Calendar and Holidays News:  The calendars and holidays of all 196 Earth nations have now been combined into the Inisfreean one.
Calendar and Holidays
The Inisfreean Calendar

Why We Have Our Own Calendar:
"Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance."  The Julian and other calendars of the Outland were passable in their time, but were too inaccurate and simple for the purpose and pace of Inisfree.  Developing our own custom calendar, based on more open-minded holidays and more up-to-date astrological data, a fusion of every calendar and holiday in the entire world ended up taking place.

Routine Blackouts:
All lights in Inisfree shut off at the same time, killing all of the "light pollution", and allowing every citizen a chance to be wowed by ten times as many stars and auroral colors appearing as their eyes readjust.

Every Friday and Saturday night:  City Dances
City Dances are literally roaming dance parties with club music that mix the greatest dance moves with P-K (Le Parkour) as they flow over overpasses, through greenbelts, up fire escapes, and more!

Mental Fitness Events:  
Hosted by The School and the two academies (tantric and military), these events will also appear on the all-encompassing, highly-eclectic, Inisfreean calendar.  Check online through the FOB-Net for updates and overlaps.

Physical Fitness Events:  
FOBians (people of the FOB (Forward Operating Base); Inisfree) practice hiking, jogging, and bicycling farther and farther up their city's mountain slops and trails as the snow recesses up during their spring season, until they reach the peak during the summer.  Treks and marathons to the peak during all seasons are annual, but less common. Those on rotation to active duty in Inisfree's military train rigorously year-round, with a recruit-and-instructor unit from the city's Boot Camp, as well as a fleet-Marine-and-instructor unit, executing the Crucible and the Reaper Hike every week, regardless of the temperature or snow-cover.

Sexual Fitness Events:  
G Entertainment at WMKM Studios hosts events in all areas of the FOB, Inisfree.  Like the jobs around the FOB, all Inisfreeans rotate through G Entertainment and the Studio to participate in the production of educational films on all subjects Inisfreean.  Because this city's society and status quo are largely based on holistic nutrition and fitness, and therefore sophisticated sexual intercourse, many times when G Entertainment shows up on-scene, it means a fun public refresher course in all the positions taught at The School as well as those of T&A.

A common and often humorous public event (our equivalent of the carnival hand-grip judging machine) is the keegle-grip judging Sybian.

Spiritual Fitness Events:  
See your nearest and favorite Inisfreean temples for a listing of these cycling events.

Even More Physical Fitness Events:  
Marathons, triathlons, pentathlons, and every sporting event and competitive exercise demonstration imaginable are all a part of the Inisfreean calendar.  Make sure to check out our regular hosting of the new Olympic Games, too!

The Job Rotation Schedule
The "job rotation" ensures that every Inisfreean eventually secures a thorough, working-knowledge of every single profession and duty in the city; universal cross-training applied to the entire population.  The schedule for this rotation mandates that after one month, each Inisfreean will be rotated to the next job in the Alphabetical Vocations Directory.  The employment periods all overlap, so there are always seasoned employees, still with a week or more left at their current job, available to train the incoming rotators.

Global and Universal Holidays
The official Inisfreean calendar is jam-packed with holidays and special events from around the world; everything the people of Earth-That-Was used to celebrate before they were once again added to the Endangered Species List.  Holidays and religious observance dates from the many other worlds Inisfree opens portals to are also included in their very festive and active city. Since the other worlds have different month-, lunar-month-, and year-lengths, that means the holidays on this calendar are always gradually rotating and shifting over one another, making it quite dynamic.

The Hunt
Among the most sacred of all scheduled and spontaneous traditions of Inisfree... is The Hunt. This special event involves the hunting of humans (only the bad ones, mind you; the ugliest 'excuses' inside and out) and any animals trained to protect those humans.  There are no game wardens or rules of engagement, unless agreed upon unanimously by the hunting party.  Black-ops, psy-ops, and covert and clandestine 'tricks of the trade' are employed, along with the martial arts, dark arts, and shadow arts; all to surgically capture and terminate as many humans as possible in the allotted time.  Master Hunters (often the post-graduate Master Females; veterans of all things Inisfreean) will leave only the traces, marks, and signatures of their choosing, sometimes leaving none at all; only fear and confusion in their gleefully murderous wakes.

The Hunt occurs frequently during every military campaign, but Inisfreeans on civilian duty rotations can enjoy this bloodlust fulfilling event, too, by accompanying the Governor outside the city's Perimeter Wall, on his space-yachts such as the Warships or ArkII's.

Inisfree uses a 13-month calendar so every month has 28 days.

​​Day names are what they were in ancient times; Thor's Day, Freyja's Day, Saturn Day, Sun Day, etc.

Inisfreean Holidays:
[13 months of 28 days each]​

Month 1 Name
​(January 1-28)

1st:  New Year's Day
2nd:  1st Moon Base Birthday (4th Reich)​
15th:  Navy SEALs (Teams 1 & 2) Birthday​
26th:  Australia Day

Month 2 Name

1st-2nd:  Imbule
11th-12th:  Carnival​
14th:  Valentine's Day​
15th:  [Defeat of Operation High-jump] Celebration​

Month 3 Name​

8th:  International Women's Day
​14th:  Albert Einstein's Birthday
​17th​:  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Holi; Festival of Colors
    (celebrated nude, as always)​
20th-21st:  Vernal Equinox
20th-26th:  Azerbaijan Spring Festival​
​22nd:  Nauryz; Kazakhstan celebration of the coming of Spring and abundance

Month 4 Name​

1st:  Base 211 Birthday
​5th:  Wives Day
13th-15th:  Songkran​
22nd:  Earth Day​
​30th-May 1st:  Beltane

Month 5 Name​

1st:  May Day
1st week:  Public Service Recognition Week​
11th:  Mother's Day (Inisfree is the mother)​
15th:  Family Day
​Last Monday:  Memorial Day​

Month 6 Name​

8th:  Best Friends Day
9th:  Bilderberg Appreciation Day
​​14th:  US Army Birthday, & Flag Day
​15th:  Father's Day (Lord Himmler is the father)
​21st-22nd:  Midsummer; Summer Solstice
23rd-24th:  Kupala Night​
27th:  PTSD Awareness Day​
30th:  Viktor Schauberger Birthday​

Month 7 Name​

1st:  Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Heritage) Birthday
​7th:  Chocolate Day
​10th:  Tesla's Birthday
15th:  ODST Birthday​
24th:  Pioneer Day​
25th:  Cydonia ("face on Mars" and its city) Discovery Celebration​

Month 8 Name​

1st-2nd:  Lughnasadh
4th:  USCG Birthday
6th:  Peace Festival (Japan)​
10th:  S'mores Day​
​11th:  Daughters Day (Inisfreeans are the daughters)​
12th:  Eternal Youth Day
​16th:  Airborne Day
19th:  Aviation Day​

Month 9 Name​

8th:  Starfleet Birthday (1st Star Trek episode air date)
​18th:  USAF Birthday
​20th-21st:  Autumnal Equinox
3rd Friday:  POW/MIA Recognition Day​
17th:  Citizenship Day​
26th:  World Maritime Day​

Month 10 Name​

13th:  USN Birthday
17th:  Alaska Day​
26th:  Day of the Deployed
29th:  Capital (city) Day​
​​31st-Nov 1st:  Samhain (All Hallow's Eve; Halloween)

Month 11 Name​

1st:  Veteran-owned Businesses Day
​2nd:  Dziady
10th:  USMC Birthday​
11th:  Veterans Day​
14th:  Chenghis Khaan's Birthday
​15th:  King's Feast​
28th:  Thanksgiving​

Month 12 Name​

13th:  US Army National Guard Birthday
17th:  Wright Brothers Day​​
​20th-21st:  Yule; Winter Solstice​
28th:  Successful Human Cloning Day​
Last week:  Koliada; Winter Festival​

Month 13 Name
(December -31)

24th:  Christmas Eve
2​5th:  Christmas Day
 - Kajiras and other, lesser slave-girls are given as gifts, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups; the same way useful, thoughtful, mass-produced toys and clothing are given as gifts in the Outlands.​

31st:  New Year's Eve​​

GAH Street Races

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