Silos News:  Inisfree now has an even grid of millions of these subterranean silos.

Silos in Inisfree are not like the grain silos on the surface of many Outlander farms.  They are more akin to the subterranean nuclear missile launch silos, except that none of them are designed solely for the purpose of housing nuclear missiles.

The Grid:
'The Grid', when spoken by Inisfreeans, refers to the grid-like layout of all of the silos relative to one another; every silo in Inisfree is underground, grouped in a cluster of nine silos total, connected amongst each other (the other silos in their cluster) by smooth tunnels, and connected to their adjacent silo clusters by additional, smooth tunnels.

Every silo has the following dimensions:
  • Each cluster: 3x3 silos (9 total in a square formation like a Tic-Tac-Toe board)
  • Occupying space: c.206’^2
  • Space per silo: 71'^2 (including border/buffer around them, between them/it and the other/adjacent silos/green-belts/soil-belts)
  • Silo diameter: c.30’ (and a c.10’ diameter central hole/shaft down through all/most levels)
  • Silo height/depth: c.100’ (c.10 stories/floors/levels)
  • Connected via: 10’-diameter 'horizontal-silo' (cylindrical prism) tube-tunnels
  • * These tube-tunnels between clusters (connecting clusters; NOT the 10’-tunnels connecting silos in the SAME cluster, which are 5'-long) are: 64’-long
  • Each tube-tunnel: 10’-wide/diameter, and: white and gold, well-lit.

Multiple Types:
Silos are subdivided into the following types:
  • Personal Storage: used instead of the ugly, fenced or walled-off, U-haul style, surface storage facilities of the Outlands.
  • Climbing, Police, & Fire-rescue Training:  these are also used for spelunking and military cave operations training.
  • Luxurious Basements
  • Armories and Weapons-forges:  these are also used for construction materials storage, as well as vehicle and ammunition forges.
  • Environmental Regulatory: humidity, moisture, water table, surface temperature, topsoil temperature, terra preta checking & maintenance, fire control, controlled burns, flood flushing (storm-water drainage), static electricity consumption/dispersion/prevention, lightning strike dissipation, and soil enrichment.
  • Back-up Green-houses:  used for year-round growing, and for indefinite seed and crop storage.​
  • Dance Clubs: semi-industrial, bouncing platforms in the floor to reach basketball hoops and Lara-Croft-home-gym-style wall-poles for advanced break-dancing tournament moves.
  • Metal Storms:  high-volume, silenced, cavitating, smart-artillery (and ICBM-capable) launch platforms​