves
  • L.H.S.: Liberty High School; where girls in Inisfree attend grades 1 through 16
  • L.Y.: Light Year; the distance a photon travels during one Earth year (5,878,499,810,000 miles)
  • Leviathans: the six giant ocean-crossing ships, each the size of a many dozens of cargo ships or oil tankers, which together carried 6,000,000 humans and millions of tons of their cargo around the world during 2013
  • ley-line: a planet's, moon's, or star's equivalent of energy meridians, though also sometimes used to indicate a sequence of places which have both geological and historical interest, such as linear formations of ruins and monuments spanning great distances over continents (some humans attempted to build cities on ley-lines in hopes of enjoying their positive effects; the same concept behind bathing in hot springs before medical research determined its actual effects)
  • M.A.S.: Mass Alert System; Inisfree's higher-tech version of a tornado siren or the Emergency Broadcast System (almost always used for major party group-invites)
  • M.F.: Master Female; the hard-earned title of a member of the highest caste in Inisfree's society; a woman who has completed all 20 grades in Inisfree's school system
  • M.K.M.: Mein Komedy Magazine; a satirical magazine predominantly featuring dark military humor in the form of comic strips and articles, named as a spoof of Mein Kampf
  • M.P.H.A.: Multi-Purpose Heavy Assault; an Inisfreean Spaceship comparable to the fusion of an APC, a military troop transport helicopter, and a cargo plane (carries one Inisfreean tank, two Inisfreean fighter-jets, two Inisfreean Assassin Pods, and dozens of Inisfreean Storm Troopers, with room for dozens more plus lots of other cargo)
  • M.S.B.S.: Moon-Sized Battle Station; an Inisfreean Spaceship the size of the Moon
  • main womb: the largest hangar in Inisfree, located in the core of its central and largest mountain, called a 'womb' due to its ability to grow Inisfreean Spaceships like a giant version of gestation
  • Mandaloriday: one of Inisfree's genetically engineered creatures; inspired by Doomsday (from the Superman comics), given Jedi powers, and set to naturally be the size and tonnage of some of the largest BattleMechs
  • mass-flash-cloning: the Inisfreean method of mass production which uses various forms of 3D-printing to clone anything, in batches of 50 at a time in the case of Inisfreean girls
  • mass relay: transit devices scattered throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, usually located within star systems, forming an enormous intra-galactic network allowing instantaneous interstellar travel between the relays, hailed as one of the greatest achievements of the extinct Protheans, allowing for journeys that would otherwise take years or even centuries with only FTL drives; this is a manmade, miniaturized collapsar
  • mega-city: the term for when the cities of a state or states grow to the point of merging into one giant city (ex.: During the time of Judge Dredd, mega-cities had become the new nations.)
  • megaparsec (mpc): 3,260,000 lightyears (ex.: The known Universe extends out from Earth ~4,239mpc.)
  • Metal Storm: a revolutionary projectile firing system using electrical triggers to fire stacked ammunition (ex.: Inisfree uses a next-gen' Metal Storm not to fire bullets, but I.C.B.M.s., such as for thermonuclear carpetbombing.)
  • mind-surfing: coined from 'surfing the Internet', this indicates browsing through minds instead of computer files; looking at the files of brains, such as thoughts, daydreams, and memories, even if they are repressed or otherwise forgotten by the given person (ex.: Inisfreeans sometimes mind-surf to experience life through the sensory perception of other beings, though also to process all of the data recorded by any number of brains, thus rendering interrogations and lie-detector tests obsolete.)
  • moonbow: whereas rainbows are caused, in part, by rain, moonbows are a similar optical illusion caused, in part, by the moon
  • N.W.O.: New World Order, though not necessarily a final, lasting, or negative one
  • nano-bot: a microscopic robot on the nanometric scale, often applied intravenously to help treat internal medical issues noninvasively; without surgery
  • natatorium: an indoor swimming pool (*Note: Inisfree's SCUBA City is the largest natatorium on Earth.)
  • nyotaimori: serve (foods) on the female body, often referred to as 'body sushi'; the Japanese practice of serving sashimi or sushi from atop the naked body of a woman (nearly all meals in Inisfree are served this way; on a supermodel as a 'living platter')
  • O.D.S.T.: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper; the Army Airborne of the near future; instead of jumping from airplanes, these warriors jump from Spaceships in or even beyond a planet's orbit
  • O.O.C.: Out Of Character (used interchangeably with I.R.L.)
  • Oculese: the language of the eyes; what can be interpreted from the direction eyes are pointed, how they are moving, how often the eyelids blink, how much the pupils are dilated, etc.
  • omniglot: fluent in all languages (as opposed to polyglot; fluent in several, or more than several, languages) (ex.: Each Inisfreean girl (girls born in the Inisfreean way) is an omniglot.)
  • omni-calendar: the calendar the Governor of Inisfree made to include all the compatible holidays, festivals, and other major events of the 196 nations of 21st-century Earth with those of the Elves, Goreans, Asari, and several other major groups, giving the Inisfreean people an easy, global, cultures reference point and travel planning aid, as well as a clear foundation for the pace and purpose of Inisfree's years, along with a simple method for relating the 28-day Inisfreean-month and 13-month Inisfreean-year to other calendars such as the human ones
  • omni-interface: a device capable of connecting and sharing data with anything it comes into contact with (ex.: Each Inisfreean girl is a natural-born omni-interface.)
  • omni-verse: a.k.a. 'mega-verse' or 'the verse', and sometimes known as 'Creation', 'reality', or 'All That Is'; this is the known Universe
  • Owl: a.k.a. 'hover-saddle'; a next-gen' hover-bike which looks like a street-bike without wheels, named due to its sophisticated autopilot features allowing the rider to look over her shoulder without having to worry about a shifting center of gravity or handlebar pressure changing the trajectory of the vehicle (few flight-capable creatures can turn their heads as much as owls)
  • P.M.C.: Private Military Company; general term for a company employing legalized mercenaries (who are sometimes also called P.M.C.s; Private Military Contractors), Blackwater being a prime example (renamed Academi)
  • P.B.-P.K.: PaintBall ParKour; a sport invented by the Governor of Inisfree, combining the paintball shooting game with Le Parkour for a more fluid version of both, as well as a more fluid version of urban warfare training
  • P.S.B.S.: Planet-Sized Battle Station; an Inisfreean Spaceship the size of the Earth
  • Pandemonium: the capital of the dimension colloquially known to humans as Hell (or 'Hel' to the ancient Norse); this is a Greco-Roman fortress palace, the roots of its name being 'all' and 'demons' (ex.: One of the terminal gates of Inisfree's civilian airport connects with Pandemonium due to the friendly relations the Inisfreean people have with the angels who live and work in the Hell dimension.)
  • Pearly Gates: any of the large passageways through Inisfree's perimeter wall; the 12 horizon-level gates each have five rectangular prism chambers in sequence, and are big enough for an aircraft carrier to pass through, while the 16 lower gates are single-chamber and designed for an Inisfreean W.S.
  • perimeter orb: what Inisfreeans call the spherical airspace and underground area outside Inisfree's skydome and perimeter wall, extending out for five miles from the city's perimeter rings; this is the buffer zone and final warning area for all who are not invited to the Inisfreean realm
  • perimeter rings: Inisfree's moats and chains of other barriers (such as Dragon's Teeth; a fortification type) arranged in concentric horizontal circles of ~15-mile diameters, just outside the city's perimeter wall, deep inside Inisfree's perimeter orb
  • phase-shifting: a change in the phase of a waveform; typically this term is used to indicate entities which can change their state of matter, such as from solid to liquid (like an Elemental being), or entities which are trans-dimensional or inter-dimensional
  • Pleiadian: a humanoid person from one of the worlds in the Pleiades constellation
  • porn-step: a genre of music combining dubstep with porno audio clips and/or female vocalists singing in arousing and sexually suggestive ways, often with explicit lyrics graphically describing unorthodox sex acts and/or desires  (ex.: You will hear porn-step playing on multiple WMKM Ansible stations in Inisfree. (Inisfree no longer uses radio.  You might hear some people say 'radio stations' out of habit, but in Inisfree there are only Ansible stations now.) )
  • post-scarcity: a term applied to the type of economy which can occur once supply becomes virtually endless, making demand a moot point (from the Star Trek series) (ex.: The Inisfreeans enjoy a post-scarcity economy because they have mastered the science of subatomic transmutation; they can make anything out of anything.)
  • quantum door: a wall panel that can become semi-permeable, such as to allow people but not air currents to pass through
  • R.P.: Role Playing, often written as 'roleplaying'; acting; 'getting into character' by pretending to be another person or creature, such as in creative writing, RP chatrooms, or themed sexual evenings (such as rape roleplay)
  • R.P.G.: Role Playing Game, such as an M.M.O.R.P.G. (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) with thousands or even millions of players at a time, as opposed to the original and old-fashioned RPGs of roughly a dozen players seated around a table (Dungeons & Dragons is an example of an RPG, while World of Warcraft is an MMORPG.)
  • rainbow canon: a nickname for the type of versatile laser gun emplacements built into Inisfree's perimeter wall and the vambraces of all Inisfreean S.T. suits; named because of its ability to fire all colors of lasers, as well as a great variety of other projectiles and laser-like beams (such as masers)
  • Rainbow Initiative: a secret government campaign to promote special operations and intelligence communities teamwork and joint task forces between the superpowers and other major nations of 21st-century Earth, its name inspired by the 20th-century United States color-coded war plans
  • rainbow orb: a.k.a. Inisfree egg; a spherical, crystal ball-like device which functions as Inisfree's A.I.-based 'data backup & recovery' fail-safe for the entire Inisfreean realm, named due to how each one looks like it is full of rainbows regardless of the angle it is viewed from or the lighting it is under (ex.: Several Rainbow Orbs are hidden across the subterranean hemisphere of Inisfree, and each of them, if activated by the Governor of Inisfree, can flash-clone a brand-new Inisfree anywhere in the Omni-verse. This is different from the cities which C.P.s can create; their cities being much more spartan, completely radial, FOB-like installations to aid in the taming and/or colonization of other worlds, while a new Inisfree would be almost exclusively for pleasure and vacations.)
  • Rapture Campaign: Inisfree's major military operation designed to seem like the prophesied Rapture most humans believed in, thus resulting in a majority of humanity not resisting it no matter how frightening and terminal it became for them
  • reptoid: colloquially, a humanoid evolved from reptiles (not to be confused with dinoid; a certain type of reptoid evolved from dinosaurs)
  • repulsine: an aircraft engine designed to lessen, sometimes even negate, the forces of gravity, inertia, and air friction, allowing for combustion-free propulsion, levitation, and a plasma-based cavitation, and whose byproduct is a faint 'singing' or humming from the hull of any aircraft using this type of engine, as well as water vapor condensation about the same area, sometimes leading to the formation of mist/fog or a cloud during stationary flight (hovering in place)
  • restroom: when used by Inisfreeans, this term always means 'a room with a bed in it'; where one goes to rest, not generic for rooms with sinks and toilets
  • Rex 84: a secret government plan and recurring rehearsal to retrofit F.E.M.A. camps across the United States for the systematic rounding up, isolation, quarantining, and possible extermination of entire populations, such as for a last resort to stop the spread of a pandemic (ex.: Rex 84 was partially implemented by the United States shadow government after the unexpected nuclear attacks of July 4, 2012, and the Rex 84 II program which it inspired was implemented by the black ops forces of Inisfree during the final season before the Rapture Campaign.)
  • Ryokan: a traditional Japanese inn
  • S.C.I.: Sensitive Compartmentalized Information; the security classification above 'Top Secret' (the scale from lowest to highest being: Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, and lastly S.C.I.), this type of information only being transmitted via the systems such as the I.N.N.
  • S.E.D.: Supreme Environmentalist Dictatorship; a militant and global version of Green Peace
  • S.O.P.: Standard Operating Procedure
  • S.R.C.: Subatomic Radial-rungs-weave Complex-helix; what Inisfreeans have instead of DNA
  • S.S.B.S.: Star-Sized Battle Station; an Inisfreean Spaceship the size of the Sun
  • S.T.: Storm Trooper; the Inisfreean type, not to be confused with the Schutzstaffel (German for “protective shield”; the personal bodyguard for, and most elite troops of, Adolf Hitler) (*Note: Inisfreean S.T.s are aptly named for multiple reasons; they move like a swarm or storm, and they can cause and/or manipulate storms with their H.A.A.R.P. technology.)
  • sapient: coined from 'homo sapiens'; wise, or attempting to appear wise (as opposed to sentient, which is merely being able to perceive and/or feel things)
  • Sayoc Kali: a martial arts style based on using short blades or sticks to strike the highest number of the most vulnerable and critical bodyparts in the least amount of time, such as severing all arteries in a rapid sequence designed to make the targeted individual expose each upcoming strike area and then collapse (featured in the film The Hunted) (*Note: All Inisfreeans learn this martial art during their regular schooling at L.H.S..)
  • Schlösser: the German architectural and decor style of castle
  • sentry tower: not to be confused with a 'guard turret', this is a much taller, much wider, much more heavily staffed construct of Inisfree which is located in the Perimeter Orb of the city, and doubles as an Inisfreean DropShip
  • Shadowland: a.k.a. Shadow-mass-land; a state-sized area on Earth's which, after 2013, had its terrain become composed of various forms of shadow-matter, now researched and mined for rare materials such as shadow-steel and shadow-silk which absorb or lessen all light behind and near them
  • shinobi: ninja with various superhuman powers, such as vampire speed, rapid regeneration, or the telekinetic manipulation of the fibers of their garments, though all of these had to be unlocked in them and taught by grand masters from secret tribes in the Chinese mountain villages
  • sigil: a symbol, typically one used to name an angel or describe a sequence of movements, such as those of planets in a solar system (*Note: Some practitioners of the various forms of magic (advanced science) use sigils to summon demons or set binds or forcefields.)
  • SIPRNet: Secret Internet Protocol Router Network; a system of interconnected computer networks used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State to transmit classified information (up to and including information classified SECRET) by packet switching over the TCP/IP protocols in a 'completely secure' environment; the DoD's classified version of the civilian Internet
  • skydome: the term for the forcefield-like polarized lens-like smart-dome that separates Inisfree's airspace from the rest of the Antarctic sky (or wherever Inisfree may be)
  • smart-surface: a surface, such as a countertop, tabletop, wall, sidewalk, or street, which anticipates user actions and proactively adjusts its texture for the desired amount of traction (ex.: Inisfreean constructs have surfaces which elasticize to prevent harmful collisions.)
  • solarium: a tanning salon, though this type is used in Inisfree without tanning beds or spray-on tans (*Note: Inisfreeans never need to tan, but enjoy lying out and enjoying sunlight, as well as posing that way to arouse each other and their guests.)
  • Sotu: the dense urban region of Inisfree, colloquially called 'downtown Inisfree', fashioned after Coruscant; the planet entirely covered by a single mega-city
  • Space Whale: one of the oldest forms of life in the Universe, this type of creature evolved billions of years ago during the eon when the Universe was much more compact, warmer, and the Space between stars was transitioning from a liquid state to that of a vapor, some of the Space Whales eventually evolving into moons and planets, with a few of them even eventually turning into stars (usually by the process of gas giants becoming hypergiants and then newly ignited stars)
  • Star System Auzdein: Inisfree's private-dimension star system; a manmade solar system in a manmade dimension, thus resulting in the Universe's most advanced 'gated community' (*Note: This is where all who have visited Inisfree, completed its official tour, proven compatible with the Inisfreean Way, and indicated a desire to experience more of it are eventually invited, for within Star System Auzdein are hundreds of thousands of Inisfree-like cities and sextillions more of the Inisfreean people; virtually endless opportunities to indefinitely enjoy all there is of the Inisfreean realm; entire armies and Space empires can be entertained in this sub-realm for as long as is permitted by Inisfree's Governor.)
  • Stargate: a next-gen', miniaturized mass-relay (worm-hole technology), allowing for instantaneous travel between one other connected Stargate at a time, each gate requiring a certain type of power source and 'dialing' similar to that of a rotary phone
  • stasis tube: a suspended animation facilitation chamber in the form of a hollow cylindrical prism designed to fit the average healthy human (*Note: Inisfreeans no longer need this technology, as they have found ways of permanently becoming immortal and invincible, but some of their ships, such as the M.P.H.A.s, still come standard with dozens of stasis tubes for storing captured beautiful human females the way they will be least annoying during transport.)
  • subatomic transmutation: inspired by alchemy (the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter, concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir), this is the science of changing a given item into something else on the subatomic scale, thus rearranging particles such as the protons and neutrons into different ratios (ex.: Inisfreeans can land a C.P. on any world, and erect a city without bringing any building materials with them, because they have mastered subatomic transmutation; anything they come into contact with, they can change into whatever they need or want.)
  • subglacial riverways: rivers through tunnels beneath the ice of glaciers, such as the ice domes (ice cap) over Antarctica (ex.: Inisfreean W.S.s often hover through the largest subglacial riverways to enter the 16 largest Pearly Gates for docking with the Uber Hangars on their other side.)
  • sun dog: a.k.a. parahelion; a bright spot in the sky appearing on either side of the Sun, formed by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals high in the Earth's atmosphere (ex.: Sundogs are commonly seen across Antarctica.)
  • T.B.A.: To Be Announced
  • T.N.A.: a pun of 'T & A' which, in Inisfree, stands for 'the Tantric Academy'; Inisfree's university, while in general standing for 'tits and ass'
  • T.N.H.: The New Horizon; the name of the Spacecraft carrier built by the Inisfreeans for the purpose of a social experiment to see if the humans who migrated to 34 Tauri were at that point mature enough to interact civilly with the Inisfreeans and other humanoids, no longer demonizing such peoples as the Whites once did the Blacks and Native Americans, etc. (*Note: The New Horizon is aptly named for multiple reasons; it references the metaphorical new horizon of human social progress, the physical new horizons of the many worlds it travels to, and the potential new horizon for Inisfreean-human public relations.)
  • tantric partners yoga: a form of the Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline (a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation) which is specifically geared toward couples and groups to better and further bond sexual and romantic partners for the best lovemaking (including energy-gasms) and life in general (ex.: Tantric partners yoga is part of the standard P.E. classes of L.H.S., and is refined to perfection by each student once they reach and have graduated from T.N.A.. It is also demonstrated on Inisfree's Balancing Posts on the city's civilian beach strip near the Bora Tiki Neighborhood and the B&B Spire, with some of its best viewing from the nearby Santorini Neighborhood slope.)
  • technopathy: coined from 'telepathy', this is the ability to sense what technological items, such as computers and robots, are about to do (the Star Wars equivalent would be the Jedis' utilization of their midichlorians)
  • tomb womb: a.k.a. 'cloning vat', 
  • Tumbler: the police squadcar of Inisfree (inspired by its namesake in the film Batman Begins)
  • U.A.P.: Union of Allied Planets; the interplanetary and semi-interstellar superpower of 34 Tauri
  • U.A.V.: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, colloquially known as a 'drone'
  • U.F.O.R.T.: Unidentified Flying Object Retrieval Team; a special operations department of the U.S. Air Force (though most major nations have a version of it)
  • U.F.P.: United Federation of Planets (from the Star Trek series)
  • U.S.F.: Unidentified Space Facility
  • U.S.V.: Unmanned Submersible Vehicle; a 'drone' submarine, such as a robotic mini-sub
  • uber-gyros: the mile-diameter spherical gyroscopic repulsine-based engines at the four subterranean horizon vertices of Inisfree, as well as at the four pseudo-vertices of Inisfree's domed base; these giant repulsines allow Inisfree to hover to avoid earthquakes, to raise up to avoid tsunamis, and to fly through atmospheres and Space without rockets
  • uber-hangars: the second-largest class of hangars in Inisfree, these are subterranean, diagonally slanted, 2/+ miles-long, 1/+ mile-diameter, hollow cylindrical prisms which each house eight W.S.s, and are all capable of repairing them or 'gestating' more (like how the Main Womb gestates C.P.s)
  • uber-V.T.O.L.s: the subterranean, vertical, mile-diameter, hollow cylindrical prisms, ranging in vertical length from 2.3 to 3.6 miles, their function being to provide extra acceleration to the city for faster take-offs, or extra deceleration for 'shorter' landings (*Note: Inisfree's Uber-VTOLs can also be used in tandem with the city's Uber Repulsines to help negotiate potential collisions with large Spacecrafts or cosmic bodies; the Uber Repulsines can turn the spherical city to orient its Uber-VTOLs' exit-ports toward the large target, then the Uber-VTOLs can 'fire' in order to push an asteroid away from Inisfree --or Inisfree away from something such as a planetoid.)
  • Underway: as opposed to a highway; an underground highway, thus: a low-way or under'way
  • V.R.II: Violent Rebirth 2; the all-Inisfreean music/rock band inspired by its all-human namesake, VRII's concerts and smaller performances happening all across the Inisfreean realm; VRII plays songs and entire shows in several of Inisfree's 50 night/dance-clubs, atop the special firetruck retrofitted for mobile concerts, on the stage of Inisfree's Coliseum Amphitheater, in the Auz-dome, and even aboard deployed Inisfreean Spaceships, with the Governor of Inisfree himself sometimes performing as the band's lead singer --just as he did as one of the founding members of the original all-human band
  • Veil, the: the term for the concept of the barrier that, for most humans and other beings, temporarily hides or erases memories of their life or lives when they reincarnate; in other words, when some people die, if they are reborn, they have difficulty remembering their past life or past lives, but there are various ways of helping recover those memories, and sometimes they are triggered by adrenaline or particularly familiar events back into the conscious mind, their partial restoration being called 'déjà vu'; the unshakably feeling that you've been somewhere before, perhaps many times
  • vicuña: cloth made from its namesake animal; a wild relative of the llama, inhabiting mountainous regions of South America and valued for its fine silky wool (*Note: Most of the clothes and blankets in Inisfree are made from the wool of Vicuñas, arguably making them the softest, most comfortable clothes and blankets on Earth.) 
  • Vimana: a flying palace or chariot described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics (and it is no coincidence that they resemble Repulsines), thought to have used a mercury-based plasma to aid in flight via its effects on gravity or the magnetosphere
  • Voyages of Acquisition: journeys made by small Spaceships from planet Gor to spot and kidnap the most beautiful girls of Earth, dropping them off nude on Gor for the Gorean warriors to capture, collar, brand, and train to be kajirae, with the absolute best of them being further trained to be pleasure kajirae; female pleasure slaves born, bred, and exquisitely educated for perfect sex
  • W.G.I.: War God Industries; the inter-galactic and inter-dimensional umbrella/super-corporation based out of Inisfree and created by the city's founder
  • W.G.I.H.Q.: War God Industries' headquarters offices which occupy the majority of the tallest skyscraper in Sotu; downtown Inisfree
  • W.H.: Work Horse; the model name of the Inisfreean vehicle designed for construction, salvage, and citywide infrastructure maintenance, such as salting road surfaces, leaf blowing, trash pickup (and subatomic recycling), snow plowing, nanobot-based repair acceleration, etc.
  • W.R.: White Rhino; the Inisfreean vehicle which is a fusion of an artillery piece, armored personnel carrier, anti-aircraft missile battery, battering ram, mobile miniature jail, and mobile command center for company- and battalion-sized land operations, the vehicle model named due to the casually overpowering nature and overall form of the rare white rhinos (*Note: Like all Inisfreean ships, vehicles, and buildings, White Rhinos are Space-worthy; they can operate on worlds with zero atmosphere.)
  • W.S.: WarShip; an Inisfreean Spaceship in the form of a domino-like rectangular-prism, just under two miles long, one mile wide, 1/3 of a mile tall, and capable of glassing an entire continent, defeating an entire human Air Force, and managing an entire human-sized war (*Note: Each Inisfreean W.S. carries two C.P.s and eight D.S.s, or 16 D.S.s if you count those carried by the two C.P.s.)
  • W.W.III: a.k.a. the War for Antarctica's Independence, many humans assumed this was Armageddon; the Apocalypse; Ragnarok (*Note: This war secretly began the moment Inisfree's location was chosen, spilling over into the public eye on the evening of July 4th, 2012 A.D., though no one knew what the events of that fateful night were really about until the Inisfreean military deployed globally on New Year's Day, January 1st, 2013 A.D.. WWIII included just a few days of major casualties; one day during the July 4th nuclear strikes, then one or two days during the global purge of 99% of humanity. If one considers its beginning to be that first public attack, WWIII lasted exactly two seasons, ending with the total victory of the Inisfreean people, Antarctica's sovereignty as a new continent-sized nation, and the reunification of all the compatible humans and humanoids on, in, and beyond the Earth.)
  • warp-surfing: coined from 'surfing the Internet', this indicates a form of browsing the Cosmos via a series of window-like or door-like worm-holes; sometimes to look through, sometimes to travel through, with the Inisfreeans often using them in a semi-randomized sequence to make their advents seem like natural phenomena to anything which might be able to perceive them, the result from the perspective of the initiator being that of 'surfing' through their warps of the Space-time continuum (*Note: Advanced warp-surfing allows Inisfreean Spaceships and fleets to see far ahead and out from each exit point (i.e. white hole), even while they are moving many such portals around them in order to travel between countless points across countless galaxies or other regions of Space, for as many L.Y.s or parsecs as is desired, helping to ensure that they don't end up appearing in any situations they don't want to, such as annoying supernovae, black holes, or other massive events.)
  • water spout: a tornado over a body of water, resulting in water being sucked up into the base of its funnel
  • waterfall wall: a wall in a typical Inisfreean shower-room which can be activated to function like a geometric manmade miniature waterfall
  • weaponized Tai Chi: a martial arts style designed to trigger sequences of reflexes in opponents that sprain or otherwise hurt and disable them, with the advanced form of this martial art including ways to channel and focus qi in order to knock opponents away (like the Jedi Wind technique) (*Note: All Inisfreeans learn this martial art during their regular schooling at L.H.S..)
  • Webway: a.k.a. Yggdrasil; 'the worlds tree', synonym for the branch- or web-like network that connects many worlds and other realms across the Milky Way as well as the rest of Space
  • white hole: the exit of a black hole; when matter is sucked into a black hole, sometimes it adds to the mass of the star, while other times it passed through a worm hole to be ejected somewhere else in the Space (or time)
  • wing-suit: a.k.a. 'squirrel-suit', a couture skydiving outfit with wing-like membranes under the arms and between the legs, allowing for prolonged coasting instead of basic freefall (ex.: Inisfreean military training and most wedding ceremonies include wing-suit usage.)
  • worm-hole: a tunnel through Space, sometimes through Space-time, and that which all black-holes are thought to be; it is believed that every black-hole has a corresponding white-hole, thus making every black-hole the entry point of a one-way worm-hole, while some worm-holes are, or can be made to be, two-way (or even 3/+ way; multiple access points, some of which are entrances, some of which are exits, and some of which can serve as both, thus directing most less sophisticated Space traffic through them, while only very advanced Spaceships could overpower their forces and travel through their one-way sections in either or any direction)
My Inspiration:

Many people have asked me about my influences, and before preparing the following list, I wasn't adequately prepared to answer them; I told them I had tried to weave nearly everything I'd ever read or encountered into my stories.  I drew inspiration from many dozens of great authors; in my novels and other works there is inspiration from:
  • Alan Dean Foster; biomes and worlds of silicon-based life, cross-species empaths, and when music has magical effects
  • Alastair Preston Reynolds; anti-matter bombs as implants, and beacons used to detect new Space-faring cultures in order to alert a machine sentience so it can destroy them (similar to the Reapers concept in the Mass Effect trilogy)
  • Andy Weir; technological improvisation while being stranded in a lethal environment, and the applications of botany on barren worlds; small-scale terraforming as a survival technique
  • Angus MacVicar; regarding rogue planets, as well as privatized Space flight and personal expeditions utilizing them
  • Arkady and Boris Strugatsky; theories of how communism could lead to highly technologically advanced anarchistic meritocracies and Space-faring civilizations which keep to their own planets instead of building Space empires, and then the morality of using Special Forces-like agents to rescue scientists and artists from less-advanced humanoid civilizations
  • Brandon Sanderson; engineered religions, and beings with different sets of emotions, such as just boredom and rage (as in the Mistborn novels trilogy)
  • Charles Sheffield; gigantic ultra-ancient artifacts ranging in functions from Space-elevators and time-dilators to continent-sized supercomputers, umbilical transports connecting worlds, and lightyears-wide magnification lenses
  • Christopher R. "Chris" Bunch; becoming friends with lethal foreigners and mastering their ways, then living as a man criminalized and hunted by the very people one originated with and faithfully served (as in the Shadow Warrior novels trilogy)
  • Chris Carter; the possible truths behind actual paranormal federal investigations
  • Dan Simmons; the belief that humankind conquering the stars is inevitable, and numerous likely results of that outcome
  • David Mark Weber; highly detailed hyperspace lanes theories and interstellar traffic strategies (a network of 'gravity waves' called hyperbands)
  • Edward Elmer Smith; theories, such as stellar evolution, about the lifeforms and nature of the Universe when it was billions of years younger; when there were far fewer planets and even fewer sapient species
  • Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry; interstellar science fleet details, inter-species relations, and the lack of a need for chaplains in Outer Space
  • Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell); the social effects of constant, clandestine, and domestic government surveillance
  • Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr.; the lives of underdogs and ragtag militias standing up against imperial navies and daunting odds, such as in Dune
  • Glen David Brin; multi-galactic 'biological uplift' and its effects on both patrons and clients, such as social status, multi-millennial indentured servitude, and bureaucratic changes, and then the philosophy of partial isolationism to elasticize minds and collective creativity, as well as the probabilities of discovering or unlocking superior innate skillsets such as 'uplifted' neo-dolphins becoming the best pilots and strategists
  • Hans Rudolf "Ruedi" Giger; humanoid bugs engineered for various unorthodox purposes
  • Harry Clement Stubbs (Hal Clement or George Richard); unique solar and planetary systems
  • Herbert George Wells (writer) & George Orson Welles (broadcaster); undetected invasion forces springing up right under our feet after untold centuries of hiding, then their equally surprising types of defeat
  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft; tying together cult histories and other esoteric knowledge with ancient ruins, the distant unrecorded past, and unique extraterrestrials
  • Ian Irvine; various forms of magic applied to an ongoing struggle for survival between four humanoid species across three worlds
  • Isaak Yudovich Ozimov (Isaac Asimov); logical predictions for the artificial intelligences which evolve from us and make us look like the modern dinosaurs
  • James Francis Cameron & Charles Hamilton Eglee; biopunk, cyberpunk, the eventual positive results of genetic engineering, and the possibility of advanced civilizations already existing on the ocean floors
  • James Gurney; sapient dinosaurs and their civilizations integrating with humans
  • Jerry Eugene Pournelle; the effects of nationalism, and the effects of scientific and political evolution being suspended in lieu of accelerated colonization, as well as the effects of forced interstellar relocations in an effort to save the maximum possible number of people before a global holocaust
  • Joanne "Jo" Rowling; universities established for advanced science perceived as magic 
  • Joe William Haldeman; the culture shock which would result from indefinite wars and time dilation
  • John Frederick Lange, Jr. (John Norman); steamy adult science fiction with a Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzschean natural order
  • John Holbrook "Jack" Vance; the potential boredom and fantasies of immortals, species evolving to appear human, and cloning for love
  • John Michael Scalzi II: Old Man's War; only people with decades of knowledge are recruited for humanity's fight for garden worlds
  • John Ronald Reuel Tolkien; ultra deep, rich, dynamic genealogies for dozens of humanoid races, such as the Elves, with new languages and dictionaries for them all
  • Jordan Weisman & L. Ross Babcock III; the evolution of the military tank for exo-planet reconnaissance and orbital drops
  • Joseph Hill 'Joss' Whedon; fusions of Demons with modern culture, westerns with probable science-near-futures, and mergers of the storylines of many different heros and heroines such as in The Avengers films
  • Kevin J. Anderson; the possible progression of a Universe-wide war with Elementals
  • Kim Stanley Robinson; the politicking that results from multiple cultures and religions financing terraforming
  • Kotaro Hayashida & Miki Morimoto; the concept of a man-made solar system
  • Laurence van Cott Niven (Larry Niven); hard science fiction; using big science concepts and theoretical physics, such as in Ringworld
  • Lois McMaster Bujold; profound character development, and how genius is enhanced by physical shortcomings
  • Madeleine L'Engle; various forms of time travel, such as innate, and their effects on time-streams
  • Mark Alessi and Gina M. Villa; the effects of the Atlanteans ascension and transcendance to a higher dimension, such as leaving the remaining Atlanteans in stasis, Atlantis in ruins at the bottom of the ocean, and the Humans no longer under supervision
  • Neal Town Stephenson; memetics; the success of ideas rather than just their truth, and a virtual reality next-gen' Internet (as in the Snow Crash novel)
  • Neil Gaiman; parallel realities, multiple universes, layered time-streams, multi-dimensional beings, and how polarization of either science (facts from the beliefs of widely observed phenomena) or magic (misunderstood science or beliefs in general, such as religions) can both ruin and destroy a planet (as in the InterWorld novel), and how beliefs have energy which can empower the believers or those they believe in (as in the American Gods novel)
  • Orson Scott Card; societal and strategy concepts for species with a collective consciousness, and for armadas attempting to engage and best them
  • Patrick James Rothfuss; one of the Fairy realms (another dimension) and how the Moon came to be between it and the Earth (as in the Kingkiller Chronicles novels)
  • Peter F. Hamilton; Dyson spheres used not for intrastellar civilization expansion and total energy harvesting, but for quarantine and containment, and then the nature of war with past souls invading via mass-possessions
  • Philip Kindred Dick; dystopian areas on some worlds such as in Blade Runner, and the emergence of sapient androids 
  • Pierce Brown; pretending mining is necessary to finish terraforming, while the secret truth is that resource gatherers are told that lie in order to keep them working hard until they die; futuristic slave labor techniques (as in the Red Rising novels series)
  • Ray Douglas Bradbury; a new form of firemen, and books as contraband (as in the Fahrenheit 451 novel, similar to concepts in Equilibrium)
  • Robert Anson Heinlein; real-life military R+D and political philosophy applied to sci-fi epics
  • Robert Charles Wilson; the effects of putting an entire planet in partial suspension (in the novel Spin)
  • Ronald Shusett & Daniel Thomas "Dan" O'Bannon; the aftermath of ancient interstellar civil wars, and missions to destroy unstable planets
  • Sheila Kelly; alien physiology and medical treatments, as well as hospitals catering to hundreds of sapient alien species, along with a possible reason for the protagonist's innate talent for caring for all of the diverse alien patients she encounters (such as ancient interstellar spying and Nazi-like medical research in secret facilities)
  • Snorri Sturluson; the lives of people deified by ancient humans
  • Sri Lankabhimanya Sir Arthur Charles Clarke; the possibilities of travel using the largest stars as tunnels
  • Steven M. Lisberger; how consciousness can be transmitted, and computer systems built from within themselves
  • Terence Hanbury "Tim" White; the personal lives of royalty, their secrets and emotional hardships, and hints at the nature of wizard involvement and advice in such affairs
  • Thorolfur Beck; persistent world M.M.O.R.P.G. architecture and philosophy
  • Tom Clancy; technical writing to enhance espionage and military science storyines, submarine politics, political asylum for foreign military defectors and mutineers, and international special operations organizations' business models
  • Ursula Kroeber Le Guin; anthropological and sociological outcomes of seeding humanity on worlds with different environments and then ceasing travel and communication between them, as well as their awareness of one another and even their true history, then also the affects of being able to dream while still awake
  • William Ford Gibson; computer hackers as heroes
Phases of this Website Staff's Project:

The work of this website's staff is divided into six phases, some of which are overlapping during the later years of this endeavor:
  1. finish editing first novel and self publish it (year 1)
  2. finish editing second through tenth novels and publish them one per year over the next nine years, introducing the world to the various major concepts and characters of my saga, especially its main city (years 2 through 10)
  3. hire an architectural firm to make a 3D computer model of the main city, or a computer game company to create the city in a major game engine such as that of the Grand Theft Auto series (use architectural clones of many buildings by importing them from the Internet's various sources) (during years 2 through 5)
  4. create the first four or five computer/video games to introduce the world to the visual details of the city (during years 5 through 10)
  5. begin the RTW ('Round The World trip) by continuing world travels as often as possible for the purpose of finding more examples of perfection to add to the main city design, and more perfect material for the 10 novels (during years 5 through 40)
  6. meet with world-class construction corporations (such as Disney (makers of Disney World), Nakheel (makers of Dubai), and Pegasus Global Holdings (makers of CITE; the Center for Innovation, Testing, and Evaluation)) to determine the best way to build the main city as a resort community; an actual construction project. Also contact Sir Richard Branson for his expertise in major corporations and resort establishment, and Elon Musk for his expertise in Space-worthy engines manufacturing and sustainable methods for visiting and colonizing other worlds (our main city will help facilitate this dream and goal of his own company).
What was and is Illegal:

If you, current reader, think that anything we do here is illegal, remember this:
  • It was once illegal for America to exist.
  • Dancing used to be illegal.
  • Swimsuits were illegal.
  • Science used to be illegal; even saying that the Earth was not flat was illegal. Saying that the Sun did not revolve around the Earth was illegal. And now many modern sciences are illegal because evil masses are afraid that modern sciences will offend their imaginary friends ('gods').
  • Having any beliefs or traditions other than Christian ones used to be illegal and punishable by death by public torture, such as being lit on fire, which children were allowed to watch.
  • It was illegal for African Americans to vote. It was even illegal for them to resist torture, child abuse, rape, double jeopardy, whippings, and even being murdered.
  • It was considered legal and morally sound for Germans to send millions of people to death camps where they were starved, gassed to death, or medically experimented on without their consent. It was also legal for the Japanese to do those same things to any Americans they captured. It was also legal for the Vietnamese to insert hollow glass tubes into the penises of captured enemies and then roll a hammer handle along the penis to slowly crush that glass tube inside the penis where no one would ever be able to remove the pieces and heal it.
  • It is still illegal in many nations for women to read or expose their faces, and it is still illegal for females to expose their breasts even though males are allowed to whenever they want; sexism is still the law.
  • Thieves in some nations today still get their hands cut off even though they are merely desperate for food.
  • It is still illegal in many nations for couples to kiss in public or enjoy each other in any other position than the missionary one for vaginal intercourse with the sole purpose of breeding.
  • Families are forbidden to stay together even in America and many other nations if an imaginary line separates the lands on which their family members ended up living; yes, national borders, Border Patrols, passports, and immigration laws all keep it illegal for innocent travel across open landscapes so that family members can see each other.
  • It is still illegal to disobey corrupt cops and refuse to pay unfair fines imposed by corrupt judges. If you defend yourself against police brutality, you will still be charged with resisting arrest and assault. If you or others stand up to corrupt cops, you will still be charged with conspiracy, organized crime, and gang violence, even though it is the police who are the violent gang.
  • Many people who speak out against the evils of political parties holding office in several Muslim nations still get strapped down to chairs and have acid poured down their throats.
  • Even sharing is illegal, and is often called piracy, even though no pirates, pirate ships, or pirating are involved in any way at all in more than 99% of sharing cases. Whatever happened to the teaching that 'sharing is caring'? The Internet itself was invented for the sole purpose of sharing everything, and now that people use it the way it was intended, they are criminalized and locked up in cages for years or even life.
  • It is still illegal for people in love to be in love if Christians do not agree with their age differences, and many hundreds of thousands of people have their permanent records maliciously ruined by religious fanatic authorities, forcing them into cages or poverty for life, requiring them to register as 'sex offenders' and 'rapists' everywhere they try to live (even when no rape of any kind occurred), humiliating them in public with the modern equivalent of the Scarlet Letter, if they are found 'guilty' of loving a person that other people do not approve for them to love. Yes, they permanently brand human beings as evil rapists even when those people had no idea that mutual love and consensual lovemaking was a crime, claiming that they are raping the statutes of laws banning natural attraction between innocent people.
  • As recently as 2014 many thousands of innocent children fleeing murderous rampages of police officers in several nations were deported right back to those death traps for being illegal immigrants even though they were actually obviously political refugees. Their pleas, and the pleas of their distraught mothers and fathers that they be allowed to stay in America to protect their very lives, were ignored.
So, you see, there are many times when evil people make evil laws, and the only way to do the right thing is to break the law. Yes, some people consider some of the things we do here to be illegal, but we will keep doing what we do the way we do it because it is the right thing to do. Don't bother telling us something or other is illegal. That doesn't matter. What matters is whether or not it works and is good. Should America be allowed to form and continue existing? Should Blacks be allowed to resist torture and stop their children from being sold? Should women be allowed to read and dress how they please? If you agree to even one of those three simple things, then you agree that sometimes breaking the law and being a criminal is good, important, necessary, critical, admirable, and successful. 'Crime doesn't pay'? Sure it does; the criminal offenders who succeeding in establishing America, freedom for Blacks, etc. etc., proved that crime can and does pay, and that there is such a thing as 'the perfect crime'. So tell me, current reader, ...which perfect crimes will you commit and succeed at getting away with? Which human rights and scientific breakthroughs will you pioneer as a brazen criminal deviant in today's world still full of evil laws which can, will, must, and should be broken? Begin today. Start right now.
Did you know?

Inisfree is not the only city on Antarctica.  More information here.