Main Womb News:  24 Inisfreean ColonyPods are now permanently housed in this giant cylindrical hangar.
Main Womb
The Main Womb

Watch in this shadowy, mountain's-belly enclave as biomechanical bulbs appear, hanging as if weightless along the blasphemously steep and ever-towering walls, and slowly grow into the giant, city-sized warships of Inisfree... floating just as silently and ghost-like up into the pitch black fade of the overhead, disappearing into their stand-by stacks, like bullets in a magazine, just waiting to be released...

Access Points:
There are six ways to reach this innermost, centralmost, and largest of the Inisfreean hangars:
  • four diagonal shafts for the Colony Pods to fly down into and up out of, allowing for two circuits of two-way traffic (one-way traffic in each of these shafts)
  • the route through the Overhang Base checkpoint out to the Tornado Crater
  • the G.A.H. subway station at this hangar's base (there is also a G.A.H. subway station near the topside entrance to the Overhang Base)

This is the largest hangar in Inisfree (if you don't count the private dimension in its core which houses an entire solar system), and contains 24 Colony Pods arranged in 4 vertical stacks of 6 each.

Like how many sailors give their ships female names, and refer to ships as 'she' and 'her', Inisfreeans regard their Own ship as a female, and that ship of theirs is their fully-mobile city.  Inisfree is a starship, and the constructs and facilities within it, which produce the Inisfreean-born population and their smaller Spaceships, are, like this one here, called 'wombs' rather than 'hangars'.