Inisfreean Military News:  The Inisfreean military is presently tasked with security for Inisfree, Star-system Auzdein, and all Asari worlds.
Inisfreean Military

The Inisfreean military is composed only of Inisfreean-borne clones who are citizens of Inisfree, graduates of at least the first 19 (of 20) grades of the Inisfreean educational system, ​​and complete masters of all the special warfare and lovemaking arts.

Inisfreean military forces do not deploy to engage in traditional warfare like that which is the case for militaries of the Outlands; rather, Inisfreeans are deployed as military units to ensure their constant organization and defensibility during campaigns to conduct expeditions throughout the Outlands (all of Creation beyond Inisfree-city and Star-system Auzdein) and, often, to offer the Inisfreean services of teaching their wizardry-level understanding and mastery of all matters in the field of love, sex, orgies, and the magics and energies there-of.  Thus, Inisfree's military is better described as being a militarized fleet of instantly-deployable super-lovers.

Inisfreean ships, vehicles, and weapons do not require bullets or magazines ('clips', cartridges, boxes, or drums), and can fire nearly any type of projectile or beam their operator wishes.  Recharging and reloading is constant and automatic, drawing from and converting virtually anything (except other Inisfreeans and their constructs) to anything that is needed.

All Inisfreean ships, vehicles, weapons, suits, and other constructs can also go dormant indefinitely, never suffering from weathering, atrophy, decay, decomposition, or other forms of degradation​​​​.  To reactivate any Inisfreean construct or system, all an Inisfreean needs do is be present, as both they and the constructs themselves power one another by the natural energies of their mere presence alone.

Details about our city's uniforms are here.​​
Unit Types Descending from Smallest to Largest:

Storm Trooper
Fire Team

Vessels Descending from Smallest to Largest:

Assassin power-armor smart-suit (AS)
​Storm Trooper power-armor smart-suit (ST)
​Hover-saddle, similar to a hover-bike ('Owl')
​Assassin Pod (AP)
Fighter-jet (FJ)
'Tumbler' military police squad-car (_)​
'Desolator' Tank (DT or TK)​​
'Work-horse'​ multi-purpose construction and maintenance truck (WH)
'White Rhino' heavy APC, SAM battery, and artillery piece (WR)
'Fire Tank' flying firetruck capable of holding a White Rhino in its belly bay (FT)
Multi-purpose Heavy-assault flying APC (MPHA)
​'Air Force One' luxury B-2 "Spirit" stealth bomber (AF1)
Mandaloriday (MD)​
​Battle-mech skyscraper-tall walking tank (BM)
​Dropship (DS)
Colony Pod (CP)
Warship (WS)
City-sized Battle-station (CSBS; Inisfree is the prime example of one)
Moon-sized Battle-station; a mobile, spherical warship (MSBS)
Planet-sized Battle-station; a mobile, spherical warship (PSBS)
Star-sized Battle-station; a mobile, spherical warship (SSBS)​​​​​​​​


Inisfreean Military
Inisfreean Vehicle and Vessel Capabilities Simplified

A single Inisfreean Storm Trooper can maintain reasonably tight control over a town-sized area and its airspace, or patrol an entire planet. Their suits allow them to mask their presence via various vision modes (cloaking, etc.) and energy signature masking, and, even without these suits, these girls can telekinetically move themselves through Space (nude, if need be), teleport, withstand supernovae, perceive hundreds of senses (as opposed to the standard human 5-7 senses), and complete trillions of complex calculations per billionth of a second (their brains are supercomputers they are born with as part of their natural biology), so 'multi-tasking' doesn't even come close to accurately describing what these Inisfreeans can do.

​​A single Inisfreean Desolator Tank can maintain reasonably tight control over a city-sized area, or patrol that city (and it contains six Inisfreean Master Females in their combat suits).

​​A single White Rhino can maintain very tight control over a state-sized area, or patrol that state --along with any bodies of water it may include or be bordered by. With its platoon of Inisfreean Storm Troopers (18 staff each White Rhino) and their Owls, along with, perhaps, an accompanying Inisfreean Fighter-jet or MPHA, an entire planet and all its airspace and low-orbit Outer Space can be completely controlled.

A single Inisfreean Dropship ​​can deploy up to 100 brigades/regiments to the surface of any world within a matter of minutes, as well as 20,000 tanks, 10,000 APCs, 4,000 fighter-jets, 1,000 cargo aircraft (MPHAs), and 4 Inisfreean BattleMechs (each of which stand 500' tall; 50 stories; taller than most high-rise office buildings and even most skyscrapers).

A single Inisfreean Colony Pod can ​​disintegrate an entire city within seconds, and deploy up to 400 brigades/regiments (via the four Inisfreean Dropships it contains) to the surface of any world within a matter of minutes. Each Colony Pod can also biomechanically grow, and acoustically/harmonically sing, an entire city into existence while evening out an entire region via the Inisfreean terraforming style called 'gridding'.

A single Inisfreean Warship can glass entire continents, destabilize planetary orbits, and cause massive solar storms and flares, as well as deploy ​​up to 5,000 brigades/regiments (via the two Colony Pods and eight Dropships it contains (16, if you count the four in each of its Colony Pods)) to the surface of any world within a matter of minutes. Its two Colony Pods also allow it to establish two permanent cities and terraform entire regions within a matter of weeks or months.

A single Inisfreean Moon-sized Battle-station (MSBS) can disintegrate entire worlds, destabilize stars, and deploy numerous entire armies and armadas (via the millions of Warships it contains; 2,000,000, to be precise) to the surface of any world within a matter of minutes.

A single Inisfreean Planet-sized Battle-station (PSBS) can disintegrate entire stars, end black-holes, and deploy multiple ​​​​MSBSs (up to 8 of them) across any solar system within a matter of minutes.

A single Inisfreean Star-sized Battle-station can disintegrate entire solar systems, end supernovas, ​​and deploy multiple PSBSs (up to 1,000,000 of them) across any galaxy within a matter of minutes. This is the largest Inisfreean ship type, and if you want to change or make your own solar systems and galaxies, this is where you start.

* It is important to keep in mind, however, that Inisfreeans are, by default, a generally peaceful, loving, and uplifting species, and so it is that they use all of these vehicles and vessels above to strengthen, stabilize, evolve, enlighten, and advance those they encounter, rather than hurt, hinder, or destroy them.  It is, therefore, more appropriate and accurate to compare their larger vessels (such as the MSBS through SSBS) not to the Death Star, but to its polar opposite, which would be a Life Star.​​