Welcoming Lot News:  New-arrival ceremonies are now more complex and thrilling performances than ever before, showcasing Inisfree's unrivaled hospitality.
Welcoming Lot
The Welcoming Square

Taking in the Sight of the Site:
The Welcoming Square (or Welcoming Lot) is one of the only 'parking lot' style, entirely paved, vast open areas in all of Inisfree (as this city and its people pride themselves on tucking their structures into the earth and landscaping so as not to be eyesores).  It is here on this vast, gray square that newcomers are first welcomed by the dazzling, superhuman performances of their Inisfreean hostesses, and given time to look around at some of the many mile-high Inisfreean statues, skyscrapers, and other impressively massive feats of design, engineering, architecture, biotecture, biomechanics, harmonics, acoustics, alchemy, metallurgy, and the various genetic sciences.  Look straight ahead, and you are at the feet of three female statues taller than the Burj Khalifa tower of Dubai.  Look left, and you see an entire town built atop a single, giant, arched bridge -and the equally-tall walls of the dense urban area, Sotu, just beyond it.Look right, and you first see the flower-shaped skyscrapers of the Sports Field (sometimes called Flower Tower Field), with the Greco-Roman Statue Park jutting out prominently like an annex of Mount Olympus from the slope of Inisfree's two-mile-tall central mountain, and then, a bit more to your right, an apartment complex fashioned like a sleeker version of the Borg Cube, then a much larger version of the Epcot museum of Disneyworld, and finally the dark cream-colored, inverted pail shapes of the castle turrets complex fashioned after how branches and twigs offshoot at odd angles from a tree's trunk.

Common greeting entertainment includes:  translucent tents, Repulsine-film carpets ('magic/flying carpets'), nude group yoga constructs, Storm Troopers in formation in angelic lion mode (one of the modes of appearance of their Iron Man like suits), flower petals scattered in the guest's walking path so their feet won't have to touch the ground, lion-garnish Paleo feast buffets with all the Mediterranean dishes on nude Inisfreeans served by the Master Females (who also perform dances more graceful, fluid, coordinated, and seductive than even what the Asparas were said to've been capable of), escorts taking the guest hand-in-hand, thrones of piled Inisfreeans (The Tudors style; dozens of nude supermodels forming living chairs for guests to sit upon and casually feel up), Inisfreeans in nothing more than the bodypaint of the guest's national flag, all of the city's Governor's impressive custom automobiles collection out on display like an auto-show (of which the guests may test-drive, 'donut', and neutral-drop any vehicles of -right there on the paved surface of this Welcoming Lot), flybys by Inisfree's military pilots ('buzzing' the Welcoming Lot) in their stingray-like Inisfreean fighter-jets, fireworks amidst the aurora Inisfree is in complete control of, and on and on, all with Inisfree's own 'moon' slowly orbiting (at an altitude of four miles above Inisfree's horizon; 'ground level') the city's central mountain's plateau-summit's Avalanche Wall all the while.

Inisfreean Military Academy Graduation Ceremonies:
Unit-sized formations adorn this vast, paved square of the Inisfreean property once each year; batch-sized (and sometimes battalion-sized) groups of Inisfreean-borne girls stand in their signature Inisfreean 'Dress' uniforms (a fusion of the Marine Corps Dress Blues Alphas uniform with something skimpier that a rave gogo dancer would wear, always proudly amplifying the already sky-high Inisfreean sexiness), their stance that of the Egyptians' 'modified and more aggressive version of the P.O.A.; the Position of Attention; their left foot one step forward of their right, their eyes wildly wider, their faces perfect examples of unflinching military bearing, their fists balled at their hips' sides -ready to be thrown into a vicious fight at a moment's notice, their posture perfectly straight, but the overall angle of the stance of their body slightly tilted forward as if in mid-charge; leaning toward whatever enemies they might be facing off with.

​​And just like how the Corps of Cadets from the now-terraformed, once-nation of Texas marched their company-sized units of officers-in-training around the perimeter of their gigantic, American football stadium capable of seating more than 100,000 sports fans, the Inisfreean unit commanders here in Inisfree proudly show off their own war-fighters-in-training by leading them in impressive and dominating military, marching band style struts around the perimeter of this Welcoming Square.  Once they have made the lap and all are re-formed up and again properly and perfectly spaced out across this vast square, the rest of the honoring ceremony commences, (culminating with the three towering female 'Harmonics-Mechs' raising and blowing their Titan-sized trumpets with the most beautiful, earth-shaking, and soul-stirring notes, formally and reverently signifying that new royalty has arrived in the Inisfreean realm; that each of these Inisfreean-borne girls is now royalty above all other royalty, having completed their Inisfreean educational system training to the point of being deployable representatives of the Inisfreean empire) and with that they are made official members of the growing Inisfreean Star-fleet; the interstellar, inter-galactic, and inter-dimensional force of militarized super-companions ready for rapid deployment and action anywhere in Creation, from the nine realms known to the Asgardians... and beyond.

A Relaxing Hangout:
At all other times, this vast, paved square (one full square mile) remains empty and quiet, only complemented by the faint whisper of the mild Inisfreean breezes, and is a perfect place for Inisfree's drivers'-ed' lessons before taking students onto Inisfree's impressively artful highway system, the G.A.H..

The vast majority of guests to Inisfree are introduced to this city via either this Welcoming Square or the Subterranean Quarantine Facility (isolated silos complex) 10 miles away on the opposite side of the city.

If coming to the Welcoming Square first, they exit Pearly Gate 1's innermost chamber to its drawbridge which connects them to the driveways which weave over and under the ​​G.A.H. running perpendicular right in front of that drawbridge.  From there, they cross the G.A.H. and drive down and out onto the Welcome Square.

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