NWO Military Owls News:  This is now the sole hover-bike utilized by Inisfreean forces.
NWO Military Owls
Owl Hover Bikes

The Inisfreean 'Owl' is essentially just a black saddle on top of a tight grouping of repulsines. Not actually a full or complete 'bike' (motorcycle), this vehicle is somewhere between that and a hover-board; it is more akin to a flying jet-ski.  However, for simplicity's sake, Inisfreeans refer to it as either their 'hover-bike' or just 'the Owl'.  The reason for this animal naming convention is that during flight, it is normal and easy for the operator to turn her head around to look to their rear (such as for rearward firing of arrows or other weapons) -just as the animal owls can turn their head completely around during perching or flight.  Also, this name is due to how small the means of flight are in comparison to the 'head'; the pilot (the 'brains of the operation').

Like all Inisfreean transportation crafts, this one has the usual modes of 1) standard (its matte-black paint-job), 2) cloaked (invisible), 3) masked (appearing like the void of Space), and 4) nova (flashing or remaining extremely bright -instead of having just forward-facing head-lights).

For individuals wishing to quickly cover a great distance without bothering (or being bothered by) others, the Owl is the go-to solution; anyone with clearance can summon one of these 'hover-saddles' and silently soar away.  This is particularly useful for sky-diving and wing-suiting, for the Owl can be by-mind commanded to auto-pilot its self 'semi in tandem' (flying just above or along side) the sky-diver as a back-up option.

​​The Governor of Inisfree himself is particularly fond of his matte-black Owl, having taken many a lucky lady miles up into the pleasantly cool Inisfreean sky and made passionate, skillful love up amidst the clouds, stars, and aurora, looking down upon the moon-like sphere of Inisfree's Cloud City.