Spire Temple News:  One of each form of Inisfreean-borne girl has been officially baptized and consecrated in this temple.
Spire Temple
The Spire Temple

This temple is in the form of an inverted golf-tee; a cone with gradually curving sides which fan out more around its base.  It stands one quarter of a mile tall, has a smooth white exterior like that of a cross between limestone and opaque glass, and is crowned with a gleaming gold statue of a winged, nude, female angel holding a trumpet in one hand to her lips, her golden mane of hair appearing to flow softly in the Inisfreean breeze passing from her face to her back.

There are three main sections to this temple:
  1. The outside perimeter is a radial array of disc-shaped parking (and landing) spaces, each of white with inlaid gold swirls (much like those of the G.A.H.), and each being encircled by cascading terraces of richly colorful landscaping (flowers, hedges, etc.).
  2. A thin 'water membrane' of a wall-like waterfall serves as Inisfree's version of Protestant baptism dunking -and Catholic foyer water bowl touching and cross-gesturing; guests walk through this hair-thin, almost mist-like flowing of water which is so clear and seamless they can easily see through it as if it was unblemished window glass.  Once through it, they pass through a towering double-door leading into a pointed archway separating the outside from the inside of this temple, and it is inside this door that they then find themselves in the ​50-stories-tall sanctuary which is (also of white and gold) a spherical room with pews arranged in rows rising partway up the curving perimeter walls, and a central platform of concentric circles, each raised half a foot more than its previous, outer, larger, lower one.  A blood-red pentagram adorns the surface of this platform's innermost, highest circle, and it is here that the speakers stand and call up congregation members who wish to be publicly consecrated next in cum; they are made love to in groups of already-cum-baptized congregation members (orgies), then dunked in a clear-sided bathtub full of synthetic cum, and licked clean and dry again by a host of Inisfreean-borne girls serving as the altar-girls of this temple (whose hair and the irises of their eyes slowly change through all the colors, glowing more brightly during each one of these orgasmic rights of passage).
  3. The final of this temple's three sections​ is the lofty, tall-ceilinged bedroom centered high above this sanctuary in the narrowest and topmost portion of this building's spire.  This bedroom is only accessible by flight or teleportation, and is reserved for the Governor and newly cum-consecrated girls who then spend the remaining day and night with him making love in the canopy bed of this palatial bedchamber.  This bedroom is complete with a bay window leading out to a balcony set flush with the temple's top's outer surface; an arched inlet much like one would have in a mansion for a single light fixture shining down on a vase or other fine work of art.  * Congregation members and guests warmly congratulate all girls at three times; after they announce their decision to be baptized in this way, then after they are dunked in the tub full of cum, and finally after they complete their night in this temple's hidden, private, top-situated bedroom with the Governor, god-king of the whole Inisfreean realm.

Extra Services:
Girls who wish to be re-baptized or further-baptized are invited back to another worship service in this temple (worship of self and lovers), and instead of just being dunked in a cum-filled bathtub in the middle of all the filled pews of the sanctuary while the Inisfreean choir sings in their sexiest of voices, these girls sit on a B.T.B. (a 'super-Sybian') in the middle of that clear tub, are triple-penetrated by its 'smart'-tentacles, and have all three of their main holes pumped full of cum WHILE they sit (submerged up to the neck) in cum (the tub is that deep; ~4', such that their feet dangle down in it without ever touching its bottom, and so that even their toes can open and wriggle to accept and be surrounded in all the warm, wonderfully slimy cum).

This temple is directly above the Grid Mind's housing chamber, though no passageways exist as direct links between these two facilities.

The exclusive patio bed behind the temple, overlooking the city's expansive, serene lake.
Temple Songs Inisfreeans Sing

Inisfreeans are a playful, tactile, loving, flirty, openly sexual people.  It isn't just their culture and status quo; it's in their blood, wiring, and every fiber of their being.  You will often see them casually making out, massaging, and enjoying romantic orgies, as well as sex dungeons, every possible position, and a vast variety of arousing and satisfying techniques.  In their places of worship, they worship each other, never some god or goddess, and in those special places of their most concentrated sexuality, where they can be more open and showy about all they know and have mastered along these lines, you will find them singing the Inisfreean version of hymns; songs which sound nothing like the 'zombie yodeling' of Outlander churches or the monotone chanting of the equally creepy Outlander mosques.  Hymns in Inisfree are sung beautifully, mesmerizingly, enchantingly, and more, and they are laced with the Inisfreean style of jokes; double entendres and sexual innuendos, some of which may also be half-serious.  Some Inisfreean girls call this 'pornified'.

Brazen Hymn of the Fuck Temple:

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the cumming of the Whores;
They are felching out the vintage where the orgasms are stored;
They hath loosed the fateful squirting of His swift pneumatic sword:
His nut is flowing on.
Glory, glory, anal fisting!
Gory, gory, violent hate sex!
Yummy, yummy, rape roleplay!
Its truth is dicking on.

I have seen Sex in the brothels of a hundred urban sprawls,
Whores have gangbanged on the altars with their pussy dews and drawls;
I can read their slutty tramp-stamps when I order them to crawl.
Fuck Day is coming on.
Glory, glory, B-D-S-M!
Horny, Horny, little schoolgirls!
Saucy, Saucy, forming Catholics!
Your religion is at its end.

When I fuck a thirteen year old I can't tell you how I feel.
'Statutory rape' is cried by haters, so with my snipers they'll deal;
Let the preteen, prepubescent, piss on their wounds before they heal,
Great Sex is turning on.
Glory, glory, all positions!
Glory, glory, cradle robbing!
Police, feds, and jealous nutjobs!
Your wives-and-daughters are on our side.

I have been with every age group and had their folks admit defeat;
I am sifting out the models, and my dick will be their seat.
Oh, be swift, slave sluts, to answer me! be jubilant, your feet!
Or I'll piss on your fucking eyes.
Glory, glory, it's a tag-team!
Glory, glory, have a wet dream!
Glory, glory, and a wife swap!
And an orgy on our slowest day.

In the beauty of the playground 'Christ' was moaned across the park,
When a creampie in her slam-hole 'gave her heart a little start.
If she e'er dares defy me, I'll fingerblast her 'til she sharts,
Bitch, know your fucking place.
Glory, glory, tight vaginas!
Glory, glory, keep your throats loose!
Glory, glory, ask for seconds!
If you're good, you get ass-to-mouth.

Girls are coming to my kingdom, drove by drove just like a wave,
Every skin, hair, and eye color; a cornucopia to save,
So their sex shall be my footstool, and the lot of them, my slaves,
I am the new Fucking God.
Glory, glory, enslaved Barbies!
Glory, glory, clone a trillion!
Glory, glory, keep your dick wet.
Freyja would be fucking proud.

Covers and Remixes:
The Governor of Inisfree, along with his music band Violent Rebirth, is oft' rewriting and recomposing the lyrics and scores of many dozens of songs from nearly every genre on Earth. Born a music lover, he (and they; his daughters; the Inisfreean girls) love making much sexier, more honest, more fun versions of all the compositions and other creations they encounter on their ongoing series of expeditions.  You, too, are welcome to join them in this musical evolution process of theirs.  All you need do... is ask.