Chinese Great Gate
The Chinese Great Gate

The Only Gate Called a Gate
The Chinese Great Gate is a stadium-sized walk-through construct fashioned after traditional and prominent Chinese architecture, such as is displayed at sites like Tiananmen Square.  Although the 12 Pearly Gates are much, much larger than this one, and although they, too, are certainly worthy of the classification 'gate', all 12 of them are completely hidden and disguised within the Perimeter Wall of Inisfree, and are almost completely unheard of; a trade secret of the reclusive and exclusive Inisfreeans (who are by far even more secluded and secretive than even the highborn elves of olde).  Thus, this gate is the only construct in Inisfree you will hear referred to as 'the gate'.  Anyone on their way into Inisfree will arrive at the Welcoming Lot via this gate, and anyone leaving Inisfree will pass over the Welcoming Lot on their way out through this gate.

"Victor, vector.  What's your sector?"
This construct is the final formal 'leg' or 'pass' of the Pearly Gates sequence, making it the 13th gate-proper of Inisfree's Perimeter Wall airlock system.  Land-borne vehicles carrying guests along the Glowing Art Highway (GAH) to or from the final wall-situated portal of this system will drive through the rounded tunnel linking the long-sides of this 13th gate.  Airborne vessels, commonly called Repulsines in Inisfree, carrying guests to and from the same, final, wall-situated portal of this system will instead fly directly over this 13th gate.  Only the hoverbikes nicknamed 'owls' are permitted for very rare trajectories through the uppermost portions of this construct's pedestrian and vehicular traffic tunnels.

Festive Special Protrusions
Like most Inisfreean constructs, this gate is also biomechanical, growing the Christmas-light-style bulbs along its topmost edges for the Inisfreean holiday season; the 13th and final month of the Inisfreean omni-calender.  Like these literal light-bulbs, the yurts for guest-welcoming ceremonies and showcases also biomechanically grow or 'bloom' up out of the square-mile parking-lot-like Welcoming Lot just on the other side of this Great Gate, gently collapsing back into themselves and disappearing when they are no longer needed.


This building serves as the symbolic 13th gate in the sequence of passages leading into Inisfree. Inisfreeans hold 'lucky 13' to be a very good number because primes provide balance, strength, and stability.
Great Gate News:  This giant, long gate in the style of traditional Chinese architecture now stands as the ceremonial 'inner gate' for all Welcoming Lot traffic.