Inisfreean Chateaux News:  These large structures are French mansion-palaces, some of which are identical to the originals which inspired them.
Inisfreean Chateaux

All châteaux in Inisfree are grouped in this neighborhood based on their architectural style. Each château is an architectural clone of its form-sake in the Outlands, with the exception being that these buildings are indestructible.  We use the term château, a French word, to indicate that all of the castles in this neighborhood are built in the various French styles.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood is just over one third of a mile wide, and two miles long, giving it 19,514,880 square feet; 448 acres. With 23 castles, there are 848,473 square feet available per property; plenty of room even for these castles and all of their landscaping and more. To give you an idea of how big a castle is, Stormwind, almost its own town, including multiple ship docks, guild sections, spires, basements, and moats, is still only 47,000 square feet, meaning its greenbelt here would have 801,473 square feet; nearly 18.5 acres. In other words, if we quadrupled the number of castles that are in this neighborhood, they would all still be well dispersed and surrounded by beautiful plant-life. 

Special Features:

[Chateaus] Directory


  1. ​​Bourre
  2. Chambord
  3. Chantilly
  4. Chateau built by architect Eugène Danjoy for the Marquis de Grammont - Jura 39, Franche-Comte
  5. Chateau de Chillon of Switzerland
  6. Chateau; historic monument - Normandy, Eure 27, Upper Normandy
  7. Chateau; historic monument with moat - Creuse Area, Creuse 23, Limousin
  8. Chateau of Dordogne 24, Aquitaine 
  9. Chateau of Haute-Vienne 87, Limousin
  10. Chateau of Loiret 45, Centre 
  11. Chateau of Vienne 86, Poitou-Charentes
  12. Chaumont
  13. Chenonceau
  14. d'Amboise
  15. d’Azay-le-Rideau
  16. d'Ussé
  17. de Blois
  18. de Cheverny
  19. Napoléon III - Angers Area, Indre-et-Loire 37, Centre
  20. Pierrefonds
  21. Spelling Manor (Châteauesque) - Holmby Hills, Los Angeles
  22. Versailles
  23. Villandry
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