Inisfreean Religion News:  Inisfree's holy book, the Biblor'an, now has its final chapters being compiled and readied for publication.
Inisfreean Religion
The Inisfreean Religion

Sex, orgies, casual touch, organic nutrition, The Hunt, and even lullabies are all seen as part of the Inisfreean religion; their holistic way of life.  They are never routine, always occurring only when the spirit moves them, but are always free; never with 'strings attached'. Spirituality, to an Inisfreean, means being in touch with your feelings, and listening to all the cravings of your body and mind, without letting them get the best of you.  An Inisfreean religiously seeks perfection (not just excellence) in everything they do, they never get flustered, and they never expect anything; hoping, rather, and striving always, for the ultimate.

An Inisfreean often ushers those sleeping with them into each night's Astral Plane adventures by quietly humming shifting notes of ohms to them as they sleep, resting a hand over their heart; the other over their lower abdomen, and their thumbs verrrry slowly and lightly petting.  Touch is sacred, and must be done with the greatest of care, lust, and love.  Those three are always seen as one and the same.

Worship Services:
Every time an Inisfreean touches you, they are worshiping you.  Actual temples exist in their home-city, but everywhere an Inisfreean is, their body and yours become the temple for their giving services and soul-healing, releasing energies.  For an Inisfreean to touch an Outlander is almost unheard of, and seldom happens more than once or twice every 6,000 years.  So if you are among the very few they choose to share their science and art of touch with, be careful not to let Outlander emotions like jealousy show, for the Inisfreeans will feel, see, hear, and smell it on you, and will see the change in your aura, and they will recoil with saddened eyes, leaving you to finish learning in peace and on your own.  Inisfreeans believe in worshiping everyone who is worthy and ready for their holy culture.  To them, there is no other way.  Touch is casual, but is always pristine.

Tenants and Pillars of our Faith:
The "7 Deadly Sins" of the Outland Bible are actually 7 of the many keys to the Heaven-state. Instead of completely denying each and all of these emotion types, we encourage them while training people to enjoy them without being controlled by any of them.  Both ends of the spectrum may lead quickly to the Hell-state (state of existence); too much, or not enough.  'There is no other way.'

Sexual discourse, intercourse, intimacy, and congress​​ is a science and art which achieves uncharted healing results up to and including immortality, not STDs as the idiotic and chronic-liar Outlanders would have one believe in their jealous, insecure cowardice (trying to stop others from enjoying themselves because they are afraid to -and afraid they will never be able to).

Rights are earned via rites, and cannot be taken away by governments or anyone, but are not default; they are never given to people just because they are born within imaginary lines called nations.  Once you earn your rights, they are yours forever, and, at least as an Inisfreean, there is no possibility of becoming hurt, lessened, or incapacitated such that you might have to reduce or surrender those rights.  Everyone in Inisfree works to do their part in maintaining the Inisfreean Heaven-state (state of existence), and those efforts are never in vain.
Prime Numbers and Circular Formations:  
Standing or sitting in circles, whether just talking or lust-and-love-making, we have found that the energies bounce back and forth at the rapid and exponential rate between us, when we are in the formation of a circle.  A pentacle (each person being one of its points) or pentagram (a pentacle formation inside a rounded pit, dome, or other construct) is the basic element and foundation of this.  To charge people up, they move in and near this formation of others.  When people are added at even intervals to its ring, the formation tends to naturally fragment into more pentagrams, each of which will continue to grow and glow based on the number of nearby and incoming people.
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(this school of higher learning is, itself, entirely a temple)

The Holy Biblor'an:  Inisfree's Bible

Every few centuries on Earth-That-Was, a new religion -or an amendment to an existing religion- was forged and advertised.  In 2011 AD, it was the destined time for another, and one that would unite them all -even more than Bahá'í had.  Well, it united all of their teachings, eliminating the errors and redundancies, at least.


The Biblor'an tells the tale of how Inisfree came to be, and what its parameters and governing guidelines and regulations are.  Like the Bible and other religious books, it includes testimonies and advice sub-books credited to various believers by their forename.  As all Inisfreean documents and other recordings, this book is not just meant to be viewed and read as Outlander books are; like all Inisfreean recordings, it includes symbols and devices to convey not just spells (written sounds; words spelled with letters), but also sequences of words, concepts, thoughts, visions, feelings (the 'touch' sense), emotions (not to be confused with 'feelings'), memories, dreams, daydreams, fantasies, and much more.  When one accesses this book, or any Inisfreean book, through the Inisfreean Neural Network (I.N.N.), they will simultaneously see its words, hear those words being read in the vocal signature of their author, see the story that those words tell (as viewed and memorized by the author; literally seeing their memories), smell the scents of the story, taste the foods and drinks of the story, hear the sounds at and around (nearby) their settings, feel how the author and other characters felt throughout it, and much more.  This conveys a more complete tale which Outlander languages are not capable of in their limited vocabulary and nature.  All of the sensations that are nearly impossible to describe to people are instantly, effortless conveyed and felt by 'reading' (accessing and browsing) any Inisfreean record (book, video, song, or otherwise).  Even when the story talks about someone's beauty or arousal, the 'reader' will be just as enamored and seduced, even to the point of shivering orgasm if that is part of the story; as if they were the person being written about, living those moments in the story as if they were real life in the present day and moment.  No imagination is required with Inisfreean records, thus no mis-communication, mis-perception, misconstruing, or 'telephone game' effect can occur.  The Arabs boast of their unaltered, timeless language, and how their Qur'an cannot be accurately or correctly translated into other languages; that they have preserved the purity of its message in its entirety in this way, but the Inisfreeans have found this way to take pureness preservation to a wholly new, unprecedented, and truly perfect level.

Much like the Torah, Bible, Qur'an, and Book of Mormon, the Biblor'an (a synergy of them all, plus much more) tells an important story with virtually universal applications from multiple points of view. The first section is called the Main Testament, while the second and final section is called the Individual Testaments.  The Main Testament explains all of Inisfree to any Outlanders (outsiders) who might somehow feel called to learn of it (similarly to how people unaware of Buddhism might stumble upon and become more curious about that religion).  The Individuals Testament includes sub-books about the many people who heavily influenced the refinement of the budding Inisfree project, including abstract bios about their lives, treasured jokes they told, and wise quotes and terms they coined.
The Holy Biblor'an:  Inisfree's Bible

Table of Contents:

The Past
FOB1 Establishment
Multiplication Tables
Pearly Gates Challenge-and-Pass
Inisfreean (Language)
Psalms (Ancient Songs)
Engineered Clones
Sigils (Cosmic & Sex Magic)
Sex Spells
Daily Life
Round-the-World Expedition
The Rapture
KoHoE & the H.E.
Global Reverse-ambush
Revelations 2
The New Horizon


223000 BC -
98000 BC -
40000 BC -
25000 BC -
9831 BC -
8000 BC -
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3000 BC -
2635 BC -
2085 BC -
1500 BC -
560 BC -
550 BC -
877-527 BC - 

​  ​​​30 AD - 
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2011 AD - 
Funeral caches; graveyards
Defleshing the dead; excarnation
Venus figurines
Neolithic Revolution and first organized religions
Stonehenge started
Stonehenge completed
Egyptian pyramid
Judaism - Abraham
Hinduism - no specific founder
Buddhism - Gautama Buddha
Taoism - Lao Tzu
Jainism - Mahavira

​​Christianity – Jesus Christ
Gnosticism – no specific founder
Modalism (Monarchianism) – Sabellius, Praxeus, Noetus, Paul of Samosata
Islam – Mohammed
Tibetan Buddhism – Dalai Lama
Freemasony – Albert Mackey, Albert Pike
Swedenborgism – Emmanuel Swedenborg
Mormonism – Joseph Smith
Cambellites – Alexander & Thomas Cambell, Barton Stone
Tenrikyo – Miki Maegawa Nakayama
Bahai – Baha'u'llah (Abul Baha)
7th Day Adventists – E.G. White
Jehovah's Witnesses – Charles Taze Russell
Anthroposophical Society – Rudolf Steiner
Black Muslims (Nation of Islam) – Wallace D. Fard
Eckankar The Ancient Science of Soul Travel (Eck.) – Paul Twitchell
Hare Krishna (U.S.) – Swami Prabhupada
Atherius Society (UFO’s) – Dr. George King
Scientology – L. Ron Hubbard
Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research – Henry Kinley
Church of Satan – Anton LaVey

Inisfreean (aka Auzdeinianity) - Auzdein von Himmler
The Inisfreean Exception

Awesome Evolution:
Inisfreean is one of the few religions which does not teach that it is the only way to be.  Inisfreean (the religion) also does not teach that straying from its way(s) results in 'going to Hell' or any other place of punishment or damnation.  Inisfreeans are not taught to exterminate those who have different beliefs and practices, so Inisfreeans never engage in 'holy war' (religious warfare) such as crusades, jihads, or inquisitions.  Inisfreeans see no need for competition or conflict of that nature. Inisfreeans also love the variety that additional and even diametrically opposed religions and other systems and organizations bring to their world and reality.  Unlike many Outlander religions which seek to achieve dominance or even monopolies in their field, the Inisfreean religion teaches its practitioners to seek out and enjoy those of other religions, whether the experience compels them to try out and convert to the Inisfreean way or not, and loving the variety that they bring to life.

​​Inisfree and its Inisfreeans pose no threat whatsoever to the Outlanders (those of the world outside Inisfree).  Furthermore, any attempt to identify, restrain, interrogate, or hurt an Inisfreean would only result in the aggressors (those making the attempt) feeling mellower, healthier, and more aroused the closer they got to the Inisfreean(s) they were seeking.  By the time they got anywhere near them, it would only be by either chance or the will of the Inisfreeans, and at that point they would be helpless to do any harm or anything by force.  Even their thoughts would become amazingly serene and pleasant.  And once the Inisfreeans started using their subtle body language, mannerisms, and other clever means, such as radiating specific types of auras and feelings, even the most desensitized, brainwashed, and toughened of the Outlanders would melt into love, lust, and apologies.