ETW News:  Lobbyists continue to push for terraforming rights to the fading fairytale planet some believe to be 'man's origin.
Earth That Was
ETW:  Earth That Was...

With an atmosphere full of methane, hydrocarbons, and erratic hurricanes spewing acid rain, increasing tectonic shifting and volcanic eruptions due to the melted polar ice caps, rapidly expanding deserts, completely deforested continents, oil spills, islands of floating trash congesting every ocean and other body of water, raging brushland fires, and nightmarish fauna and flora mutations scattered about the shrinking land masses, the Earth That Was is quickly becoming one of the most hostile places to attempt life in the Verse.  Largely abandoned and covered in decades of ash from another nuclear winter, this entire world is covered in condemned cityscapes and eroding ruins of gargantuan proportions.  Crime, piracy, slavery, and even most black operations have shifted to other, less damning platforms.
The Relentless Returning Rise of Neptune

When the sea levels began to rise, a mere 6 meters was all it took to dislodge the majority of the human civilization; all nestled neatly along the world's coastlines.
                  Isaiah 54:9
"To me this is like the days of Noah, when I swore that the waters of Noah would never again cover the earth. So now I have sworn not to be angry with you; never to rebuke you again."

             So much for that.


ETW Notes:  2013-2513

It is now a few years after 2013:

What was once a powerful species on Earth, numbering over 8 billion, is now a very timid and humbled, socially different, and far more enlightened collection of desperate nomads and salvagers numbering only in the millions.  Over the next 500 years they will, with the aid of the only city now allowed to exist on planet Earth, expand again into space, and end up numbering over 50 billion strong just in one new star system.

For the next hundred years or so, however, they are stuck on an Earth that appears devastated to them.Their entire civilization is buried in off-line fragments.All of the mythical creatures of their fairytales and ghost stories now roam the Earth again in total freedom, as they did once many thousands of years before, and as they do in great seasons that last for, and are separated by, tens of thousands of years.  Their Moon, only two-thirds as bright as it once was, is a restricted world populated and controlled by the NAZIs of the 3rd Reich, while the super-humans of the 4th Reich control the planet Earth from the throne of their white continent and the immortalized safety of their city.

No outsiders, called 'Outlanders', will ever learn of the existence of that city that caused the latest Apocalypse, and few –if any- in all of history and time, will ever get to visit there.  The forces of that city –the ones that were used for the global coastal invasion and extermination- were never seen or heard from again.  Just about every remaining human assumes they were the storybook angels from their concept of the kingdom of Heaven, when in truth, they are creations of one man, and are still parked in underground holding cells just a few thousand miles to the south.

Human technology was reduced to that of the late 1900s, with some devices, like the World Wide Web, satellite television and radio, and commercial air traffic, completely in abandonment and ruins.  Although humanity will eventually recover and experience more population explosions dubbed 'baby booms', this will not come for many more years, and only then due to direct encouragement from and assistance by the Holy City with the poetically titled White Throne.  Even then, some 100 years in the future, around the year of 2113, the humans will never know who is helping them get back on their feet and back off-world.  Even their top leaders and shadow-government representatives will meet their quiet supporters from The City in unreachable embassies; two of the former science bases having been converted for such a purpose while the rest of the world was led to fall apart.

The shards of the United States and China will return to some measure of stability and authority, teaming up as one of them annexes the restored United Kingdom along the way.  Most of the some-odd 250 nations of the pre-Apocalyptic Earth will never be restored, though; most of their land areas, in fact, don't even exist anymore.

Cities (of elves, angels, demons, nymphs, mer-people, elementals, dragonkin, drow, Terminators (and other robots, androids, and cyborgs), and hybrids of all of those and more) in the hollow core of the Earth (Agharta), deep within the overlapping cave networks (such as Telos and Red City), and decloaking after millennia in hiding in the remote wilds of the surface, are all secretly protected by the ongoing clandestine operations of The City stationed in Antarctica.  They, too, however, have no way of detecting that one special city, and will also never be allowed to know of its existence or its people.

Although what's left of the human race has all but forgotten about things like the second American Civil War in 2012, and the Global War on Hunger, they can not forget about things like what the Monsanto Incident led to; the purging of all genetically modified fish, cattle, and crops, nor things like the Armageddon War, which the non-religious humans insist on only calling 'World War III', and which they (the humans) will never discover was actually just the pre-emptive War for Antarctican Independence (a secret war hidden within another war).

Drugs are no longer in existence for the humans; their laboratories, marijuana and opium farms, and so on, all burned off the face of the Earth.  They may, however, discover that the other sentient species, like the drow and demons and so on, have drugs of their own, very different in origin, nature, and effects.  But come 2113, and forever more there-after, all non-human sentients will be purged from the collective human memory again, and humanity's re-expansion into Space will be one of restored ignorance of all the great and ancient races they once knew and co-existed with.  The generation born inside the massive, colonial, transport spaceships will be subjected to 'the telephone game' effect of hand-me-down stories of such other races, and will lose faith in them, as is so often the case when one is not able to witness something for his or herself.  Humanity will yet again think itself alone in the Universe.

Now, as the human species struggles just to survive, and as they stumble across the re-emergence of all their faerytale creatures and societies, the only ones who maintain their actual, complete history… are the citizens of The City they know nothing about.  The humans are seldom bothered, though, and few groups and organization do any warfighting at all, because every being on the planet is still very alarmed at the Apocalypse that just happened, and none of them want to piss off the new angels and gods (how they perceive the invading force that came and went so quickly, and without a trace).
ETW Regions of 2014-2113:

The entire surface of the Earth has been altered, although continents and tectonic plates generally remained in the same places as before, and this means that the entire planet must be re-explored and re-discovered from scratch.  Few areas of any maps still hold true and apply.  Although cooled by the diminishment of the Sun's and Moon's light, and by the layer of volcanic ash clouds that blocked out the world's sky, the Earth soon reheated as many old and new volcanoes were triggered, and as the flashes and fallout of many nuclear weapons were unleashed.  All of the polar ice melted, and the ocean level rose more than 170 meters.  New regions, realms, and biomes, created at some point during or shortly after the Apocalypse, include:

In North America:
- the Great California Reef
- the Rocky Mountain Islands
- the Canada Desert
- Silo City (formerly North and South Dakota; not an actual city, rather a hive of unused nuclear missile silos)
- the Radiated Badlands (formerly Minnesota and Wisconsin)
- the Yellowstone Super-volcano (the exposed lava remains dozens of miles wide at the mouth, but is no longer smoking)
- the Kingdom of Texas, including Dallas-Ft.Worth (1 of only 2 fortress-towns in the former United States)
- the Sea of Mexico (formerly the Gulf)
- the Gulf of Illinois (formerly the Mississippi River valley)
- Greater Georgia (formerly the entire eastern seaboard, including all States west to the edge of the Gulf of Illinois)
- the Empire of Mexico (a narrow strip of land, formerly the Mexican peninsula, now sparsely populated and barely controlled by knights and networks of pueblos and pill-boxes)

* Cuba is almost entirely underwater.
* The survivors of Las Vegas are now in a nearby island named New Vegas.
* Almost everything west of the Rockies is underwater.
* The Amero, barely instated just before the Apocalypse as the North American equivalent of the Euro, is no longer a valued currency.
* Greenland (now split in two halves) and Iceland are now thawed; free of ice, and are the most human-populated places on Earth.

In South America:
- Venzuela Island
- Guyana-Suriname Island
- the Andes Plateau
- the Gulf of Brazil
- the Gulf of Argentina
- the Shadow-mass-land
- the Cloud-mass-land

* The Amazon rainforest is now a desert.  Grass is just starting to reappear across the surface of the Earth.

In Europe:
- The Swiss Alps Plateau
- The Sea of Hungary

* The northwestern half of France is underwater, as is the northeastern half of Italy.

In Africa:
- the Gulf of Senegal (and most of former-Mauritania)
- the Sahara Swamp
- the Atlas Plateau
- the Kilimanjaro Plateau

* Most of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt are underwater.
* The Congo's rainforest is now a desert.

In the Middle East:
- the Arabian Swamp

* The Persian Gulf now extends twice as far inland to the northwest (most of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Iraq are underwater)

In Asia:
- the Gulf of Russia
- the Gobi Swamp
- the Gulf of Pakistan
- the Gulf of Nepal (most of Bangladesh and Bhutan are underwater)
- the Himalayan Islands
- the Gulf of China (half of China (various areas) is now underwater)
- the Gulf of Thailand (most of Cambodia is underwater)

* The Black and Caspian Seas are now connected (most of Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan are underwater), and are called the Eurasian Sea.

In Australia:
- the Gulf of Australia

In Antarctica:
- the Ross Gulf
- the Ronne Gulf
- Neuschwabenland (a territory including surface and subterranean regions)

* The entire continent is now thawed.  All ice shelves have broken off.  All Amazon-length riverways once under 1 to 2 miles of vertical ice are now fully exposed; open-air.
* Its biomes include:  boreal forests, deserts (such as Dry Valley), temperate savannas, tundra, and inland water (such as the now-exposed (once sub-glacial) Lake Vostok).
New Weather Patterns:

- Sulfur-tornadoes in Yosemite
- Blood-hail replaced by Ash-snow
- Dust-storms replaced by Ash-storms
  (the ash of volcanoes and incinerated humans)
The Highlands of Scotland is the restored United Kingdom:
Sea of Mexico
Canada Desert
Gulf of Illinois
Venezuela Isle.
Guyana-Suriname Isle.
Andes Plateau
Gulf of Brazil
Gulf of Argentina
Gulf of Ronne
Gulf of Senegal
Sahara Swamp
Congo Desert
Sea of Hungary
Eurasian Sea
Gulf of Russia
Gulf of China
Gulf of Pakistan
Gulf of Nepal
Himalaya Isles.
Gulf of Thailand
Gulf of Australia
Antarctican Austral Forest

Amazon Desert
Rocky Mountain Isles.
Gobi Swamp
Silo City
Empire of Mexico
Gulf of Illinois
Rocky Mountain Isles.
Great California Reef
Kingdom of Texas
Irradiated Badlands
Sea of Mexico
Greater Georgia
Canada Desert
Appalachian Plateau
Yellowstone Super-volcano
Irradiated Badlands
Earth That Was
Anchor Point
São Paulo
Base 211
New Dubai
New Vegas
Cleansed by the Fire

Like any lightning strike or forest fire, the Apocalypse (complete with the impacts of meteors, asteroids, and a comet, along with the deep tissue massage of global 'quakes, as well as the belching of countless tons of rich volcanic ash, and the alien elements raining down amidst skies full of many colors and shapes of lightning) revitalized and re-enriched the entire world.  It was a global detoxification that extended down many miles beneath the surface, and, as some detoxifications do, it made things much, much worse for some, if only for a little while.  The Xians, for one, were reduced to mere hundreds.

Even though the oceans were full of blood, the rivers were poisoned by extraterrestrial compounds from afar, the sky was thick and black with soot, the melted ice caps had flooded half of every continent, and every blade of grass had been scorched off the face of the surface, and even though every human city had been toppled to smoldering ruins, and every human coastline obliterated by nuclear hellfire, the world was in a much stabler state, and expected to see the regrowth of its ancient rainforests like never before.  In fact, by the time humanity had finished migrating off-world around 2313, the entire planet's surface-situated land area would be covered in a triple canopy of rainforests so healthy they glowed in many pockets.

With the introduction of still more alien compounds from those carefully selected cosmic bodies that had been yanked into the Earth's gravitational pull, and with the positive effects that nuclear fallout had on a few special lifeforms, those who were already positively mutated (evolved) by things such as lifelong exposure to radio- and microwaves would see a world coming back to life with new species and hybrids never even imagined before, such as all the creatures of the Darwin IV expedition story, and so much more.
255 Million Years Ago
Pangaea Forged like a Sword:

- Infant Disc-Earth becomes a hollow sphere.
- Liquid water forms on the dark side.
- As Earth's orbit slowly moves away from its 
  creator-star, the water begins to freeze on the 
  dark side, migrating its liquid remainder to the 
  light side.
- Pangaea begins as a perfect circle; the floor of
  the ocean-world becoming exposed as the
  liquid water shifts from one half of the planet to
  the other.
- Pangaea begins to spread out, split up, and
  restore the spherical homeostasis.
- Asteron's explosion sends a fragment that
  impacts Earth, tilting it by 23.45 degrees and
  creating its rotational wobble.
- Binary-star solar-seasons lead to Ice Ages.

152 Million Years Ago
94 Million Years Ago

New & Returning Races
North America after 2013
ETW Kingdoms Established after 2013:

40 kingdoms were established immediately after the world-changing events of 2013, 39 of these kingdoms by the first of them all; Inisfree.  Their locations and overall physical descriptions are as follow:

  • Congo, The; all of the middle of Africa, Congo Desert (once a rainforest) up to the bottom of the Sahara Swamp and down to the top of the Kalahari Grassland (once a desert), Kilimanjaro Plateau (and volcano)
  • Libya; all of northeastern Africa, eastern half of the Sahara Swamp
  • Madagascar; three quarters of the landmass it used to be
  • Morocco; all of northwestern Africa, Gulf of Senegal, western half of the Sahara Swamp, Atlas Plateau (and volcanoes)
  • South Africa; all of southern Africa up to the Congo Desert, includes all of the Kalahari Grassland
Arctic & Antarctic:
  • Antarctica & The Universe; Austral Forest, many new islands, Ross Gulf, Ronne Gulf, Neuschwabenland (state-sized historical area with Base 211), South Polar Hole to Agharta
  • Nuuk (Greenland was inaccurately named); free of nearly all glaciers, several volcanoes, boreal forest, North Polar Hole to Agharta, includes Iceland
  • Afghanistan; all of the land from Iran to India, Gulf of Pakistan
  • China; all of southeastern Asia, Singapore up to the bottom of the Gobi Swamp, Gulf of China (where most of China's previous billion+ population centers were), Gulf of Thailand
  • India; two thirds of the landmass it used to be, Gulf of Nepal
  • Japan; half of the landmass it used to be
  • Mongolia; all of middle Asia (between Russia and Tibet), Gobi Swamp
  • Russia; all of northern Asia, Gulf of Russia
  • Tibet; all of the Himalayas, now with many lakes, islands, and volcanoes
Australia & New Zealand:
  • Australia; two thirds of the landmass it used to be, Gulf of Australia
  • New Zealand; two thirds of the landmass it used to be
  • Bulgaria; southeastern-most Europe, half the landmass it used to be, now with an island the size of Crete, includes Greece
  • France; half of the landmass it used to be, includes Monaco, one fifth of the Swiss Alps Plateau (its southwest tail) (and volcanoes)
  • Germany; half the landmass it used to be, but now includes Austria, Bavaria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and four fifths of the Swiss Alps Plateau (and volcanoes)
  • Italy; two thirds of the landmass it used to be, just a peninsula barely connected to France
  • Poland; half of the landmass it used to be, includes the Czech Republic
  • Romania; half of the landmass it used to be
  • Scandinavia; two thirds of the landmass it used to be
  • Spain; all of southwestern Europe, includes Andorra
  • Ukraine, The; large-islands chain (mostly state-sized)
  • United Kingdom, The; half of the landmass it used to be
Middle East:
  • Arabia; three quarters of the landmass it used to be, Arabian Swamp, now including Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates, The; shifted southeast into Oman
North America:
  • California; Great California Reef, mostly island chains
  • Canada; two thirds of the landmass it used to be, Canada Desert
  • Georgia (former state of the USA); all states of the USA's eastern seaboard, Appalachian Plateau (and volcanoes)
  • Mexico; Sea of Mexico (formerly the Gulf), mostly island chains
  • Montana; Yellowstone Supervolcano, most of North America's elves and fairies
South America:
  • Argentina; Gulf of Argentina, Shadowmassland, Cloudmassland
  • Brazil; half of the landmass it used to be, Amazon Desert, Gulf of Brazil
  • Chile; southernmost part of the Andes Plateau (and volcanoes)
  • Colombia; northernmost part of the Andes Plateau (and volcanoes), and an island which used to be much of Venezuela
  • Peru; middle of the Andes Plateau (and volcanoes)
  • Venezuela; state-sized island

ETW Kings after 2013
ETW Human Population after 2013:

6,000,000 humans were spared (not counting those put into the Kajirae Candidates training program in Inisfree).  (The ones who were put on trial were a temporary addition to this total, making it just over 6,003,000 until they were sentenced to slavery and/or death.)  39 were chosen to be the kings of the new Earth realms (leaving 5,999,960). If each of the 39 new kingdoms got the same number of people, they'd each have about 153,846. However, there were spared tribal members and nomads not part of these kingdoms, so we'll say each kingdom had 100,000. That means 3,900,000 spared humans are citizens of the 39 new Outlands kings, and 2,099,961 of the spared humans are of the natives; tribes and nomads. All 6,000,000 regrouped at Nuuk, making it into the first human settlement after The Rapture Campaign (terraforming, etc.). 100,001 remained there (100,000 citizens and their king), taking charge of Greenland (now called Nuuk, with Nuuk also being the name of its capital city). Sailing back out from Nuuk's harbor, their giant ships, each one dwarfing an aircraft carrier or cargo ship, set out for the harbors where they would start the other kingdoms. There were six of these ships, together carrying 5,899,999 of the spared humans; 983,333 on five of the ships, and 983,334 on one of the ships. They dropped off the natives (tribal members and nomads) at their peoples' original lands, those lands being officially restored to them, as per the Inisfreeans' orders. Then the giant ships were, from harbor to harbor, dismantled to help kickstart the 38 new cities with their parts and supplies. And, of course, during the onset of The Rapture Campaign, each of these giant ships carried 1,000,000 of the humans chosen by the Inisfreeans to be spared.

100,001 each established (rebuilt) the following cities, which became the capitals of their kingdoms, as follow:
  1. Akola, India
  2. Antananarivo, Madagascar
  3. Atlanta, Georgia
  4. Birjand, Afghanistan
  5. Bogota, Colombia
  6. Bozeman, Montana
  7. Calgary, Canada
  8. Cape Town, South Africa
  9. Caracas, Venezuela
  10. Casablanca, Morocco
  11. Centro, Mexico
  12. Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  13. Croydon, Australia
  14. Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas
  15. Edinburgh, UK
  16. Jeddah, Arabia
  17. Kinshasa (Brazzaville), Congo
  18. Krakow, Poland
  19. Kyiv, Ukraine
  20. Kyoto, Japan
  21. Lhasa, Tibet
  22. Lima, Peru
  23. Los Angeles, California
  24. Madrid, Spain
  25. Mendoza, Argentina
  26. Meroe, Libya
  27. New Dubai, UAE
  28. New Moscow, Russia
  29. Oslo, Scandinavia
  30. Paris, France
  31. Rome, Italy
  32. Santiago, Chile
  33. São Paulo, Brazil
  34. Shensi (Shaanxi), China
  35. Sofia, Bulgaria
  36. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  37. Wellington, New Zealand
  38. Zurich, Germany

ETW Night Sky Views