Sentry Towers News:  All Sentry Towers have been upgraded to the luxurious variant, now matching the Dropships of Inisfree's fleet.
Sentry Towers
Sentry Towers

Not to be confused with the far smaller Guard Turrets all located within the city, Sentry Towers are often stationary, posted Dropships serving as a larger, more modern version of Park Ranger lookout towers, and are all outside the city's Perimeter Wall, just outside its concentric defensive rings, yet all still inside the region dubbed the Perimeter Orb.

VTOL; Vertical Take-Off and Landing:
Being part of the Inisfreean realm (its own private, man-made dimension), these observation 'nodes' fanning out radially at even intervals from Inisfree's center point remain in their exact formation even when the entire city takes off for flight above and beyond the surface of the Earth. The aetherial buffer zone (the outermost sphere around Inisfree) goes with them, keeping the city and many miles of its surrounding space blurred, hazy, and hidden from view, while all the snow, ice, and other ground (that these Sentry Towers once seemed anchored by their foundations into) simply drops down away from them; rather, it is more accurate to say, they silently take off by hovering with the city up away from it all.

Upon (re)landing, these stationary Inisfreean Dropships continue to remain in their exact dispersion and orientation relative one another and the city, moving only slightly vertically in order to each have the exact same distance of their access hatch-ramps above ​​whatever terrain the city makes landfall upon.  For example, if the terrain is flat, all of these Inisfreean Dropships stand with their caps at the exact same height, but if the terrain is varied with hills or other rugged features, some of their caps will be higher than others.

Like all Inisfreean military constructs, vessels, and training environments, these Sentry Towers are strictly forbidden to any and all Outlanders, and even to any and all Inisfreeans not assigned to man them; only the Inisfreeans who have graduated from the 19th grade in the Inisfreean educational system and are fit for duty and deployments get stationed and rotated out to staff these Sentry Towers as their living sentries.  With how well trained the Inisfreeans are, not to mention how their physical and mental abilities far exceed that of even the Kryptonians, any one of these Inisfreean Dropships could defend the whole of Inisfree's outermost sphere (the aetherial buffer that hides the whole city's presence from view), and Inisfree is surrounded by multiple rings of many dozens of them.  Pass by and between them at your own risk.  Countless Inisfreeans will be watching, the sights of their 'rainbow canons' aimed.

The term 'tower' is chosen because these are the tallest of the formal guard posts across Inisfree's territory.  Their smaller 'cousins', the Guard Turrets inside the Perimeter Wall, instead use the term 'turrets' because that literally means 'smaller tower', which they certainly are.