Universe Map News:  The Star Wars galaxy has been identified and plotted on Inisfreean maps.
The Universe

As far as we can tell, our reality, which we call the Universe (truncated to just 'the Verse' in this creative writing community and omni-saga), is infinite; it goes on forever in all directions without end, and shows promise of being as immortal as the Inisfreeans are.  There may not have been a start to it all, and there just as likely may never be an end.  Our understanding of it is arguably still as juvenile and backward as when we believed in the geocentric theory.  That being said, venture out and explore it with a very open mind.

We can only see 3,000 galaxies so far, but we can detect more than 1 trillion (including entire galaxies which do not emit visible light; they are only detectable in the radio, infra-red, and x-ray spectrum brackets, for example). Furthermore, we calculate there are more than 300 sextillion stars in our known 'Verse' (3 trillion times 100 billion), and some galaxies contain only 100 billion of them, while other galaxies contain more than 10 trillion.

In other words, you will never run out of room to expand, so you will never really need to engage in Space warfare unless you just really feel like it for some reason (perhaps you have some Norse blood in your veins).
Notes and Lists:

Orienting Facts:
Within 1,000,000,000 LY of Earth, there are:
  • 100 superclusters
  • 240,000 galaxy groups
  • 3,000,000 large galaxies
  • 60,000,000 dwarf galaxies
  • 250,000,000,000,000,000 stars
A blazar is a very compact quasar (quasi-stellar radio source) associated with a presumed supermassive black hole at the center of an active, giant elliptical galaxy. Blazars are among the most energetic phenomena in the universe and are an important topic in extragalactic astronomy.

Regarding the Inisfreean Realm

While Inisfree technically is anchored on Earth, and while the Inisfreean star-system 'Auzdein' is technically a part of the universe, both exist in their own, exclusive, dimensional 'pockets' beyond the forces and time-streams of everything in our reality.  The terms 'universe', 'verse', and 'omni-verse' are interchangeable here, and the Inisfreean empire interacts with them, yet remains distinctly apart from them.

Universe Map
Milky Way Galaxy
Sol System

  • ten million to one hundred trillion stars, as well as stellar remnants, interstellar gases and dust, and dark matter
  • Omega Centauri
  • Canis Major Dwarf
  • Virgo Stellar Stream
  • Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy 
  • Large Magellanic Cloud
  • Andromeda Galaxy
  • Black Eye Galaxy
  • Bode's Galaxy
  • Cartwheel Galaxy
  • Centaurus A
  • Cigar Galaxy
  • Comet Galaxy
  • Hoag's Object
  • Small Magellanic Cloud
  • Mayall's Object
  • Messier 83
  • Pinwheel Galaxy
  • Sculptor Galaxy
  • Sombrero Galaxy
  • Star Wars Galaxy
  • Sunflower Galaxy
  • Tadpole Galaxy
  • Triangulum Galaxy
  • Whirlpool Galaxy

Galaxy Groups:

  • more than 2 galaxies, and usually fewer than 50 galaxies
  • Local Group
  • Burbidge Chain
  • Canes Venatici Group
  • Canes Venatici II Group
  • Centaurus A/M83 Group
  • Copeland Septet
  • Deer Lick Group
  • Draco Group
  • Leo Group
  • Leo Triplet
  • Markarian's Chain
  • M51 Group
  • M81 Group
  • Robert's Quartet
  • Sculptor Group (South Polar Group)
  • Seyfert's Sextet
  • Stephan's Quintet
  • Ursa Major Group
  • Wild's Triplet
  • Zwicky's Triplet
Galaxy Clusters:

  • hundreds to thousands of galaxies bound together by gravity
  • composition: 1% galaxies, 9% intergalactic gas in ICM (the intracluster medium; the superheated plasma present at the center of a galaxy cluster), and 90% dark matter
  • Antilla Cluster
  • Centaurus Cluster
  • Fornax Cluster
  • Hydra Cluster
  • Virgo Cluster
  • Abell 732
  • Abell 1930 (Bootes Cluster)
  • Baede's Ursa Major Cluster
  • Coma Cluster
  • Gemini Cluster
  • WH Cristie's Leo Cluster
  • Bullet Cluster
  • El Gordo
  • Musket Ball Cluster
  • Pandora's Cluster
  • Phoenix Cluster

Galaxy Clouds:

  • tens of thousands of galaxies or more
  • Canes Venatici Cloud
  • Virgo II Cloud


  • groups of galaxy clouds, galaxy clusters, and/or galaxy groups
  • Local Supercluster
  • Coma Supercluster
  • Hercules Superclusters
  • Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster
  • Hydra Supercluster
  • Centaurus Supercluster
  • Leo Supercluster
  • Ophiuchus Supercluster
  • Pavo-Indus Supercluster
  • Perseus-Pisces Supercluster
  • Sculptor Superclusters
  • Shapley Supercluster 
  • Virgo Supercluster
  • Aquarius Supercluster
  • Aquarius B Supercluster
  • Aquarius-Capricornus Supercluster
  • Aquarius-Cetus Supercluster
  • Boötes Supercluster
  • Bootes A Supercluster
  • Caelum Supercluster
  • Corona Borealis Supercluster
  • Columba Supercluster
  • Draco Supercluster
  • Draco-Ursa Major Supercluster
  • Fornax-Eridanus Supercluster
  • Grus Supercluster
  • Horologium Supercluster
  • Leo A Supercluster
  • Leo-Sextans Supercluster
  • Leo-Virgo Supercluster
  • Microscopium Supercluster
  • Pegasus-Pisces Supercluster
  • Pisces Supercluster
  • Pisces-Aries Supercluster
  • Pisces-Cetus Supercluster
  • Ursa Major Supercluster
  • Virgo-Coma Supercluster
Far Distant:
  • Lynx Supercluster