Auzdom News:  The largest temple in all of Inisfree now has vehicle-pews accessible via indoor highways, along with its own air support.
Temple of Auz
The Auz Dome

This is the second largest dome in Inisfree, measuring 1.75 miles in diameter and 1 mile in internal height at its center point.  (The largest dome is that of the ceiling of the Main Womb, while the third largest is that of Sotu's Under-concavity -which is slightly wider in diameter, but far shorter vertically; only one third of a mile from its bowl-pit to ceiling's center.)

This stadium-like dome serves the following purposes:
  • for consecrations (cum-baptisms) of girls who have attending guests too many in number to be seated within the Spire Temple)
  • f​or concerts and other performances too large to be hosted in the Performing Arts Center
  • ​for meetings of the Galactic Congress
  • for meetings of the Universal Congress
  • for meetings of the Megaversal Congress​​
*For further details on all of the Inisfreean Congresses, navigate here.​

Reaching Your Seat:
Due to its enormous size, and the fact that this facility has its own airspace and weather patterns, guests of the Auzdome do not walk down aisles to their rows of seats; instead, they drive in through circular ports (identical to the Stargate-like openings leading into Sotu), along the lanes of the G.A.H. (which continues into and throughout this dome), and then off onto smaller driveways leading to parking spaces (where their vehicles then serve as their seats).

For those in processions and other groups needing to reach the platform at the center of this domed temple, a separate, private length of the G.A.H. spirals in toward that platform, weaving over and under the regular G.A.H. sections for the most interesting of highway designs and effects.​​
Viewing the Central Platform:

Inisfreeans have both telescopic and portal-vision, making any distance seem like nothing to them.

Guests without these abilities are provided with various optics, such as binoculars for the intermediate-distance parking spaces, and telephoto lenses for the longer-distances ones.​​

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See what each section of Inisfree's radial and biggest temple looks like:

Aisles:  G.A.H. sections indoors
​Seating:  vehicle parking spaces inside
Overhead:  the Ceiling Mansions
Stage:  the central platform
寺廟 的 奧茲

Auzdome Usage:

Before 2301, this domed facility was open for reservations for large gatherings, such as concerts that would be sold out or overbooked if held at the city's amphitheater.

​By 2301, this domed facility was reserved for January and February.

​By 2401, this domed facility was reserved from January to mid-Summer.

​By mid-Summer of 2501, this domed facility was reserved year-round.