Ceiling Mansions News:  Originally just a few dozen, there are now 1,000 of these dwellings.
Ceiling Mansions
Ceiling Mansions

These are the spherical mansions built into the ceiling of the Temple of Auz.  Protruding like bowls attached to all angles of the interior of the dome that covers that temple, these houses serve as more examples of Inisfreean engineering brilliance.  Inisfreeans staff all of them, and guests are welcome to stay in them for as long as they like.

Dimensions & Layout:
There are 1,000 of these ceiling mansions spread out across the inside surface of the dome that makes up the majority of the structure of this temple, and all of these ceiling mansions are arranged along the shoulders of the G.A.H. that spirals up through this dome.  This gives them a formation appearance, when viewed from the seats on the floor of this temple, of being in a spiral of two parallel rows of large dots.  When all the lights are out in the temple they are in, except for a few of their own (the light fixtures inside the rooms of these ceiling mansions), the effect is one of an almost sky-sized sky-dome of dark night with patches of starlight.

Each ceiling mansion has three stories, the top and bottom ones measuring 66' in diameter, with the middle floor being 198' in diameter, giving each ceiling mansion here ​​37,614 square feet of floor-space; larger than the largest mansions even from the United States.  Roughly half of each ceiling mansion is inside the ceiling that is the dome over their temple, and it is from these halves that the garages and driveways connect them to the local G.A.H. on-ramps and off-ramps.  To view the cavernous interior of the temple from any of these ceiling mansions, go to the bay window on the middle floor, or to the bottom floor, which doubles as an observation deck; yes, the basements of these houses are where the most windows are.

In order to have plenty of space for the halves of these ceiling mansions, and the G.A.H. (which is 16 lanes wide) which provides access to and from them all, the dome of the Temple of Auz is 500' thick.​​

Special Features:
Invisible energy membranes are precisely tuned to allow breezes back and forth through them, and sounds in from below (so that the people in these ceiling mansions can hear what goes on down on the temple's floor, but the people down on that temple floor can't be distracted by what goes on in the ceiling mansions above them), but prevent anything from falling through, such as a person tripping, or a spilled beverage.

This graphic shows the general double-spiral formation of all ceiling-mansions, as well as, along one side of the example cut-away, how half of each ceiling-mansion protrudes like a dome from the part of the temple's ceiling it is built into, regardless of the angle/slope at that part of the ceiling's curve.