Q-Fac News:  This facility, originally reserved for contaminated POWs, now includes wings for Inisfreean troops returning from their Rapture Campaign deployments.
Quarantine Facility
The Quarantine Facility

The Quarantine Facility of this city, Inisfree, is one of the only completely isolated sections of the city's subterranean grid (network of evenly spaced and interconnected) of silos.  Like all the other silos in Inisfree's subterranean silos grid, the silos that comprise the bulk of the Quarantine Facility are many stories tall, completely submerged well below the surface (the first few soil-horizons below Inisfree's topsoil layer), are 'smart'-silos (self-regulating and capable of instantly hermetically sealing themselves, amongst other abilities), and are extremely luxurious (because Inisfreean constructs, including furnishings, are easily decontaminated, if need be, as well as being easily moved, removed, deleted, altered, and/or reformed entirely).  

* ​​The silos of this facility do not connect in any way to the silos around them; there are no subterranean tunnels linking the Quarantine Facility's silos to the other silos and subterranean constructs of the rest of Inisfree.  The only access points connecting the Quarantine Facility chambers to the rest of Inisfree are but a few constantly-manned military checkpoints better-hardened than even the NORAD complex.

​​For Outlanders who are not yet ready to experience all that Inisfree is and offers, the Quarantine Facility allows them to slowly adjust at a comfortable, stable rate specifically attuned to their whole being (the traditional Inisfreean holistic approach), while pampered and brought 'up to speed' by Inisfreean teachers in a controlled environment.  This facility serves as that which allows various Outlanders to 'test the waters' or 'just dip their toe in for a minute', so to speak.  It is also comparable to an atmospheric decompression chamber utilized by some submersible personnel for deep-sea diving operations in that it ensures the perfect conditions for a person's body to adjust without any risk of damage. After a few weeks or months of acclimation in one of the luxuriously furnished silos of this facility, any Outlander will then be ready to enjoy 100% of their topside (surface; the great outdoors) Inisfree experience/s.

Three Main Route Options:
There are basically three distinct ways of getting to Inisfree-proper (moving freely about, above-ground, from attraction to attraction, within Inisfree's dome of airspace).
  1. Receptive beings (those who are of the mindsets capable of appreciating and reveling in all things Inisfreean, but have not yet been to Inisfree) who are traveling to Inisfree are escorted into the city's Perimeter Orb (the sphere surrounding the entire orb that is the mobile city called Inisfree), as the Perimeter Orb serves as a semi-permeable membrane and spherical inter-dimensional gateway; only approved beings will be able to enter it, while all beings who are not yet ready to enjoy the Inisfreean Way will be both unable to enter it and unable to even detect it (*This does not mean, however, that those who are unready will suddenly fall out of Inisfreean airships flying into the Perimeter Orb; those who are unready would never be flown into Inisfree's realm in the first place, as all Inisfreeans can very quickly sense exactly who is ready and who is not.).  The Inisfreean escort force guides the receptive beings (whether they have arrived in their own vessels or are riding within a commercial Inisfreean aerospacecraft) to the only Pearly Gate in use above Antarctica's ice surface (topside Pearly Gate 1 of 12), waits with them at a safe distance as it yawns open, arcing down to become a ramp like that of a cargo-airplane (except large enough for an aircraft-carrier), and continues to escort them up into and through that gate's sequence of 5 identical rectangular-prism chambers (because without an Inisfreean escort, the Inisfreean Challenge-and-Pass would be next to impossible for any Outlander to perform, resulting in their termination or immediate expulsion back out into Antarctica). Once receptive beings have been escorted through the 5-chamber sequence of Pearly Gate 1, the inside ramp-hatch of the final rectangular-prism chamber in that sequence (the ramp-hatch which seals this innermost chamber from the rest of Inisfree's topside and airspace) unlocks and yawns open, arcing down to become a drawbridge-like pathway just as the one before it (on the outside of Inisfree's Perimeter Wall) did.  From here, the escort only lasts long enough to take them across the GAH overpass, through the Chinese Great Gate, and down and out onto the Welcoming Square, where the Inisfreean greetings, welcoming ceremony, and official tour of Inisfree begin.  All first-time visitors are considered receptive-beings and must complete this official tour of Inisfree as their first Inisfreean (inside Inisfree-proper) event.  Since they are already receptive (comfortable with) the Inisfreean Way, the Quarantine Facility is just one part of a later day of this tour of Inisfree.  Once they have completed this official tour (which typically lasts 41 days), and if they are still in love with Inisfree, they are reclassified as 'already-fully-supportive beings'.  * If at any time, for any reason, these guests wish to stop their tour and return to the Outlands, they are, of course, allowed and helped to do so. They can return and complete their tour whenever they feel is the right time for them, resuming the tour where they left off.
  2. Partially-receptive beings (those who are just starting to realize some of the things that made Inisfree possible and important) who are traveling to Inisfree are almost always picked up in the Outlands by Inisfreean aerospacecraft, then flown (while the aerospacecraft remains cloaked from the entire spectrum) directly to one of Inisfree's subterranean Pearly Gates via one of Antarctica's sub-glacial river tunnel systems (this allows them to pass through a physical gate (as opposed to a portal) without its opening and closing being visible to any Outlanders exploring Antarctica by foot or satellite (though extremely rare, it is possible for partially-receptive Outlanders to inadvertently walk, drive, or fly in and back out of the Perimeter Orb without realizing it, and, once inside it, they would be able to see the Perimeter Wall of Inisfree, which looks like an ice cliff, but whose Pearly Gate hatches are aircraft-carrier-sized rectangular drawbridge-like ramps that yawn open in plain sight)).  From these subterranean and much larger Pearly Gates (as compared to the smaller Pearly Gates above Antarctica's ice surface, which are only big enough for aircraft carriers to pass through), the partially-receptive Outlanders are transported by Inisfreean aerospacecraft up into the hangars there within, then marched by Inisfreean personnel through restricted-access subterranean tunnels directly from their docking place in those hangars to the Quarantine Facility, passing through the military checkpoints along the way.  All partially-receptive beings must spend at least a few weeks in Inisfree's Quarantine Facility before being approved for sightseeing and other events topside (out across Inisfree's surface).
  3. Already-fully-supportive beings (those who already share all of Inisfree's wisdom, beliefs, and practices, such as previous guests of Inisfree who were overjoyed at what they found there) who are traveling to Inisfree have an instantaneous travel option available to them. Teleportation directly into Inisfree is possible, though almost unheard of, save for the Inisfreean-born clone-variants (the children of Inisfree; literally, as the city itself gave birth to them) and the city's Governor, himself.  -- Inisfreean-born personnel are able to teleport at-will (provided they have clearance from the Governor via the Grid Mind) to and from the terminal gates of Inisfree's Military Aerospaceport.  -- Inisfreean-born vessels (such as the Warships housed in the subterranean, slanted, cylindrical, military hangars) are able to teleport at-will (again, provided they have clearance from the Governor via the Grid Mind), out into the Outlands directly from the bays (docking clamps) securing them neatly within those hangars.  -- The Governor can teleport at-will to and from anywhere, without restrictions (other than the obvious; no teleporting into solid objects, etc.).  -- Lastly, distinguished guests can be teleported by (with) accompanying Inisfreeans; Inisfreean-born people who are escorting them in-person, facilitating the teleportation with their wills (again, provided they have clearance from the Governor via the Grid Mind) and, oftentimes, physical contact with the guests being transported in this way (typically within an Inisfreean group-hug, which forms a 3D Celtic-knot out of Inisfreean limbs around (embracing) the person or people).  Arriving and departing distinguished guests utilize the terminal gates of Inisfree's Civilian Aerospaceport; individuals walk through the teleportation gateways the same way characters did through the Stargate rings, while airplanes and other vessels teleport in and out of this facility's airspace just above and immediately around its takeoff-and-landing runways and tarmac discs (which are for helicopters and 'flying saucers', such as Inisfree's commercial, repulsine-based aerospacecrafts).  These already-fully-supportive (often also distinguished) guests have the choice as to whether they wish to explore the Quarantine Facility (except for its silos actively housing contaminated or otherwise at-risk beings during the time of the distinguished guests' visit) as part of the official tour of Inisfree.  Already-fully-receptive beings can also go directly from their Civilian Aerospaceport terminal gates to wherever they want in all of Inisfree (with the exception of restricted areas, such as those reserved for military training, clone-variant batch-birthing, etc.); these guests do not (no longer) need any official tour for orientation (because they have already had the official tour at least once during a previous visit to Inisfree).
The Quarantine Facility is the very next stop (after being flown to Antarctica and the gates and hangars of Inisfree, and after wrapping up their visit to Inisfree) for partially-receptive beings transported to or from Inisfree.  Before Inisfree had found cures to all known ailments, the Quarantine Facility was on constant stand-by to immediately, automatically teleport any potentially or actually contaminated (such as infectious) individuals or groups directly into its completely-isolated chambers for housing, analysis, and treatment.  This was (until all the cures were found) ​​the surest, quickest way to guarantee a termination of the spread of any disease or other contaminants, as this technological ability allowed the Grid Mind to teleport the smallest particles out of thin air and keep them buried in the Quarantine Facility until they had become neutralized / inert / cured.

Originally fashioned after the like-purposed facility described in The Hot Zone novel, Inisfree's Quarantine Facility is a fusion of just such a CDC-like facility fused with an ultra-luxury 7-star resort hotel.  While it is still -and always will be- fully capable of functioning as a total-containment facility for 100% of bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and other hazardous materials, since Inisfreean scientists found multiple ways of curing and preventing all of those things, it is no longer needed in that capacity.

During the Rapture Campaign (Inisfree's spearheading event to utilize its military forces to clean up the entire Earth by converting all of its pollution, restoring its atmosphere (closing the O-zone holes), exterminating the human-made GMOs adversely affecting farmers and their crops, triangulate and extract the greatest beauties of mankind for perfecting purposes, and doing some calibrating of Inisfree's terraforming devices)​​, involuntary Outlanders (draftees; kidnapees; abductees; conquests; slave-girl candidates; etc.) were processed in Inisfree's Quarantine Facility before being approved for final screening, therapies, conditioning, and supplemental treatments above-ground at Inisfree's Holistic Hospital.  Now, having completed the Rapture Campaign, much if not all of that work can be completed in the Outlands at temporary field camps, as well as within the larger ships of Inisfree's fleet (such as MPHAs, Dropships, Colony Pods, Warships, and even the land-based White Rhinos).

* It is important to note that 99% of the time, no Outlanders are forced to adopt the Inisfreean Way.​​  Almost all Outlanders who wish to remain as they were when Inisfreeans discovered them are allowed to do so.  Those Outlanders who are already at or within Inisfreean facilities or other Inisfreean constructs are sent back from whence they'd been transported.  Inisfree is not an internment camp, nor is it a concentration camp or a free-labor enterprise.  Its facilities are entirely dedicated to offering open-minded and open-hearted beings opportunities to try out the many Inisfreean breakthroughs for themselves and in their own ways.  Thusly, Inisfree's Quarantine Facility only isolates and houses them long enough to make healthy, stable, comfortable transitions back and forth between the Inisfreean realm and that of the Outlands.

Most first-time guests to Inisfree, when they are about to participate in the Inisfreean Olympic Games, stay and study first in this facility.

檢疫 設備
Further Details; Daily Life, Quarantined

Like deep sea divers needing a decompression chamber, or high altitude climbers needing years of slow acclimation to ridges and summits above 10,000 feet above sea level, outsiders (called Outlanders) coming to Inisfree for the first time need time to comfortably and safely adjust to this new environment, too. Several weeks are reserved for such people in this facility, where they are taught the Inisfreean calendar, customs, diet, fitness standards, government structure, public technologies, and so forth. Once newcomers have studied and memorized enough to not feel overwhelmed or lost, they are graduated to a suite in one of Inisfree's hospital wards, and finally to take the official city tour, then freely explore and enjoy the attractions across its surface.

All wardens and other personnel here are Master Females, as this facility processes the most challenging and (initially) least compatible people who will ever be in the city. Living under their constant scrutiny, Outlander girls learn that perfection is possible, how to be perfect in the eyes of Inisfreeans masters, and how to enjoy living in closet-sized spaces, which is what they must adapt to as slaves.

Because nearly everyone who is housed here comes from the Outlands, Inisfreean military personnel provide their transportation to and from this facility, usually via escorting their stasis tubes on foot through Inisfree's subterranean tunnels network, or via direct teleportation once already inside the city.

Drinks and Meals:
Meals are served Nyotaimori style in Inisfree, so first timers get used to that here. Drinks are presented in the Gorean fashion; girls sweetly kiss the side of any drink container before offering it with both hands to the man who called for it. Outlanders learn and practice that here.

The top four levels of each of this facility's silos has world-class gymnasium equipment of all kinds, and those who are quarantined here are encouraged to make use of it at least once a day. Light swimming may be enjoyed on the lowest level of any of the silos making up this facility.

Study Hall:
Mental exercise consists of forced practice of all things taught to the absolute best female pleasure slaves of the planet Gor; every subject and technique a girl will ever need to be beautiful, graceful, seductive, and sensationally sexy in all ways and at all times, even if all she is doing is walking through a doorway, offering to refill a goblet, or kneeling with proper posture and silence. All periods of study are spread out amongst even intervals of physical exercise to keep the girls' blood pumping and their whole beings vital and active, for it is very clear that an active, mobile girl is a quicker learner and sharper student, and always possessing the much sexier emotion and attitude of positivity and readiness. All females in this prison spend a mandatory eight hours every day studying all subjects deemed necessary for satisfactory kajirae work. Also, during study time, unless they are being taught the various dances of the female pleasure slaves, all prisoners remain locked in place by the backs of their slave collars to the nearest metal rings fused into the walls and floors.

Solitary Confinement:
In rare cases, exceptionally incompatible people may be isolated from the groups, housed in the most isolated and solitary of this facility's sections.  This affords them more one-on-one time with Inisfreean instructors, as well as more personal space and time to acclimate and otherwise adjust to the Inisfreean Way.

At least six to eight hours of silence throughout all the silos of this facility each night ensures blissful and undisturbed sleep for all who wish it.

All hygiene here consists of group bathing and showers on the bottom level of each silo.  Girls use their hands, lips, and tongues to clean each other off while simultaneously sensually massaging.  It is also taught during this time that dental hygiene in Inisfree means girls lick the teeth and gums clean of those around them, then suck on their tongues, as in Inisfree... human saliva and touch become powerful antiseptic and general healing agents.

As part of the acclimation to the Inisfreean Way, all who are quarantined here are kept nude in order to get them used to the feel of breezes on their skin, and the absence of anything to hide who and what they really are.

Every morning the ceilings on each level of each silo here simulate the sunrise, with the quietly babbling brook on the bottom level of each silo being the accompanying white noise.

Cleaning is largely handled by the Inisfreeans staffing this facility, though the facility's surfaces and furniture themselves are self-cleaning.

First time visitors to Inisfree are not permitted to bring anything with them. Once they have completed the quarantine (acclimation) process, including the 41-day tour, they may be allowed to bring in a few items which fit in a backpack, such as fitted clothing or drawing materials.

Formal examinations of bodies, minds (what they learned during study hall), and living spaces (prison cells) take up about half an hour each morning, and another half hour each night. This is to ensure that all incoming Outlanders know what is expected of them in terms of cleanliness, knowledge, organization, and poise.

Using the Bathroom:
In Inisfree, the diet and other things result in very few waste products, if any. Thus, what Outlanders call 'going to the bathroom' (and what Inisfreeans call 'going to the toiletroom') are rare sights.

2300-0500: sleep and fire-watch
0500-0530: reveille and morning hygiene
0530-0600: morning inspection (of bodies, minds, and cells; rooms)
0600-0610: movement to breakfast
0610-0630: breakfast
0630-0640: movement to morning exercise
0640-0740: morning exercise
0740-0750: movement to the group showers
0750-0800: group showers
0800-0810: movement to study hall
0810-1210: study hall, first half
1210-1220: movement to lunch
1220-1240: afternoon chow​​​​​​​
1240-1250: movement to recess
1250-1450: recess
1450-1500: movement back to study hall​​
1500-1900: study hall, second half​​
1900-1910: movement to dinner
1910-1930: evening chow
1930-1940: movement to Conexes (living spaces)
1940-2140: free time
2140-2150: movement to evening hygiene
2150-2200: evening hygiene
2200-2210: movement to evening inspection
2210-2240: evening inspection​​​​​​​​ (of bodies, minds, and cells; rooms)
2240-2250: movement back to​ Conexes in preparation for lights-out (bedtime)

Lastly this facility is the luxurious architectural version of the city's prison;
19x19 green dots on the city map (and 39x39 pixels total) = 361 silo clusters (cell blocks), which = 3,249 silos (cell towers).
Each tower (silo) has 80 wings; Conex box annexes, which are arranged 8 per level, each silo having 10 levels.
Each wing (Conex box) measures 20'x8'x8', and has 4 cells; 2 in front, 2 in back, with a narrow walkway (2' wide) in the middle.
Thus, each wing has 4 cells, each tower (silo) has 320 cells, each block (cluster of 9 silos) has 2,880 cells, and this whole facility has 2,339,280 wings and 9,357,120 cells.
Each cell measures 10'x3'x8', is a wall-less quadrant of its wing (with a luxurious mattress and pillows, but no blankets; encouraging girls to cuddle up together for warmth as they lounge, rest, and sleep), and houses 4 girls; just enough room for them to sleep on the floor, with some of their limbs touching or overlapping; 2.5'x3' of floor-space per girl; 7.5sqft., or a 5'x1.5' area if they stretch out. (And that is plenty of room because the girls tend to sleep with their heads between the feet of the adjacent girl.)
~16 human girls can comfortably share 1 Conex as a living (sleeping) space, thus, if every space in this facility is filled, the maximum comfortable population of this facility is 37,428,480 girls, and that's still leaving all of its silos empty; only housing girls in the wings (Conex boxes) attached to those silos.

This facility tends to only have low to no vacancy during major events such as the Inisfreean Olympic Games, or when new worlds across Space are discovered which have large populations of young humanoid females who desire to be indoctrinated into the Inisfreean way of life.